Game Progress Route in Code Vein is a plot and gameplay guide listing levels and the necessary level objectives in being able to finish the progress in the gameplay.


Game Progress Route


D-12 Ruined City Underground

Area D-12 Ruined City Underground

  • Activate the first Mistle and go inside the Natural Cavern
  • Activate the second Mistle and reach the Natural Cavern Deapths
  • Acquire the Blood Bead by activating the BloodSpring
  • Activate the third Mistle and reach the Outer Crossroads
  • Defeat the Boss Oliver Collins


This is the first area of the game. Your main objective is to escape from the Underground by first finding Blood Beads. You can do so by activating the Blood Spring located on the Natural Cavern Depths. After you've found the Blood Bead, you will reach the surface one again. There, you'll find Olliver Collins transformed into a Lost and a Boss Fight will begin. When the fight is over, a cutscene will play.


Home base


  • Speak to IO
  • Speak to all Merchants and NPCs
  • Speak to Louis to learn Blood Codes
  • Speak to Davis to acces The Depths


This location acts as a Hub where you can interact with many NPCs and Merchants. When you arrive, Louis will tell you that you need to rest and come back to him. After you speak with all the NPCs on the area, you will be able to speak again with him and go on with the main Story Line.

You can talk to Coco to aquire Items and to Rin Murasame to buy weapons, blood veils and access to upgrades.

Notice Board : There is a Notice Board located near Io, interact with it to learn about your current or next task.

If you Speak with Davis, you can access The Depths.


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