Game Progress Route in Code Vein is a plot and gameplay guide listing area objectives in a concise summary. If you would like to see a full and detailed guide, see the Walkthrough and Locations pages.


Game Progress Route for Code Vein


Ruined City Underground


  • Activate the first Mistle and go inside the Natural Cavern
  • Activate the second Mistle and reach the Natural Cavern Depths
  • Acquire the Blood Bead by activating the BloodSpring
  • Activate the third Mistle and reach the Outer Crossroads
  • Defeat the Boss Oliver Collins


This is the first area of the game. Your main objective is to escape from the Underground by first finding Blood Beads. You can do so by activating the Blood Spring located on the Natural Cavern Depths. After you've found the Blood Bead, you will reach the surface one again. There, you'll find Olliver Collins transformed into a Lost and a Boss Fight will begin. When the fight is over, a cutscene will play.


Home base



This location acts as a Hub where you can interact with many NPCs and Merchants. When you arrive, Louis will tell you that you need to rest and come back to him. After you speak with all the NPCs in the area, you will be able to speak again with him and go on with the main Story Line. You can talk to Coco to acquire Items and to Rin Murasame to buy weapons, blood veils and access to upgrades.

Notice Board: There is a Notice Board located near Io, interact with it to learn about your current or next task.

If you Speak with Davis, you can learn more about accessing the Depths - you'll need to obtain Maps and give them to him if you acquire one.

After speaking to everyone, talk to Louis again to progress the story


Ruined City Center



After speaking to everyone at the Home Base, approach Louis to progress the story. You'll learn that the team has been trying to study bloodsprings and blood beads in order to find the source. After discovering your unique abilities, Louis reaches out and asks for your help. The party then travels to the Ruined City Center to find a bloodspring. Upon traveling to the Outer Crossroads of Area D-12 Ruined City Underground, you'll find Shang, speak to him to trade valuables and to obtain the Map: Den of Darkness, along the way you'll also acquire the Map: Den of the Dead next to a corpse of a lost.

Eventually, you'll reach the parking garage and you'll encounter a revenant who is hunting a human girl. Activate the Parking Garage Mistle and track the human girl. As you follow the path, you'll encounter a group of Lost in procession, let them pass and proceed further where you'll find 1x Regen Extension Factor. Then survive the wave of lost during the Trial of Blood and acquire the Hunter Vestige Core next to the chest.

Keep following the path where the Trial of Blood was until you reach the lower level of the Parking Garage, you'll find the Prometheus Vestige Part C by the group of enemies, Hunter Vestige Part A behind the boxes next to the stairs, and Hunter Vestige Part D at the edge of the group of enemies of Bayonet-wielding Lost and Stone-Crusher. Upon reaching the park ruins, activate its Mistle.

Simply follow the path, then go right to find a Stone-Crusher guarding a vestige, make sure to kill it to obtain the Prometheus Vestige Part B. Then make your way to the entrance of a cocoon-like arena and purify the nearby rotten mistle to map its surrounding area. Defeat the Butterfly of Delirium and proceed further into the cocoon to find a bloodspring and the human girl. After the cutscene, ride the lift up to find the entrance of Area H-14 Dried-up Trenches - obtain Prometheus Vestige I and activate the mistle.



After defeating the Butterfly of Delirium, head further into the cocoon where you'll find the bloodspring and the human girl that was being hunted by a revenant. Make sure to obtain important items such as Darkseeker Vestige Part ADarkseeker Vestige Part B, and a Regen Activation Factor. At the end of the location, you'll have to fight and defeat the Insatiable Despot, defeating the boss rewards you with 7140 Haze and 1x Tyrant's Labrys - you'll encounter Jack Rutherford and Eva Roux ahead of the boss arena and obtain the Darkseeker Vestige Core.


Howling Pit



After finding the bloodspring in the ruined center and the dried-up trenches, the bloodveins lead you towards the Howling Pit. It is recommended to check the walkthrough for this section which you can click here to find detailed information to acquire the vestiges found in this area and key items. You'll meet the Karnstein siblings for the first time as well, and you'll have to track and follow them which leads to the location's boss, the Invading Executioner - defeating the boss rewards you with 13440 Haze, 1x Assassin's Sickle, and Mia will be recruited.


Cathedral of the Sacred Blood



Upon learning about the next location from Mia, teleport to the Park Ruins mistle at the Ruined City Center and interact with the angel statue to find the path of your next location. You'll find the Map: Flood of Impurity before finding the cathedral. For this location, it is quite difficult to navigate and find important items here since the location is a maze, so it is recommended to view the walkthrough which you can find by clicking here. You'll face the Argent Wolf Berserker at the end before finding a special vestige which takes you back to your memory - defeating the boss rewards you with 4480 Haze, 1x Obliterator Axe.


Memories of Player



Players are brought into this location once they interact at the "Special Vestige" which is unlocked after fighting the Argent Wolf Berserker at the cathedral. From here, you'll be shown a part of your memory during Operation: Queenslayer and you'll be temporarily accompanied by Jack until the end of this segment. For the first section of the location, find the Barracks Key and reach the Military Storehouse Mistle, then find the Storage Key and Old Shutter Key which takes you to the Main Battlefield Mistle. From that mistle, you'll encounter The Queen's Knight whom you'll have to defeat in order to acquire the Queenslayer blood code and to unlock the next segment for the cathedral.


Cathedral  (Revisited)



After defeating The Queen's Knight, you'll awaken back at the cathedral and its perimeter will be unlocked. Activate the Cathedral Perimeter Mistle and find the first key, Shoddy Key to unlock the next section. You'll find the Shoddy Key at the top of a tower that's being guarded by two Female Lost Warrior.

Next, you'll want to find the Ornate Key, you'll find the key inside a chest at the Inner Tower Mistle. Also, along the way, you'll be able to find Isis Vestige Part E and Isis Vestige Part A. The locked door that requires the Ornate Key unlocks the path leading towards the last mistle, the Cathedral Front Mistle and the crypt of the first successor.

At the entrance of the crypt, you'll find an attendant of the relic who looks like Io. She'll provide you with Isis Vestige Part D during the cutscene, and afterward, you can ask her to restore the Isis vestiges. So be sure to restore all of it before heading inside the crypt.

Upon entering the crypt, you'll face the first successor, Successor of the Ribcage. You'll have to defeat it to learn that the successor is actually Aurora, you'll also be teleported into her memory, so make sure to restore her memory once she's turned into stone. This unlocks the path ahead of the crypt and also rewards you with the Isis Vestige IV which will allow you to use Aurora's Blood CodeIsis.

Head to the bottom part of the crypt and you'll find Karen who also turned into a successor of producing bloodbeads. Make sure to pick up 1x Pure Blood near her then head back up the crypt where you'll encounter Jack Rutherford and Eva Roux. After the cutscene,  use the Crypt of the Ribcage Mistle, teleport to the Inner Tower Mistle, unlock the winged gate ahead, and activate the purple Mistle which will teleport you to the next area, the Ridge of Frozen Souls.


Ridge of Frozen Souls



The mistle leading to this location will only be unlocked after fighting the Successor of the Ribcage, simpy use the Crypt of the Ribcage Mistle, teleport to the Inner Tower Mistle, unlock the winged gate ahead, and activate the purple Mistle which will teleport you to the location. The goal here is to find all Fionn vestiges and restore it before facing the successor at the end of the location.

Fionn Vestige Part A can be found in the early section of the location, it's located on one of the platforms you'll have to drop down to near the chest containing 1x Hedgehog Fort +5. Fionn Vestige Part B can't be missed since it's at the end of the narrow path from the 1st chest containing 1x Hedgehog Fort +5. Next is from the Iceless Falls Mistle. The next path you'll take is on the right, but go to the left path first and you'll find Fionn Vestige Part C by the rotten mistle. Fionn Vestige Part D is found at the Snowfield Summit Mistle, it's around the buildings where it's guarded by a brute executioner. Eventually, you'll reach the end where you'll find another attendant named Cyllene by the entrance. Before heading inside, make sure to restore all Fionn vestiges.

After the battle with the the Successor of the Breath, be sure to restore Nicola's memory to save him then head back to the entrance where Cyllene was and pick up the Eos Vestige Part A. Once that's done, teleport back to Home Base to progress the story.


Ashen Cavern



The main objective is to follow Jack and to track Juzo Mido. After the cutscene with the team and Eva, teleport via Home Base Mistle to the Gated Room Mistle at the Cathedral of the Sacred Blood. You'll find the winged door to your right which can now be unlocked, then ride the lift down to reach the cavern and the Ashen Cavern Entrance Mistle, there's also the Artemis Vestige Part C which can be found at the path near the mistle guarded by 2x Spiked Female Lost Warrior.

The vestiges in this area such as Artemis Vestige Part BArtemis Vestige Part CArtemis Vestige Part DSurvivor Vestige Part ASurvivor Vestige Part BSurvivor Vestige Part C, and the Survivor Vestige Core can also be found in this location and aren't hard to find since you'll most likely see it and pass by it, click here for a detailed guide on where to find these vestiges.

Once you've reached the Accumulator Ruins Mislte, you'll face the location boss which is Gilded Hunter. Defeating it rewards you with the Dark Knight Vestige Core and 1x Dog TagsDog Tags is a key that is used to unlock the door at the Accumulator Ruins that's guarded by a Lost Dark Knight, unlocking it opens the path leading to the City of Falling Flame.


City of Falling Flame



The goal here is to find all Scathach vestiges and restore it before facing the successor at the end of the location.

Scathach Vestige Part A can be found in the first section of the location which is the entrance mistle, it's at the corner of the building where you'll have to walk on lava to reach it. Scathach Vestige Part C can be found in the section where you'll encounter the Rotten Volcanic Lost covered in blue flames for the first time, it's at the corner of a barricade and you'll have to jump down from high ground to reach it. Scathach Vestige Part D can be found near a rotten mistle that's surrounded by a pool of lava, it's also next to a corner near the rotten mistle. Scathach Vestige Part B and Scathach Vestige Part E can be found in the next section which is at the Razed Cityscape Mistle.

Eventually, you'll reach the Back Alley Mistle and find another successor named Thebe near the crypt. Again, before entering the crypt, make sure to restore all Scathach Vestiges from Thebe. Once you've restored it al, proceed inside where you'll face the Successor of the Claw.

After fighting the boss, you'll be teleported into Emily's memories and you'll have to restore it at the end in order to save her. After the cutscene, check the area where the attendant named Thebe was to find Eos Vestige Part B.


Crown of Sand



The goal here is to find all Harmonia vestiges and restore it before facing the successor at the end of the location.

Harmonia Vestige Part A and Harmonia Vestige Part C can be found in the first section which is around the entrance mistle. Harmonia Vestige Part B is also around the entrance mistle section but it is guarded by an Elite Parched Executioner. Harmonia Vestige Part D is found in the next section which is at the Sunken Ruins that is guarded by a couple of Rooted Lost while Harmonia Vestige Part E is also in the same section but is guarded by an executioner.

Eventually, you'll reach the crypt entrance and find another attendant named Themisto. Make sure to restore all Harmonia vestiges by speaking to the attendant before heading inside the crypt. If you've recovered it all, then you're ready to face the Successor of the Throat. At the end of the battle, once you're inside Eva's memory, make sure to restore it in order to save her and to have her join the party. Jack will then accompany you and will activate the next mistle that you can use to reach the Crypt Spire. Just don't forget to check the area where Themisto was to find the Eos Vestige Part C.


Crypt Spire



For this area, you'll have to work your way through the crypt to find Juzo Mido, also, the Hephaestus and Warrior vestiges are found in this location. There are three keys that you need to find in this area in order to reach the Upper Level Mistle.

The Bloodstained Key and Warped Key are dropped by a Lost Dark Knight that you'll need to kill in order to obtain it while the Argent Wolf Key is held by a Stone Crusher. It's recommended to check the walkthrough for a detailed guide to find these keys which you can find here. Once you've reached the upper level, you'll face three bosses: the Blade Bearer and Cannoneer followed by Juzo Mido - successfully defeating Juzo unlocks the next path you'll head to.


Provisional Government Outskirts



For this location, you'll notice that you've returned to a familiar area in your memory, which is the battlefield where Operation: Queenslayer happened. You'll find Eos Vestige Part D here which is not hard to find and easy to acquire. You'll find it at the top by climbing up the ladder near the location of the Regen Extension Factor. At the end of the location, you'll find the Research Facility Ruins Mistle before facing Queen's Knight Reborn - defeating it rewards you with the Ishtar Vestige Core and unlocks the path for the next location.


Provisional Government Center



This area is unlocked after defeating Queen's Knight Reborn, make sure to obtain Depths: Zero District along the way before arriving at the entrance. Since the area is quite large, it is recommended to view the walkthrough for detailed information on the location of each item, click here to view the walkthrough. You'll also find an NPC named Dominic who asks for your help to find various documents, giving him the key items that reward you with items.

At the end of the location, before riding the lift. Make sure to speak to the attendant to restore the Eos vestiges. Eos Vestige Part E is obtained after defeating the Attendant of the Relics while Eos Vestige Part F is found next to a dead Lost Knight at the secret path where the attendant by the elevator is. Restoring all Eos vestiges unlocks a special clip at the end of the game.


Gaol of the Stagnant Blood


  • Activate entrance Mistle
  • Fight Skull King
  • Fight The Virgin Born
  • Obtain the Dweller in the Dark Ending
  • Speak to everyone at Home Base
  • Head out and distribute Blood beads to surviving revenants
  • Check Endings to view the other possible ways for the game to finish


This serves as the final location of the game and the ending you'll acquire depends on how you managed your progression. You'll face the Skull King and The Virgin Born which are the final bosses of the game. If you were able to restore all the memories and saved the successors, you'll acquire the true ending of the game, and if you managed to restore all Eos vestiges for Io, you'll acquire a bonus clip at the end.

In order to achieve the To Eternity ending, save and restore the memory of at least one or two successors and leave the rest to die. While the bad ending, Heirs, simply kill all the successors when you're inside their memory by leaving them and walking out the door.

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    • Anonymous

      This claims that you have to do the memories of player to unlock the next section of the cathedral, untrue memories of player is entirely optional

      • Anonymous

        Couldn’t disagree more. Linear in a lot of areas sure, the game is definitely linear when it comes to boss order. But I think it was designed that way. Unfair, in my opinion, to grade a game for being linear when it was supposed to be that way. With a story being part of the game and a partner it should be assumed it has a path to the finish and not a souls exploration design. Some areas are a bit to linear, but other felt really open and fun. The cathedral was a maze and every shortcut I unlocked felt like a huge achievement. I wanted a more linear experience and knew a JRPG version of souls would give me that. Like final fantasy, save for 15 I guess, it has a story that it followed and wouldn’t make sense if it wasn’t in order. For me personally the let down is the difficulty. Some mainly the enemies are to easy. Some bosses can be chain backstabbed and never even get a hit in. I wanted a more difficult game, where strategy was super important. I don’t feel this had that, but that’s alright. It never touted being a dark souls game, I think I and a lot of people unfairly just assumed it.

        • Anonymous

          Game gets an A- on character creation, a B- on combat and an F for level design, sad to say. All levels manage to be uninteresting and linear corridors that may (or may not!) loop back just to avoid more mistles. At this point even a bland open arena would be a breath of fresh air. Awful level design.

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