Controls for Code Vein are the input methods for the player to interact with the game. Since Code Vein is available on consoles and PC, there's the possibility to use Keyboard and Mouse, however it's advisable for players to consider a gamepad as the game was development with such in mind.

 Players can customize their controller scheme by using the in-game settings. 


Code Vein Controls



Playstation 4 Controlsps4-exploration-battle-controls-code-vein-wiki-guide600px


  • X: Examine, Pick up Item
  • Hold X: Drain
  • R1 + X: Combo Drain (Mid-combo)
  • Circle: Dodge
  • Square: Weak Attack
  • Square (Behind Enemy): Back Attack
  • R1 + Square: Special Attack
  • Triangle : Strong Attack
  • Hold Triangle: Charged Attack
  • R1 + Triangle: Launch Attack (focused)
  • R1: Dash / Combo
  • RT / R2: Open Gift Menu
  • R3: Lock on/ Reset camera
  • R: Move camera
  • L1: Guard
  • L2: Parry
  • L3: Open Quick Gesture Menu (press twice)
  • L: Move
  • D-pad right and left arrows : Cycle through items
  • D-pad Up Button : Swtich Weapon
  • D-pad down Button: Use Item



  • D-pad up button: Gift Quickslot 2 (up)
  • D-pad down button: Gift Quickslot 2 (up)
  • D-pad left button: Gift Quickslot 2 (up)
  • D-pad right button: Gift Quickslot 2 (up)
  • Triangle: Gift Quickslot 1 (up)
  • Square: Gift Quickslot 1 (up)
  • Circle Gift Quickslot 1 (up)
  • X: Gift Quickslot 1 (up)


Xbox One Controls


PC Controls







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