Invading Executioner

Location Howling Pit
Health 24,000
Reward/s 13440 Haze
Assassin's Sickle
Mia Karnstein
Elemental Resistance Phase 1
Fire 0%
Ice 0%
Lightning 0%
Blood 0%

Phase 2
Fire +20%
Physical Resistance Phase 1
Crush 0%
Slash 10%
Pierce 25%

Phase 2
Crush +10%
Immune Slow
Resists Inhibit
Weakness Stun

Invading Executioner is a Boss in Code Vein. Bosses are special Enemies that feature their own arena, a large and prominent health bar, and a variety of unique moves and abilities. You will need to choose the appropriate Blood Code, Gifts, Weapons, Blood Veil, and Companion in order to defeat these formidable foes.


Invading Executioner Location

  • Howling Pit - Just after the Bottomless Shore Mistle
  • Alternate version can be found in the depth maps Swirling Flood and Flood of Impurity
  • This boss is not optional.



Invading Executioner Rewards



Invading Executioner Notes & Tips

  • Fire, Ice, Lightning, and Blood are all equal. Tested using all 4  Elemental Roar spells. All damage values were the same.
  • Spells and Weapons that have the Crush damage type will deal the most damage, with Slash being a close second. Pierce is resisted the most.
  • Can be Poisoned/Stunned/Inhibited. Immune to Slow.
  • Using poison is very effective at draining the bosses health during the second phase where your punish opportunities often be far apart.
  • Weak to stun, Resistant to Inhibit. Neutral for Venom. Tested using Gift infusions and Stun Cartridge.
    Gift infusions add 30 damage for Venom, Inhibit and Slow but only 20 for Stun. A Stun Cartridge was used in its place as it added 30 Stun damage to the weapon.
    At 30 damage per Status buildup Stun filled up first, then Venom, and finally Inhibit.
  • Capable of giving slow debuff
  • Her sideways swing can be parried (depending on veil type this may be easier or harder) interrupting the 3-hit combo directly at the start and giving a small window for punishment



Invading Executioner Strategies 

Strategy Writeup


Bayonet Strategy

For this fight I like to use the Caster Blood Code for a couple of reasons. First, Blazing Roar hits like a truck against her. Second, it's hard to stay near her because her attacks are hard to dodge, and you will likely inevitably get hit. I use the Bayonet with this setup because it allows you to have Quick mobility, which can really help you get away from her attacks.

The strategy is to attack her with Blazing Roar and Blood Shot until she attacks, dodge into her and strike her twice, then dodge away and repeat. The i-frames of the Quick mobility will allow you to get away unscathed 90% of the time, and striking her will replenish Ichor. Make sure if you are dodging through her ranged AoE, that you wait a second before heading towards her, or it will be cast on top of her, striking you. And also be sure to dodge just right of her vertical swing downwards, so that even if your timing is off it doesn't strike you.

During phase 2, back away and dodge her water balls. Then be sure to dodge through her slides, and then begin ranged attacking her. When I say through, I mean dodge the direction she is coming from, as this will allow you to get through her faster, ensuring you are not struck. This attack hits very hard, so this is important to do. You can sometimes get some hits in at the end of her slides if you are close, otherwise just watch for her familiar attacks, and punish those by dodging in and striking. She slides often, so make sure you don't get hit.


2-Handed Sword Strategy

If you are running a 2 handed sword build, the best way I found to defeat this boss is to make sure you have the Mercury gift Slow Resistance and either an Anti-Slow item or the Slow Removal gift equipped. This is due to the fact that sometimes it is safer to block her attacks (this accumulates slow), rather than slow-roll them. Theoretically, Prometheus gift Hasten could be viable, as it turns your slow-rolls into normal, however it will not last the duration of the fight, and the cooldown is somewhat high.

Upon entering the area, enhance your strike damage with gifts like Adrenaline, Flashing Fang, or Blow of Madness. When the Executioner is engaged in her startup animation, charge a Strong attack to get an early HP lead. From here, you will need to time your rolls to get behind her and punish with a quick strike or 2. This is easily repeatable, as her move sets are limited in Phase 1. If you succeed in staggering her, punish with an enhanced Strong attack yet again. While most of her attacks feature one strike, there is one attack in this phase that is a diagonal slash, followed by a 2-hit spin. I personally had more success blocking the 2-hit spin rather than dodging the odd timing.

She has an early Phase 2, so be ready to heal up, rebuff, or handle slow removals necessary as she transitions. Upon exiting, she will release Slow Bubbles, so be ready to dodge them. Immediately following, if you stand mid range, she will then do a sliding attack, time the roll. From here, it is just like Phase 1: stay close, stand in front of her, bait her attack, and roll behind to punish. Here though, she has added some spice to her previous move-set, as well as maintaining that move-set completely - be prepared to defend against either version, as she seems to switch to either. Needless to say, time your rolls and substitute heals, slow removals, and rebuffs in place of attacks as needed.

Video Strategy


Attacks & Counters

Attack Counter
Phase 1 (>60-70% Health)
Water Magic AoE: When at a distance, she will cast a column of water below you. Dodge either forward or backward to avoid the attack or run to the side and dodge once sideways.
2-3 Hit Spin Combo: She will perform a two hit combo in rapid succession spinning each time, sometimes followed up by a long charging powerful 3rd attack. Dodge backwards and wait for her attack to finish. If you are behind her, the first attack will not hit. You can dodge into her second attack to gain focus and be ready for punish. If she begins to charge a 3rd attack, run out of range or dodge. The third attack has much slower timing and is hard to dodge.
Charged Overhead Attack: When at a medium distance, she will perform a quick charged attack from above. Dodge left or right. At close range this can be side stepped for immediate punish.
Lance Stomp: She will slam the butt end of her lance into to ground in front of her. Dodge any direction. At close range this can be side stepped for immediate punish.
Stomp: She will slam her foot into to ground in front of her. Dodge any direction. At close range this can be side stepped for immediate punish.
Phase 2 (<60-70% Health)
Slide Attack: She will get on top of her lance and charge at your direction dealing high damage. She may do this 2 consecutive times in the same attack.
This attack is slightly telegraphed; the boss will stay completely still for a second before sliding forward.
Wait until she is near and dodge either left, right or forward (you can roll through her). Wait and see if the attack repeats and then go and attack her. Rolling backwards in the same direction as the boss during the second slide will put you in position to punish.
Lance Stomp + Spin: Like the lance stomp from phase one but she will perform a spinning attack after. Dodge backwards to avoid the damage. At close range, side step the lance then dodge into her spin to put yourself right next to her.
Backwards Lance Stomp + Spin: Like the lance stomp and spin but she will stomp the lance directly behind her back. Dodge backwards to avoid the damage. At close range, side step the lance then dodge into her spin to put yourself right next to her.
Spinning Water Attack: She will stick her lance into the ground and start spinning around it, dealing high melee damage. She will also cast water balls in all directions that have very long range. If you get hit by the water balls you will get Slowed Dodge backwards two times when she sticks the lance. Then wait until the projectiles are near and dodge either left or right. If you are far enough away, the projectiles won't reach you. This requires the boss to be against a wall and you against the other. Using a projectile with high stun damage can cancel this attack.


Invading Executioner Lore

Lore notes, information on folklore, etc go here

Lore theories should be clearly marked as such.




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    • Anonymous

      Some interest takes in the comments. Beat her with a 1-hand weapon. After you get used to her move set, it’s not terrible but still a bit tough. It’s mainly just stamina management, and knowing when to back-off. Phase Shift is a boon in this fight. When she slams her scythe forward or finishes a spin attack, you can phase to dodge and get 2 slashes + dash combo. And since you phased, this leaves you enough stamina to rollback twice and dodge the next attack. Phase 1 will go very quick. In phase 2, be on the defense. When she spins on her pole and blasts water, roll away as far as you can and then guard. But what matters most in this phase is that you keep your stamina as high as you can. The windows are smaller so get those hits, but back off, keep some distance, and let your stamina rise back up so you can roll toward her twice when she zooms toward you. You will need to be able roll 4 times if she does the attack twice.

      • Anonymous

        well, none of the combat in CV isn't BS imo. I really don't consider CV as souls-like, it's more like JRPG story-focused not combat-focused. It was designed to damage u for the story, its combat logic so anime it's like: nani?! hayaii!!

        • Anonymous

          Omfg that f**cking slide attack is absolute BS!!! It has essentially no wind up, it is an almost instantaneous attack that feels completely luck dependent to avoid, it does ASININE amounts of damage AND she can chain it. Not to mention that she seems to wait until you heal to use it so that you can do literally nothing about it. Staying close to her isn't stopping it either and just makes me almost guaranteed to get hit by it. That is one of the most unfair, busted attacks I've ever seen in a Souls/Souls-like. The rest of her attacks are pretty fair and it would be a decent fight. But that godforsaken slide is a complete and utter nightmare.

          • Anonymous

            just use poison, and use a fast weapon. i think bayonetta is probably harder for this fight, because she will constantly go for that 1 hit charge

            • Anonymous

              I'm lvl 165. This ****ers dash hit one shots me to death in tower of trials. One of her strong attacks takes away about half or more than half of my hp. Sure you may beat her but if you do and die in one of the lower floors, you have to make your way down and go through her again. It's tiring after awhile.

              • Anonymous

                My first time going through this boss was fairly easy. One i was level 15 with a +3Hanemukuro with stun and my blood code was Prometheus slow removal and resistance from mercury and lightning weapon enhance ability. I also use quicken and blade dance from the Prometheus code. Dodge is key oh and i used yakumo.

                • What is the recommended Lv.?
                  In the Video he gets hit, 1/4 of its health. When i got hit by the same attack 3/4 health.
                  I am lv.23 so....
                  Also her slide attack can not be blocked with 100% physical

                  Team up with Yakumo, and repeat the video.

                  • Anonymous

                    I can honestly say that this boss is always hard. After several new game+ shes just ridiculous. People that say shes easy need are probably arent on ng+ and are over leveled. I can easy beat a boss if im over leveled but on level or under, shes hard. But that makes her also fair imo.

                    • Anonymous

                      Gotta love the random people stroking their e-peens in the discussions on these bosses, bein' like:
                      "Idk If I'm JUsT BETtEr THAn eveRYOne elSe, BUT I mANaGeD TO KilL THE BOss sUpEr EASY-lIkE. JUST hAd tO Use My OVeR-LEVeleD CharaCTer and GEAr~"

                      • Anonymous

                        I may have been a bit over leveled for this fight when I did it, I killed her before she was even able to do any damage to me, I was using Zwiehander+4 I believe, with Beserker blood code on. I think I was around...level 40 or 50, possibly higher as I was putting all my Haze into level ups.

                        • I hate this boss so much... That slide is beyond broken what with it oneshotting me every time even with foulblood barrier thrown up. And he normal attacks deal a lot and have some seriously questionable hitboxes and godly tracking.... I wish this boss was optional but no... Mido is fairer then this **** and I also hate Mido

                          • Anonymous

                            The sad thing is, if they nerfed the slide attack and fixed partner AI to not stand in the whirlwind, this would be a phenomenal boss. As is, it's hot garbage because of an AI issue.

                            She won't slide if you're in melee range. This is supposed to teach you to stay in close, but because your partner will stay at range and she can target him at any time, and because her slide turns everything within sword range into a hitbox, you're never safe except in solo.

                            The rest of her attacks are great, very fair and challenging. But that side is way too fast and powerful, and successful runs are often determined solely on how much she spams it.

                            • Anonymous

                              The strategy that worked for me (solo) was Atlas code, before the fight buff with adrenaline, foulblood barrier use ichor concentrate and buff with flame weapon. If I got hit I used the next opportunity to activate the foulblood barrier again.
                              Another strategy I used was Prometheus code, buff with adrenaline, flame weapon and blade dance.
                              For both strategies I used a lost broadsword +4 and as blood veil blue hounds +3.
                              Prometheus worked good for me, but I wasn't really good at dodging the attacks (especially her slide, hate this move, she once did the double slide three times in a row) so I switched to Atlas to tank a little bit more damage.

                              • Anonymous

                                Actually, Mia as partner isn't a reward for this fight. You can kill the Executioner before the Insatiable Despot, and in that case, Mia will only be unconscious in your base until you kill the Insatiable Despot.

                                • Anonymous

                                  i used mercury with stun on weapon to friggin stun her.then I used the big ass axe and oliver's hammer to bet the*****e out of her kneecaps. Then when she went down, I unleashed the three-hit-combo skill unto her. once she was getting up, I used slow removal skill from mercury core and then waited till i died once. then I let yakumo revive me and basically used him as a meat shield until he died. After that, because of bad programming, the enemy boss takes about 5 seconds to realize that he is dead and then I kept hitting her with the stun axe til she died.

                                  • Anyone feel like this boss was supposed to be Mia? Like the fight comes out of nowhere... Mia just had a traumatic event happen and its been shown she hasnt had blood in awhile after the boss fight happens. The boss even kind of looks like her, female, fast fighter, pigtails. Seems like a bunch of coincidences, maybe like they decided to keep her as a party member but already had the boss fight planned out.

                                    • Anonymous

                                      I did a super dumb strategy that, oddly enough, has worked much better for me than literally anything else I've tried: 1. Assassin core 2. Stun weapon ability 3. Pipe of Thralldom (yes, really)/Impaler 4. Queenslayer Thorn veil (it was my highest-statted veil, is why) Use Pipe for Quick dodges and to rapidly lay down Stun charges. Once stunned (she also tended to get knocked down from me beating her kneecaps with a pipe, oddly enough), use Impaler for actual damage. Phase two more or less kicks in after one round of Stun (because, again, beating her kneecaps with a pipe, and also Yakumo existed), so use Pipe to dodge EVERYTHING until she stops attacking long enough to re-up Stun and recommence beating her kneecaps, then Impaler when Stun drops again. I needed precisely two rounds of this. Your mileage may vary on how well it works for you, I was running on pure "***** it" mode when I did this.

                                      • Anonymous

                                        For the record, she is not afraid to slide-charge your companion in the second phase, and when she does everything in a three foot radius, like say, a melee build getting hits in, eats the slide as well. Even behind her.

                                        • Anonymous

                                          This fight is like an animated music number paired with an obnoxious boss. No... one... swings poles like Gaston! Inflicts slow like Gaston! No one punishes ill-timed rolls like Gaston!

                                          • Anonymous

                                            Best way I for glass cannon solo is by using 1 handed swords with poison buff and tons of buff stack and daft parry Keep hitting her over and over, evade the straight pole stab cuz massive slow buildup then recover stamina by using daft parry on the obvious windup scyte strike and keep hitting. Stop when her the damage tick nearly 5k on NG or about the threshold for 2nd phase on subsequent ng+. Why stopping? Because after her poledance move you can literally just hit her once with a knife to make her down on her knee then hit some more for about 11k damage. Then stay close to avoid the*****ty slide which will kill you from max hp if you're glass cannon like me At level 23 Prometeus I managed to shave 2/3 of her hp within 2 minutes and kill her below 5 minutes this way. If you have partner should've done with her before she can even do anything

                                            • Anonymous

                                              IDK if I was overleveled (34) or because I play lots of Darksouls but I beat her first try by just blocking and counter punish with a +3 Zweihander and Atlas BC. Did not even care to dodge.

                                              • Anonymous

                                                You know... A slide attack is usually reserved for fast, low damage sweeps... Not as the most powerful attack of them all... This boss is bull... Especially when one gets hit by before mentioned slide attack when you're in the opposite direction...

                                                • Anonymous

                                                  Until you get more comfortable with her attack patterns only punish the overhead strike. Roll into it, go for a quick hit or two, and roll behind her. Try to stay about a spears length away from her. Her most dangerous mixups happen when you're at points blank range, the stomp in particular is hard to dodge. As long as you keep some distance you'll have to deal with a relatively small set of attacks. Always dodge into the slide not away from it, and if she spins on her spear she's gonna slide again. Patience is the key with soloing this fight, as I said be very conservative with your punishes until you get the hand of it, only heal after she slides twice.

                                                  • Anonymous

                                                    Hatsune Miku is ****ing tough, especially when put "Slow" on you. So here’s a trick, kiddos… STACK UP ON SLOW CURE AND GET THE SLOW SHIELD FROM COCO BLOOD CODE!

                                                    • Anonymous

                                                      in ng+ base mode trying to one shot her, it's hard to pull off as im trying to get hurt for Survival Instinct buff but that slow causes issues when trying to charge Wolf King's Blade and using a slow cartrage just gets me killed 50% of the time, i love this boss but goddamn the speed is overkill

                                                      • Anonymous

                                                        Tried doing this with a pure caster and died everytime I ran out of ichor. I would instead suggest to just grind out Venom Trap and Venom shot. Poison her. Then wait. Just using venom shot can take a while to poison her but the trap should be very efficient on ichor. Bring 5 ichor concentrate. 3 Poisons and she should just die. You can focus on dodging and waiting. Use the caster class so you have a lot of ichor to play with.

                                                        • I used Prometheus tree with blade dance and flame weapon with queenslayer sword+3. I used blade dance and flame weapon before I went in. You can manage 5 free hits without risk of getting hit from the boss right away. Within 25 seconds she was at half health. With Louis as your partner this words great because he has Prometheus as well so he can attack as quickly as you and your buffs apply to him. You can stagger her twice, from what I found out which is free damage. Just follow the method above except stay close and dodge. Keep hounding her when you stay close and she wont be able to trigger her dash attack.

                                                          • Okay, so I tried the above strategy about 30 times without being able to get the final sliver of her health bar. Made it damn close several times, but finally opted to change my setup. I went with the Berserker Blood Code and used the Sunset Hammer +1 and GXM Variant +3 veil. Start battle with Adrenaline and Blow of Madness and hit her with a charged heavy attack. Continue smacking and she'll stagger. Keep it up and she'll eventually drop to her knees giving you several seconds with which to pummel her some more. During the second half, play a bit more cautiously, but your best chance is to keep attacking as much as you can. She can still stagger and fall down giving you a big opening. Carry a few Anti-Slow in case she hits you with the water attack and be on the lookout for the slide (do as said above and dodge towards her). All in all, using the heavy weapon strategy, I managed to beat in in only 4 attempts, so I think that worked out much better. In case you're wondering, I was Lv 21 at the time.

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