Nicola Karnstein

Location Howling Pit
Ridge of Frozen Souls

Nicola Karnstein is an NPC in Code Vein. Nicola is the younger brother of Mia Karnstein and is one of the successors. NPCs are individual characters that are encountered during the course of the game that may or may not provide benefits. 



Nicola Karnstein Information

Nicola and Mia, the Karnstein siblings used to live a peaceful life until falling as victims to the Great Collapse. During their process of resurrection, Nicola was the first to awaken while his sister was still in a state of coma.

Nicola has a strong-willed personality and only wishes to protect his sister and he was determined to do anything that he could to become stronger. He learned about the researchers looking for revenants willing to become successors, so he volunteered and later on met Jack who helped him throughout the process.

When the day came where Nicola had to become the successor, Jack led Nicola to the mountains. Still determined to do the best that he can to protect his sister, he asked Jack if he could create a clone of himself that would watch over Mia, Jack opposed the idea since he wanted to keep Nicola from suffering. But as Jack left, Nicola decided to create his clone and ordered it to accompany and protect Mia at all costs before turning into the Successor of the Breath.

Nicola's clone successfully met his sister and lived with her for a period of time. Unfortunately, this was not to be. When the player character first meets his clone, his main body, as the Successor of the Breath, had begun to go berserk. Due to the connection between his main body and his clone, his clone started to edge closer to going berserk as well. To make matters worse, his sister Mia was unable to prevent his fall to insanity, as blood beads had no effect on the clone. Jack discovered that Nicola had cloned himself against in spite of the warning he had been given, and went to find the clone, eventually killing it. 



 Location of Nicola Karnstein



Nicola Karnstein Notes and Tips

  • Nicola is the owner of the Blood Code: Fionn



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