Blade Bearer

Location Crypt Spire
Health 40,240 (Crypt Spire)
Reward/s Iceblood
Burning Disaster
76.272 Haze
Elemental Resistance Fire -10%
Ice 40%
Lightning 0%
Blood 0%
Physical Resistance Phase 1
Crush 10%
Slash 10%
Pierce 0%
Weakness Venom, Inhibit, Slow, Stun
Immune None

Blade Bearer is a Boss in Code Vein. Bosses are special Enemies that feature their own arena, a large and prominent health bar, and a variety of unique moves and abilities. You will need to choose the appropriate Blood Code, Gifts, Weapons, Blood Veil, and Companion in order to defeat these formidable foes.


Blade Bearer Location



Blade Bearer Rewards


Blade Bearer Notes & Tips

  • Weak to Fire
  • Is susceptible to venom, inhibit, slow, and stun 




Blade Bearer Strategies 

Strategy Writeup

The Blade Bearer is a challenging boss that will test your knowledge of game mechanics, your party setup, and your build. Pay special attention to equipping the right Blood Code and Gifts as well as Blood Veil and Weapons so that you have a balance with your partner.

Co-Op Strategy

Yakumo is a good partner for this fight as his heavy attacks will contribute to staggering effect. Your allied coop revenant should also have a heavy weapon, and ideally bring about Ice and Fire shields to mitigate her damage. Do not forget to upgrade your weapon so your damage is optimized, and to consume the permanent health capacity and efficiency upgrades.

During her first phase, her attention will be mostly on the host. Therefore the host should focus on learning to dodge and block as needed in order to avoid taking damage. NPC and summon should go in for stagger effects after the 3 hit combo or as she's casting ice pillar. This strategy can also be done without the summon, but will require a better understanding of attacks and mechanics from the host player. Make sure to keep shields up when possible - try not to waste any healing items that are more likely to save you in phase 2

Phase two is more challenging and players should focus on keeping their shields up and wait for the 3 hit combo to counter attack with heavy blows. Use your damage up gifts to boost your damage dealt and do staggering / stun affects.

Keeping your party alive should be the host's priority as you have more healing items than your summon. Your ally will always revive you or the other player if you fall, so wait until they are on cooldown before using your own health to revive someone.

If you defeat the boss you will see the writing "Greater Lost Dispersed" upon the screen.


Attacks & Counters

Attack Counter
Phase 1
Charged Frost Spear Wait until she's almost ready to release it then dodge left or run behind her to avoid damage
3-hit-combo Dodge her combo backwards or left (not right), and go in to deal damage after the third hit , Dodge backwards then parry the second swing
Ice Pillars Deal max 2 hit damage during the casting. If you don't stagger her, roll out of the area
Frontal Ice Wall Dodge into her to avoid taking damage, then use the opportunity to attack once or twice
Phase 2
Charged Frost Spear Wait until she's almost ready to release it then dodge left or run behind her to avoid damage
3-hit-combo Dodge her combo backwards or left (not right), and be particularly careful of the flame burst on the third hit. You can go in to deal damage after the third hit
Fire Column This is a homing fire attack that will chase the target character: you have to outrun / dodge it more than once
Fire Spear Wait until she's almost ready to release it then dodge left



Blade Bearer Lore

Lore notes, information on folklore, etc go here

Lore theories should be clearly marked as such.


Blade Bearer Notes & Trivia

  • The Blade Bearer shows up during Asclepius Vestige I and Asclepius Vestige II. In the Memory Echo, a nameless female Cerberus soldier accompanies Jack and Valerio in their search for the Horrors, and this soldier carries the Iceblood, the Blade Bearer's weapon.




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    • Anonymous

      honestly, all the guides out there (even here) try to say to attack cannoneer first. this is horse-crap imo. he is the slowest, and easiest to predict out of your peripheral. he also is a meaty boi, so time spent trying to whittle him down is time for blade bearer to do the real hurting. best to go in with fire lily/blazing roar/flame spike/etc set on a high mind/will build, any spell that can hit her despite her speed and with a quick cast animation. she will melt long before you die to cannoneer. also, in my experience at least, she REALLY loves to chase you over any partner you have, so its like the game is tryin to tell ya to deal with her first anyways. oh, and this should go without saying but despite it making you more frail, i would suggest a build with quick dodge, you DONT want to be caught off-guard by fat rolling lol

      • Anonymous

        The whole battle is just Devs be like "we know the game may be on the easy side, lets change it up". Pretty easy if you can imbue your weapon with fire.

        • I play frost spellblade build (Artemis Blood code, willpower and dex focused) with Yakumo as companion. I struggled with her untill I swapped ice gifts for fire ones. It was a bit easier, but still struggled.
          Point is - in your first NG, you won't outrun her as much as you would might think (at least with my build I didnt). Yakumo is a good choice, because he's a meatshield, and he won't die as easily as Mia or Louis.

          I've tried Louis as my partner (since he attacks mainly with fire Gifts, and I was ice spellblade) but even with his communal gift, it was Yakumo that really made the difference for me.

          On my second character I've tried poisonong her. It was a good move.

          • Anonymous

            I'm proud of you Ornstein, finally having the operation. Now you can finally be the beautiful woman you always were.

            • Short Answer: Bring an AI partner and use BLOCK. If you have "guard reversal", a high-block weapon, and a functioning block button, she will take minutes to kill you. With a high block build you can stare her in the face and take manageable damage, and doing this with guard reversal will stager her out of her combos. This is MUCH more reliable than trying to dodge her fast, darting combos.

              After farming the twin bosses depths, it seems that killing Cannoneer first is the best as long as you can block and heal.

              • Anonymous

                Was stuck on this for quite a bit until I realized that Flame Weapon from the Prometheus code literally just shreds the ice *****. Didn't really need anything else apart from that, she died super quick and the flame fatty is just free afterwards.

                • Anonymous

                  Most of her attacks can be avoided fairly easily by rolling toward her as most of her attacks overreach and leave her open. Some of her special moves leave her wide open for easy damage. She's also surprisingly vulnerable to staggering.

                  • Anonymous

                    Ready to be downvoted into oblivion! But: Partner with Io, Equip Winterproof Mantle (Ice transform), Use Fireproof & Iceproof tonic and this fight is actually so easy.

                    • Anonymous

                      For all y’all that need it get Yakumo, maintain ice armor and fire protection throughout the entire fight, and focus on boob girl. This is how I beat it

                      • Anonymous

                        This is a horribly designed boss, period. You have not one but TWO enemies with extremely high health, insanely high damage, and both are unbelievably aggressive. Where is the balance in this? When I finally beat them solo, there was no sense of satisfaction- I just felt as though I somehow survived for long enough. The reason FromSoftware is so successful and people love their work is because that team KNOWS how to create incredibly challenging yet FAIR boss battles. When you die to O&S, Nameless, the Orphan of Kos, or Isshin, it's almost always due to mistakes on YOUR part- when you beat them, you know it's because of your own skill and growth as a player. There was no sense of growth against these O&S wannabes, just a nagging feeling that I happened to get good RNG this time around. As one comment stated, I hope the development team learns and grows through criticisms such as this because they've obviously got the talent to create some great content.

                        • Anonymous

                          for anyone who want to solo these bosses, stack element resist is your best friend, atleast you won't have to care about the fat guy, finish boobstein fast then the fight is cakewalk.

                          • Anonymous

                            if you use the sit down emote you can avoid her attacks...only way she can get you then is with the forming ice pillars she can summon...put on some clown music when you do this XD

                            • Anonymous

                              Theres some implications that she might be a Cerberus elite before she turned into a puppet for Mido with the description from the sword she drops.

                              • Anonymous

                                i actually use final journey and cleansing (and dancing blaze too), it might depending on your luck but 3rd times is charm. she'll eventually retreat back as you chase her so when she stops and start attacking at least u r already behind her and ready for da booty if u pretty have a bad day you'll probably die before the canoneer dies LOL

                                • Anonymous

                                  I think some of the strategy information is for the demo and network trial versions of the boss. Thought she didn't use fore spells in the main game. Also, it doesn't incorporate the fact that you're fighting the Cannoneer as well as the Blade Bearer. At least for the story.

                                  • Anonymous

                                    I have a *****ing problem with the camera and the evade movement depending on it, it seems. When I lock the ebemy and try to evade towards it to move behind it, it moves backwards even though I hold the joystick towards the opponent. And when I try to evade on the sides it just goes forward. The camera system is very*****ty as well as if it try to fight close to a wall it makes the camera spins multiple time before stabilising upward. It's just insane, at the beginning i could hold my ground and deal with this utter***** but with two bosses at the same time it is it becomes quasi impossible, i was close multiple time but every time the evade bug tricked me. Does someone else have these kind of problems here?

                                    • I beat the game once and was like "oh, I can have the option to keep the weak enemies and increase the difficulty? Nah!" then I realized how weak I really was after the butterfly of delirium. I then thought about these bosses and realized something, "Oh dear. Well, I'm sorry character, you had a good life." At least Mido wasn't as frustrating as them though, so I was glad for that.

                                      • Anonymous

                                        I just let yakumo tank the ice one and kill the caster. Caster is easier to kill due to its slow mobility.

                                        • Anonymous

                                          Got pretty lucky killing them on the fourth or something try. Gotta remember this is a fight of patience where you can’t hit her more than 1-2 times (depending on your equipment). Kill her first and don’t be greedy.

                                          • Anonymous

                                            My favorite trick was to stay on her and always parry her second attack when she did her three swings. It often left her open for awhile. I'd try and keep a pillar between us and the Cannoneer so he couldn't blindside me.

                                            • Anonymous

                                              About 80% of mp SOS is this fight. It actually freaks me out while grinding achievement, host always die in less than 10 sec.

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