Locations are the many areas in the world of Code Vein. Locations are often interconnected and players may visit them at will via a teleport menu available at Mistles. Exploring locations thoroughly will reveal Treasure Chests, Upgrade materials, and even NPCs. Each location features different Enemies and Bosses as well as a unique look and feel.


Code Vein Locations

Main Locations

These are all the main areas of the game. Each area features several Mistle teleport spots. Such are considered sublocations and do not have an individual page. Refer to the main location page for walkthrough content.


Ruined City Underground


Underground Area, Natural Cavern, Natural Cavern Depths, Outer Crossroads


Home Base


Home Base, Training Area


Ruined City Center


City Ruins Entrance, Parking Garage, Park Ruins, Poisonous Butterfly Nest



Howling Pit


Howling Pit Entrance, Hills of Deception, Bottomless Shore, Derelict Oil Rig


Dried-up Trenches


Dried-up Trenches Entrance, Decayed Ship Interior, Frozen Seabed


Cathedral of the Sacred Blood


Cathedral of the Sacred Blood Entrance, Artificial Tower, Outlook Tower, Gated Room, Cathedral Perimeter, Inner Tower, Cathedral Front, Crypt of the Ribcage



Memories of Player


Research Facility Area, Military Storehouse, Main Battlefield


Ridge of Frozen Souls


Ridge of Frozen Souls Entrance, Iceless Falls, Snowfield Summit, Observatory Site, Crypt of the Breath


Ashen Cavern


Ashen Cavern Entrance, Towering Crags, Accumulator Ruins, Putrid Surge Tank


City of Falling Flame


City of Falling Flame Entrance, Razed Cityscape, Back Alley


Crown of Sand


Crown of Sand Entrance, Sunken Ruins, Crypt of the Throat


Crypt Spire


Crypt Spire Entrance, Upper Level



Provisional Government Outskirts


Provisional Government Outskirts Entrance, Research Facility Ruins, Government Square


Provisional Government Center


Provisional Government Center Entrance, Connecting Bridge


Gaol of the Stagnant Blood


Gaol of the Stagnant Blood





Depths Locations

Depths are special locations in Code Vein, that act as dungeons. These are procedurally generated and will be populated with enemies and bosses, and can grant special rewards to players for completion.




 DLC Depths

Depths: Fiery Oblivion

DLC: Hellfire Knight
Rewards: Click here for the full list

Depths: Celestial Ice Prison

DLC: Frozen Empress
Rewards: Click here for the full list

Depths: Eternal Abyss

DLC: Lord of Thunder
Rewards: Click here for the full list



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    • I've found 3 more location of the depths: After finishing the game,at home base there is an item in the desk of Luis, pick it up and you'll find a new map of the depths. Give It to Davis and you'll obtain 3 new depths locations.

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