Mistles are the checkpoints of Code Vein, but they also serve other useful purposes. When the player encounters a new Mistle, it must be activated or rested at to serve as the new spawn point if the player should die.

Rest at a Mistle


When you activate a Mistle, several actions will be available and some will be unlocked as you progress through the game.

  • Resting at a Mistle will auto-save the game.
  • Activating it for the first time will allow you to map your surroundings, providing you a visual aid to further venture within an area.
  • If you use it, your HP, Regeneration uses, along with your Ichor will be replenished. However, the stock limit will return to normal if it's been increased by gifts.
  • Resting at a Mistle will revive all defeated enemies, excluding Bosses and NPCs.
  • May or may not heal Status Ailments while resting at a Mistle. *to be confirmed

When you rest near mistle, your HP and regeneration uses are restored along with your ichor; however, your ichor stock limit will return to normal if it's been increased by Gifts. You can also acquire Gifts contained in your blood codes be selecting *Acquire/Inherit Gifts," and increase your Gift proficiency using items.

Lastly, beware of the defeated enemies will revive after you rest near mistle.



Level Up

 Increase your level to gain an increase in Stats.

  • Haze is needed to increase one's level, this can be acquired from killing enemies, bosses, and/or found scattered within an area.


Acquire/Inherit Gifts

Unlock Gifts for each Blood Code acquired. 

  • Haze is required to unlock Gifts for each Blood Code.



 Check and manage your stored inventory.



Use a Mistle to Fast-Travel to another purified Mistle.

Switch Partner

Manage and choose your desired Companion who will aid you in battle. 



*to be confirmed


Start Tutorial

Replay the Tutorial to better understanding the basic mechanics of the game.


Save and Return to Title Screen

Manually save your progress and return to the game's title screen.


 List of Mistles in Code Vein


Area D-12 Ruined City Underground

  • Underground Area, Natural Cavern, Natural Cavern Depths, Outer Crossroads

Home Base

  • Home Base, Training Area

Ruined City Center

  • City Ruins Entrance, Parking Garage, Park Ruins, Poisonous Butterfly Nest


Howling Pit

  • Howling Pit Entrance, Hills of Deception, Bottomless Shore, Derelict Oil Rig

Dried-up Trenches

  • Dried-up Trenches Entrance, Decayed Ship Interior, Frozen Seabed

Cathedral of the Sacred Blood

  • Cathedral of the Sacred Blood Entrance, Artificial Tower, Outlook Tower, Gated Room, Cathedral Perimeter, Inner Tower, Cathedral Front, Crypt of the Ribcage


Memories of Player

  • Research Facility Area, Military Storehouse, Main Battlefield


Ridge of Frozen Souls

  • Ridge of Frozen Souls Entrance, Iceless Falls, Snowfield Summit, Observatory Site, Crypt of the Breath


Ashen Cavern

  • Ashen Cavern Entrance, Towering Crags, Accumulator Ruins, Putrid Surge Tank


City of Falling Flame

  • City of Falling Flame Entrance, Razed Cityscape, Back Alley


Crown of Sand

  • Crown of Sand Entrance, Sunken Ruins, Crypt of the Throat


Crypt Spire

  • Crypt Spire Entrance, Upper Level


Provisional Government Outskirts

  • Provisional Government Outskirts Entrance, Research Facility Ruins, Government Square


Provisional Government Center

  • Provisional Government Center Entrance, Connecting Bridge


Gaol of the Stagnant Blood

  • Gaol of the Stagnant Blood




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