New Player Help for Code Vein which will describe tips and tricks to help improving play capability in Code Vein. Everything from the important basics to more advanced concepts.

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Code Vein New Player Help

Movement and Actions

  • Use the left stick to move around. (See the controls page for full control configuration.)
  • Push the left stick a little to walk, or all the way to run.
  • When you approach something you can examine, open, or pick up, you'll see an onscreen message. Press X (PS4), to perform the corresponding action.


Stats in Code Vein refers to the numerical values that define the strengths and capabilities of the player character. Stats are determined by your Blood Code and Level, and special Blood Veils and Weapons have bonuses for each core stat. You can learn more about Stats by pressing HERE.


You can restore your health by using the Regeneration ability. To select it, press the D-Pad: left or right button until you see the Icon. Once selected, press D-Pad: Down to use it. You have a limited amount of regeneration uses. They reset when you die or rest at a Mistle. You can learn more about Regeneration by clicking HERE.

Consumable Items

You can find many Consumable Items that will help you progress through the game. Some of them give permanent effects like "Regen Extension Factor" or have an immediate effect like "Ichor Concentrate". You can circle through the items using the D-Pad: Right and Left. Once you've selected the item you want to use, press D-Pad: Down to use it. You can see a full list of items HERE.

Rolling And Parry

  • Roll: You can execute a Roll by pressing Circle (PS4). When you execute a roll, you are temporarily immune from damage.  Mastering rolling makes the game substantially easier.
  • Parry: You can make a Parry by pressing L2 (PS4). When parrying, your weapon defense stats will help you reduce the incoming damage and prevent staggering.


Companions are special NPCs in Code Vein. Companions join the player and create a party to adventure out in the field. Companions can be recruited as the game progresses and only one of them may be active at a time. Companions are optional but helpful in a battle as they are capable of flanking your enemies and taking on a support role by healing and buffing your character as well as enabling a special duo Hemorrhage ability that you can perform together. You can learn more about Companions by pressing HERE.

Stamina Management

In Code Vein, stamina plays a huge role in the game. Apart from equipping the strongest gear, upgrading your character, or by bringing items that can surely aid you in surviving the dangers of the post-apocalyptic world, all of these upgrades and materials will pretty much be useless if you can't manage the usage of your Stamina. The stamina is the white bar that can be found on top of the player's health bar which is on the bottom left side of the screen. Pretty much every action you need to execute in combat requires the usage of the player's stamina, from using your weapon to execute fast combos, charging up for a heavy attack, sprinting, and dodging. It's important to take note that every time you use up your Stamina, it will start to fill up after a brief second - so keep an eye on that stamina bar and strategize your moves properly. Who knows, maybe that last chunk of stamina left will be the one that can save you from a devastating blow.


Leveling up

In order to level up in Code Vein, you'll need to rest at a Mistle and have enough Haze to pay for the increase of level.  When you level up, your stats will increase.

Weapons And Blood Veils

  • Weapons in Code Vein are equipment that players use to deal damage to enemies. There are five main categories of melee weapons, which can be swapped on the fly via the game's systems, and upgraded to enhance their capabilities. You can learn more about Weapons by pressing HERE.
  • Blood Veils in Code Vein are categorized as Armor and are both protective gear and looks customization for the player's character. They can also be used to perform attacks and each one of them has a unique mechanic. You can learn more about them by pressing HERE.


A Mistle acts as a checkpoint in Code Vein and can be used to rest and level up your character. When you rest, the game will auto-save, you'll fully recover your health, and Regeneration uses will be replenished. Your Ichor will also recover, however, it will revert back to its original capacity and any ichor upgrades obtained from a Blood Veil attack will be lost. Any killed enemies in the area will also respawn.


When you die, all the Haze you possess will remain on the spot, and you'll return to the last Mistle you rested at.

Blood Code and Gifts

As you progress throughout the game, you will acquire Blood Codes and Gifts. Blood codes act as "classes" and Gifts act as "skills. Each Blood Code has its own strengths and weakness and posses unique Gifts. You can learn more about Blood Codes by pressing HERE.

Online Play

As you play online in Code Vein, you can be joined by not only a companion but also another player to fight as a team in Multiplayer experience. To do so, you can send a distress signal or answer one to join another player as a Coop experience. You can learn more details about multiplayer by pressing HERE.



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