MIND C+ ICHOR 20(40)

Mercury is a Blood Code (Class) in Code Vein, originally owned by Coco. Blood Codes can be changed on the fly, which grants the player various Gifts, changes the player's Stats and provides the ability to equip various Weapons and Blood Veils.

A blood code received from Coco.

It holds her fighting will that pushes aside the fear of frenzy and battle in order to travel the ruined world, searching for the materials to rebuild civilization.

This code allows for safe exploration with its balanced stats and Gifts related to stamina and haze.


How to unlock Mercury and Mercury Vestiges


Mercury Notes, Tips and Builds

  • Has 10 gifts.
  • Provides counters to Venom and Slow, which are useful against the first bosses you'll encounter in the game.
  • Pretty balanced stats.
  • Despite not having any Vestige, some of Mercury's gifts require Vestiges from other Blood Codes to be unlocked.
  • Best Blood Codes Guide




Mercury Gifts

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Gift Mercury Tree Type Gift Type Description Unlock Cost
Sprinter Light Passive Reduces Stamina drained by dashing. N/A
Venom Resistance Light Passive Increases venom resistance. 920
Venom Removal Light Active Cures you and your partner of venom. Use to block the effect before being afflicted. 920
Raijin's Veil Light Active Temporarily creates a barrier around you and your partner that boosts lightning resistance. 920
Lightning Weapon Light Active Temporarily adds lightning damage to your and your partner's current weapons. 920
Vivification Light Active Returns you to the last mistle touched without losing haze. 920 (Hunter III req.)
Slow Resistance Light Passive Increases slow resistance. 920
Slow Removal Light Active Cures you and your partner of slow. Can block the effect if used before being afflicted. 6400
Revenant's Hunger Light Passive Increases the amount of haze gained from defeating enemies. 6400 (Survivor II req.)
Maintained Focus Light Passive Reduces the rate at which focus gauge is consumed over time while you are focused. 36000 (Scout I req.)


Blood Code Archetype Strength Dexterity Mind Willpower Ichor Stamina Balance Max Weight Mobility HP
Fighter Warrior B+ B C D+ 16 (36) Low 77 120 Normal Med
Berserker Warrior A D D+ D+ 10 (30) High 92 250 Slow High
Atlas Warrior S D+ D+ C 10 (30) Very High 95 247 Slow Very High
Prometheus Warrior/Mage B+ B+ C+ C+ 20 (40) High 79 103 Normal High
Mercury Warrior/Mage B B+ C+ C+ 20 (40) High 80 95 Normal Med
Hermes Warrior/Mage B C B+ C 24 (50) High 63 100 Normal High
Assassin Warrior C+ B+ D+ C+ 10 (30) Med 70 58 Quick Med
Eos Warrior B C A+ C+ 30 (60) Med 64 98 Normal High
Fionn Warrior A C B D+ 14 (34) High 94 250 Slow High
Survivor Warrior C A C+ D+ 24 (48) High 75 80 Normal Med
Dark Knight Warrior/Mage A B C C 20 (40) Low 78 102 Normal High


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