Blood Veils are a type of Armor that provide protection and bolster the gift potency of their wearers, while also serving as a useful tool for draining ichor. These can be found inside chests, dropped by enemies and/or bosses, given by NPCs, obtained as a reward for completing quests, and can be purchased from Merchants.

  • Blood Veils have their own stat scaling which doesn't affect the players Character Stats. The shown stat scaling in the Blood Veil screen tells you how it scales with your Character  Stats. For example: If you have a B Strength Scaling on your Blood Veil, it is scaling with B rating based on your Character Stats, which then determines the Damage of your Drain Attack.
  • The Blood Veil does not increase your Weapon damage or Character Stats. 
  • The scaling of the Blood Veil only has impact on your Drain Attack damage as well as on your Dark and Light Gifts spell damage (not including weapon buffs like Flame Weapon or Weapon Attack Skill gifts etc.) and other stats that are related only to the Blood Veil.
  • Blood Veils modify the type of Drain Attacks a player will perform. Those types are: Ogre, Hound, Stinger and Vine. Each type is different, and this affect the way to use the charged Drain Attack in combat. Also change the parry animation and its startup, effectively modifying when the parry will occur from type to type.
  • The Blood Veil weight + the (active) Weapon weight + your Blood Code are determing the Mobility of your Character
  • Blood Veils protect players against:


  • Cut
  • Blunt
  • Pierce
  • Blood
  • Fire


  • Ice
  • Lightning
  • Stagger


List of Blood Veil in Code Vein


Blood Veil Name Variant (color) Blood Veil Description
Queenslayer Claw

Queenslayer Claw II (Grey)

Rebel Claw (Green)

A Blood Veil used by forces in Operation Queenslayer. Enhances all types of Gifts.
Night Claw

Midnight Sun Claw (White)

Dawn Claw (Red)

An Ogre-type Blood Veil with a traditional style for revenants.
GXM Variant

GXM Exceed (Grey/Purple)

GXM Strange (Sand)

A Blood Veil made of armored plating and treated fabric. Enhances support Gifts.
Blackblood Liberator

Blackblood Tracer (Grey)

Blackbood Strife (Red)

A Blood Veil with a tattered cloak. Offers resistance to status effects.
Noble Silver

Noble Shadow (Plum)

Noble Darkness (Blue)

A blood veil with a cloak in the shape of bat wings. Enhances support gifts.
Blue Hounds

Umber Hounds (Brown)

Dark Hounds (Grey)

A Blood Veil that looks like a simple jacket. Highly resistant to status effects.

Night Fang

Midnight Sun Fang (White)

Dawn Fang (Red)

A Hounds-type Blood Veil, with a traditional style for revenants.
Hedgehog Fort

Thorn Devil (Plum)

Cactus Curtain (Blue)

A Blood Veil covered in metal spikes. Increases the power of offensive Gifts

White Vestment

Crimson Vestment (Red)

Black Vestment (Grey)

A blood veil reminiscent of a monastic robe. Greatly enhances support gifts.


GXL Defender

GXL Guardian (Green)

GXL Overgear (Grey)

A Blood Veil made of armored plating and treated fabric. Highly resistant to elements.
Queenslayer Thorn

Queenslayer Thorn II (Grey/Purple)

Rebel Thorn (Yellow)

A Blood Veil used by forces in Operation Queenslayer. Enhances all types of Gifts.

Raven Fatigues

Swan Fatigues (Grey)

Seraph Fatigues (White)

A Blood Veil that strongly resembles the wings of a raven. Enhances offensive Gifts.
Night Spear

Midnight Sun Spear (White)

Dawn Spear (Red)

A Stinger-type Blood Veil with a traditional style for revenants.
Winter Mantle

Tireless Mantle (Pale Blue)

Sanctuary Mantle (White)

A Blood Veil insulated for exploring polar regions. Greatly enhances support gifts.
Silver Garb

Sanguine Garb (Red)

Dusk Garb (Grey)

A Blood Veil that resembles a suit of armor. Highly resistant to slash/pierce attacks.
GXH Assault

GXH Storm (Blue)

GXH Geyser (Green)

A Blood Veil made from a field coat. Offers high physical protection and mobility.
Prayer Shawl

Mendicant Shawl (Grey/Purple)

Covetous Shawl (White)

A Blood Veil marked by its elaborate design and bold red color. Enhances support Gifts.

Night Thorn

Midnight Sun Thorn (White)

Dawn Thorn (Red)

An Ivy-type Blood Veil with a traditional style for revenants.
Suicide Spur

Collateral Spur (Grey)

Judgment Spur (Dark Blue)

A Blood Veil that looks like a collar made of thorns. Greatly enhances offensive gifts.
Ivory Grace

Snowy Elegance (Cream)

Imperial Raiment (Blue)

A Blood Veil Ornamented with silver. Greatly increases the efficacy of gifts.

Venous Claw

- An Ogre-type Blood Veil used by the Lost. Low durability but extremely lightweight.



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