To do/update list:

  • Enemy types are improperly named throughout the wiki, and their created page name as well. Names for enemies can be found by fighting the 'boss' versions in the Depths, or by datamining.
    • An example is the obese female axe/hammer-weilding Lost. It is commonly referred to as a 'Stone-crusher' throughout the wiki, but is in-fact a Rampaging Noblewoman
  • Some existing Blood Veil pages need to have Mobility removed. Blood Veils do not have a mobility stat. Mobility is dependent on your equipped weight vs the weight limit allowed via your Blood Code.
  • Many mechanics are vague and unclear and need to be investigated. Some also need to be updated.
  • Weapon-movesets are not described on the wiki
  • There is a lack of user-made builds to fill out the Builds sections on most equipment pages, and in the Build page itself. Some existing ones also need to be updated.
  • Most pages still have template remnants; such as "Note 2, Note 3, Build Example 1" etc.
  • DLC-Related content remains mostly unfinished or without detailed info.
  • Some of the consumables belong in a different category, or have outdated info. Some of them also need updated images.

Tentative but not necessary:

  • Adding player notes on some gifts as a way to enlighten players on what's the best way to use them, or where to use them.
  • Replacing screenshot-based images with high quality ones (like the ones for most of the gifts) would be appreciated.

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    • All of the Blood Veil pages should have the Mobility listing removed. Mobility is not a stat of Blood Veils; it's the result of combined equipment weight depending on your Blood Code.

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