• Enemy types are improperly named throughout the wiki. Names for enemies can be found by fighting the 'boss' versions in the Depths, or by datamining.
    • An example is the obese female axe/hammer-weilding Lost. It is commonly referred to as a 'Stone-crusher' throughout the wiki, but is in-fact a Rampaging Noblewoman
  • Existing Blood Veil pages need to have Mobility removed. Blood Veils do not have a mobility stat. Mobility is dependent on your equipped weight vs the weight limit allowed via your Blood Code.
  • Many mechanics are vague and unclear and need to be investigated.
  • Weapon-movesets are not described on the wiki
  • There is a lack of builds to fill out the Builds sections on most equipment pages
  • Most pages still have template remnants; such as "Note 2, Note 3" ect

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    • 17 Oct 2019 09:50  

      All of the Blood Veil pages should have the Mobility listing removed. Mobility is not a stat of Blood Veils; it's the result of combined equipment weight depending on your Blood Code.

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