Gifts are the equivalent of Magic in Code Vein. Through Gifts, players may perform unique actions such as buffing and healing themselves and their Companions, debuffing Enemies, or dealing direct damage to enemies.

Magic / Gift attacks cost resources, so players must manage them during battle

Code Vein Gifts (Magic Spells)


 Passive Gifts

Name Tree Required Stats Descrioption
Health Boost Light (None) Increases maximum HP
Stamina Boost Light (None) Increases maximum stamina
Sharpened Fangs Dark (None) Increases damage dealt by a special drain performed after a parry/back attack.
Resilient Focus Light (None) Increases the amount of focus gained by receiving dmaage.
Weapon Drain Rating Up Dark (None) Increases the drain rating of weapon attacks.
Increased Gift Speed Light (None) Increases the speed for your Gifts.
Focused Stamina Usage Light (None) Reduces stamina spent while you are focused
Dark Impulse Dark (None) Increases the effects of dark Gifts while you are focused.
Balance Up Light (None) Increases Balance
Charge Accelerator Light (None) Increases the speed of charged actions.
Focused Carngage Light (None) Reduces the rate at which the focus gauge is consumed by attacks while you are focused
Augmented Regeneration Light (None) Increases the number of times regeneration can be used.


 Active Gifts 


Name Tree Required Stats Description
Foulblood Barrier Light

MND Mind | D+

VIT Vitality | B

Creates a single-use barrier around you and your partner that greatly reduced damage.
Flashing Fang Light STR Strength | A Increases the power of the next attack.
Guard of Honor Dark WIL Willpower | B  Generates a number of ice pillars that unrelentingly bombard the target
Aurora Flash Dark MND Mind | B Uses ichor to create a freezing blade and swing it in an arc that sweeps through foes
Freezing Roar Dark WIL Willpower | B Fires a projectile of freezing ice at the target.
Sonic Arrow Dark (None) Fires a projectile created from ichor.
Fire Lily Dark WIL Willpowe | C Shoots out a swift blade. A short time after sticking into something, it detonates.
Blade Dance Light (None) Temporarily increases attack power each time you damage an enemy with your weapon
Overdrive Light

DEX Dexterity | C

FOR Fortitude | C

Temporarily increases your partner's and your attack power. Ends when you take damage.
Adrenaline Light STR Strength | B Temporarily boosts attack power.
Frost Weapon Light MND Mind | D+ Temporarily adds ice damage to your current weapon.
Hunting Feast Light MND Mind | C Temporarily Increases the drain rating of weapon attacks.
Hasten Light

DEX Dexterity | C

MND Mind | D+

Uses the power of ichor to temporarily boost reflexes, enhancing your dodges.
Impact Wave Light

STR Strength | B

VIT Vitality | B

Temporarily adds a shockwave effect to strike attacks that deals additional damage.
Antibody Generation Light MND Mind | B Temporarily increases resistance to all debuffs.
Blood Awakening Light (None) A Communal Gift with Mia. Reduces ichor cost and enchances Gifts, but lowers attack power.
Lupinus Vita Light (None) A Communal Gift with Yakumo. Reduces guard STA usage & dodge speed, but increases ATK
Reckless Abandon Dark (None) A Communal Gift with Louis. Increases attack, decreases dmg. reduction, and alters dodges.
Restorative Offering Light (None) Spends your own HP to restore the HP of companions




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