Endings for Code Vein contains different conclusions of the game that depends on the player's actions/choices made throughout a completed playthrough. These endings unlock different achievements and outcomes of the game's story. There are three endings, although Dweller in the Dark ending has an extra scene that counts toward a forth ending for the Determiner of Fate trophy/achievement, each ending grants a trophy/achievement - on the other hand, unlocking all four rewards you with the Determiner of Fate gold trophy/achievement.

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  • Check New Game + to find out what happens for your next playthrough.
  • Check our Walkthrough page for detailed information on the main story of the game.
  • You may also visit the Game Progress Route page for a quick overview of how to progress through the game.


Endings in Code Vein






  • Do not restore the vestiges of ANY of the successors.
  • Walk through the door after the battle against a successor without speaking to their petrified body (which can only be spoken to if their vestiges were restored prior to defeating them)


"Heirs" is considered to be the bad ending of the game. To achieve this, walk past each successor and exit through the gate during each of their post-fight memories without restoring them.


To Eternity




  • Restore both the vestiges and memory of at least one, but not all of, the successors.
  • Leave all but at least one of the successors in their petrified state
    • To do this, walk away from the petrified successor and pass through the door after viewing the memory of each successor boss.
    • So, to achieve this ending, restore the memory of 1-3 of the four successors


"To Eternity" is the neutral ending of the game. To obtain this ending, save at least one successor by restoring all their vestiges before fighting them, then restoring their memory after the battle

  • An example is when you face the Successor of the Throat. Before facing her, you'll need to restore all of the Harmonia vestiges in order to unlock the option to restore their memory.


Dweller in the Dark




  • Restore all vestiges of the successors before their respective boss fights, then, restore the memories of each successor by interacting with their petrified body during their memory.  DO NOT go through the large door at the end of each successors' memory.

"Dweller in the Dark" is often viewed as the true ending of the game. In order to achieve this ending, you'll need to save all four successors by restoring their memories after each battle against the successor. By doing that, you'll have to find their respective vestiges and repair them before heading into the boss fight. You'll find an Eos vestige outside of the crypt for each Successor after their battle, while the remaining are found in Provisional Government Center.

  • To unlock an additional scene to this ending, you must find all of the Eos vestiges and to restore them for Io. Be sure you've restored the Eos vestiges before facing the final boss. 
  • The additional scene with Io counts as a fourth ending, meaning to get the Determiner of Fate trophy/achievement you'll need to do Dweller in the Dark twice, once seeing the extra scene and one without.



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    • Anonymous

      16 Aug 2020 22:56  

      Tbh this endings all rub me the wrong way, kinda like both endings on the first DS. To Eternity is probably the one i least dislike :|

      • Anonymous

        27 Jul 2020 07:01  

        Called it. On my first playthrough I noticed you could just ignore the petrified statues. I didn’t because I had a hunch that it would lead to a different, negative ending.

        • Anonymous

          10 Jul 2020 05:12  

          I wish you could have save slots it make this a lot easier you could just reboot ypur old save state and get all 4 endings in one run and not have to do the game over entirely

          • Anonymous

            01 Jul 2020 03:51  

            ok so something is weird with my game. I did all three endings AND i got the special cutscene for the third ending and my game isnt acknowleging that it happened? did this happen to anyone else?

            • Anonymous

              12 Jun 2020 06:12  

              Did someone get the third and fourth endings mixed up? The third section implies that Dweller in the Dark is the third ending and restoring all of Io's fragments before that ending gives you the Determiner of Fate ending with the extra scene. But this seems to be backwards as I got the extra scene and the Dwellers in the Dark trophy instead of Determiners of Fate.

              • Anonymous

                02 Jun 2020 13:21  

                I find Code Vein emotional is weird. Those successors supposed to be sacrifices for greater good. But after emotional "goodbye" to their loves one. You suddenly just "yo I gonna revive you k?". Its kind of emotional breaking... its should be sad but instead "errrrr what? well good for ya! they are back!".

                • Anonymous

                  17 May 2020 02:10  

                  If i restore the vestige of a succesor (Isis, for example) but i don't "talk" to the petrified body after the fight, Can i still get the "Heirs" ending?

                  • Anonymous

                    03 May 2020 18:58  

                    I cannot get the trophy for wath all ending despite I watch all and I didn't get it. I'm so frustated right now !

                    • Anonymous

                      13 Apr 2020 23:59  

                      There may be a misconception regarding the secret ending and i will explain,but, you CAN restore a Eos vestige before the final fight and still get the secret ending in one go without defeating the boss a second time. I'll explain. I only played Code Vein this year and in fact i just beated right now.I knew about the endings and decided to go for the Dweller of Dark(good ending)for my first try even tho i'm a completionist when it comes to trophies. I was gathering and restoring every vestige i found the moment i gathered them, so i knew beforehand that i wasn´t gonna get the 4 ending because i restore one of io's vestige. So i reach the final boss and realized that i haven't restore all of her memories i was missing two, so i died on my first attempt of the Virgin Born (final boss) and went back to home base to restore the last two vestiges and then defeat the final boss. Everything played out normally, the cutscene that appears for the good ending played, but then i was brought back to the home base without the credit scene and no mistle was found at home base, so i went to the door that SUPPOSEDLY would lead to the new game+ and the the secret ending was playing even tho i only beat the boss once. I think what happen was that i triggered the final fight, lost, then return to restore vestige (something that i don't think anyone would decide to stop fighting a boss to restore a vestige) and then defeated the boss. There could also been an update that made the 4 ending easier to get, but the truth is that i got the 4 ending and only defeated the boss one time. If anyone read this until this far i suggest that you tried this, this happen to me and maybe it's a way to make the 4 ending easier to get.

                      • Anonymous

                        16 Mar 2020 20:40  

                        I somehow got Dweller in the dark by accident. Forgive but this game trying to ape dark souls has failed to make the best ending hard to get.

                        • Anonymous

                          23 Feb 2020 14:31  

                          Okay right at the top it says following this guide will get you the determiner of fate trophy. That is an utter lie there is a worthless fourth ending that i have to play the game for a fourth time to get now because you neglected to mention it. Thanks for literally nothing

                          • Anonymous

                            06 Feb 2020 07:07  

                            Quite important correction, is not true that the game only has 3 endings there are four of theme, dwellers have two versions.... T_T can you *****ing believe it

                            • Anonymous

                              24 Jan 2020 17:56  

                              If you, for whatever reason, no clip through the game with the intention of getting the additional Io scene: You mustn't skip Queen's Knight Reborn. Otherwise you won't get it even with all the restored Eos vestiges.

                              • Anonymous

                                27 Dec 2019 17:46  

                                To get both versions of the dweller in the dark ending in a single playthrough can you restore all but one of the Eos vestiges or do you have to not restore a single one until you load the save before the boss fight?

                                • Anonymous

                                  09 Nov 2019 12:40  

                                  im honestly kinda disappointed in the Heirs ending. i was hoping for at least a decent ending cutscene where they deal with you. instead, you just... stand there. menacingly. then die. cmon mang.

                                  • Anonymous

                                    23 Oct 2019 13:29  

                                    Dweller in the Dark isn't 100% accurate. You don't NEED to restore the vestiges, just collecting them is enough to release the petrified successors.

                                    • Anonymous

                                      21 Oct 2019 16:37  

                                      Do you need to play ng+ to get determiner of fate trophy? I play 4 character to get each ending, but i still cant get the trophy.

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