Emily Su

Location City of Falling Flame

Emily Su is an NPC in Code Vein. Emily is the childhood friend of Yakumo Shinonome and is one of the successors. NPCs are individual characters that are encountered during the course of the game that may or may not provide benefits.



Emily Su Information

The Great Collapse

Emily and Yakumo knew each other at the orphanage they were sent to before the Great Collapse. As they grew older, they both joined the military where the Great Collapse happened. She then died alongside Yakumo and her friends during the Great Collapse and was turned into a revenant shortly after her death.

While Yakumo was in the process of becoming a revenant, Emily, alongside her surviving allies were tasked to accompany Juzo Mido as his bodyguards. At some point, during her service, Mido required her allies, even Yakumo who was still in the state of being turned into a revenant to be sacrificed as a successor.

Since Emily only wishes to do good and to protect her loved ones, she came forward and volunteered to become the successor. Due to her courage and boldness, Mido did not hesitate to think twice and accepted her offer where she did, later on, transform into the fiery protector and Successor of the Claw.



Location of Emily Su



Emily Su Notes and Tips

  • Emily is the owner of the Blood Code: Scathach
  • She has a romantic interest in her best friend, Yakumo



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    • So I encountered a problem to day after fighting Emily ... I collected all the prestige and repair both her memories before battling However the E button doesnt appear when I want to save her I did let Nicola died by mistake earlier so I think this is why? Can someone confirm this for me?

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