Argent Wolf Berserker

agent wolf bersker code vein boss wiki guide
Location Cathedral of the Sacred Blood
Provisional Government Center
Health 17,000
Reward/s Obliterator Axe
4.480 Haze
Elemental Resistance Fire 20%
Ice 20%
Lightning 40%
Blood 0%
Physical Resistance Phase 1
Crush 25%
Slash  25%
Pierce 25%

Phase 2
Crush ??%
Slash  ??%
Pierce ??%
Resists Lightning, Slow
Weakness Blood, Inhibit, Backstabs
Immune Venom

The Argent Wolf Berserker is a Boss in Code Vein. Bosses are special Enemies that feature their own arena, a large and prominent health bar, and a variety of unique moves and abilities. You will need to choose the appropriate Blood Code, Gifts, Weapons, Blood Veil, and Companion in order to defeat these formidable foes.


Argent Wolf Berserker Location



Argent Wolf Berserker Rewards



Argent Wolf Berserker Notes & Tips

  • Immune to venom.
  • Weak to Blood damage.
  • When he enrages he gains speed and bonus resistance to all elements (Has red visual effects around his body).
  • He can be chain back-stabbed, knock him down then beat on him and repeat.





Argent Wolf Berserker Strategies 

Strategy Writeup

The Argent Wolf Berserker has a fast move set but is relatively easy to evade. If you use a two handed weapon, it is advised to chip him and agro him slowly. As all previous boss, this one has 2 phases. The first phase is fairly simple, usually a set of two attacks. If you are in close range he will use a set of single target smash or an AOE swipe attacks. Sliding to the side will do the trick. If you are too far, he will summon a blood circle that will explode after a second around your feet. Roll to him and do a good hit and run.

During his 2nd phase, he will curl a bit and send a high damage AOE which is highly advised to be evaded. In this phase a new move set will be seen and becomes faster. In close range he will mostly use the swipe attack, mid range he will do an uppercut swing with a single swipe follow-up, and far range he will summon a blood circle.


Video Strategy


Attacks & Counters

Attack Counter
AoE Magic: It will kneel and cast a big AoE attack below your feet dealing massive damage. Roll two times in any direction to avoid the attack. If you are far enough you can dodge in his direction and use the opportunity to attack him.
 Double Hit Combo From the Sides: It will perform a powerful two hit combo from each side that has very long reach. Dodge backwards two times and wait for the attack to finish.
Double Hit Combo From Above: It will perform two attacks from above in quick succession. He will turn in your direction to perform the second attack. Dodge to either side and repeat for the second strike. You can use the opportunity to place yourself behind him.
Double Hit Combo From Below: It will perform a charged attack from below and then follow with an attack from the right Dodge to the right for the first attack and then roll forward to place yourself behind him to avoid the second attack.


Argent Wolf Berserker Lore

Argent Wolf Berserkers were once powerful members of the Military Enforcement Unit Cerberus; they succumbed to bloodthirst and turned into one of the Lost. They wield large polearms and are able to boost their speed and damage when enraged.

Lore theories should be clearly marked as such.




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    • Anonymous

      I must be actual trash, because it took me about 30 tries to kill this boss, LOL, even implementing the tips on this page.
      I started out trying to kill him around level 45, and ended up at 65 from the 300,000 souls I had gathered from going back to try and kill him over and over. They really needed to put a mistle closer to him. :')
      I'm pretty sure the only reason I won in the end was because I was 20 levels overpowered, rofl. I also upgraded everything to +5 from all the Queen Steels I had.
      Literally had no issue with any part of the game before this one boss, and I did fine in the area after this (great actually, since I'm overleveled as **** now lmao).
      Dodging his attacks was just a huge *****, and it didn't help that one hit would wipe out 3/4 of my HP... but nah, I'm happy to admit I'm trash, at least now I'll have an easier time with the rest of the game. :D

      • Anonymous

        I just came here to check again since I ****ing died. As soon as I finished the fight those teleporting bs enemies ganked me to death, and yes he only drops 4k haze. What a load of bullshit

        • Anonymous

          The one in the cathedral? Fine. I don't mind. But the one in the DLC? Most BS boss I've ever seen one. Almost always one shots me on my highest HP build. Reusing a boss is one thing, but making it a fight where you can't make a single mistake is just bad design

          • Anonymous

            walked in on this gut thinking he was just a stronger mob, was lvl 40 with plus 4 oni bane, and just murdered this dude

            • Anonymous

              First try in NG, yet it took me over 10 tries in NG+. He oneshots me all the time even with nearly 3k hp. At least he can be easily backstabbed :/

              • Anonymous

                I'm just trash I guess lmfao have tried everything I've been stuck here for like 3 damn days, first time playing a souls styled game

                • Anonymous

                  For me, a distance and speed attack with the bayonet doesn't work. However, heavy weapons with stagger are very effective. You can use the "hug tactic for this as well." With a low chance of backstabbing, I got used to positioning myself like I was about to stick my hand up its butt in order to get a backstab . Yeah sure, it's cringe but taking this advice from others in comments and reddits actually helped. I also waited for my partner to go and distract it first before I rolled behind and attacked. I couldn't wait too long or my partner would die. These tactics and heavy weapons secured my win, and I hope it helps those new or trying this boss again.

                  • Anonymous

                    the annoying thing about this boss fight is not the fight itself but the path to it, I can take dying several times to get used to a boss' pattern but having to go through 4 of those teleporting chicks just to challenge it again is a massive pain

                    • Anonymous

                      One of the easiest boss. I thought it was hard initially, then I realize I could just wait and parry every single one of his attacks...

                      • Anonymous

                        just one-shot this beast with 30k damage, who's the real berserker now?! can i one shot every normal boss in this game with my hyper mode build?! only one way to find out!

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