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Focus in Code Vein refers to as a recovery mechanic in combat that provides certain buffs to a character and enemy for a short period of time. A player and an enemy will enter into the Focused State once the Focus gauge is filled.

Focus is a special gauge used while in Combat in Code Vein that fills up when you take damage or dodging enemy attacks at the right time. Both the player character and enemies have Focus meters where the character's Focus meter is found on top of the stamina bar, while the enemy's focus meter can be found on top of its HP bar.



What does Focus Do?

Focus somehow is a recovery mechanic in combat that allows a player to get back into a fight if you are caught up in a difficult battle situation. Focus, once it has been filled or activated will place the player into a Focused State which will:

  • Replenish your Stamina.
  • Players will become hard to stagger.
  • Enemies are easily staggered.
  • Players gain the ability to perform a launch attack that knocks an enemy into the air, allowing you to perform a special drain attack.


However, take note that Enemies also have Focus and can also enter into the Focused State which also, similar to the player will become harder to stagger, can easily stagger a player and unleashes a strong attack. Players will be able to identify if an enemy's focus meter is full and is in the Focused State by looking at the focus meter on top of their HP bar, and a blue aura will trigger which notifies that they will unleash a strong attack.


Focus Recovery

Focus can be filled by taking damage from an enemy attack or by dodging their attacks at the right time. Enemies, however, gain focus similar to a player, by taking multiple instances of damage. After the treshold has reached the middle, it will slowly deplete over time (player and enemies), as well by any melee or drain attacks (player only). Storyline Bosses do not have focus bar.


Focus Notes and Tips

  • Pasives like Savvy Evasion from the Prometheus blood code allow you to gain Focus faster from dodging attacks. Check the Gifts page under the "passive gifts" tab for more information on which passives affects your Focus gain and usage.



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