Character Creation in Code Vein provides a unique level of freedom to players, allowing customizations of appearance well beyond what other games grant. This page contains information regarding the Character Customization interface of the game.


We wanted to give players a lot of freedom to customize their characters, including details such as changing only one eye color, or applying scars on the face, changing their faces and appearance. We wanted to have everyone be ready to make their own ideal and cool character, without falling into the trap that other games have where players end up sharing a set slider pattern to try and make their characters look good. We gave lots of freedom so people can start from a clear template.

- Fextralife and Bandai Namco Interview TGS 2017


Code Vein Character Creation

This is a list to the available character customizations for FashionVein! The customization allows you to freely choose the appearance of your character, from selecting the gender, choosing a Basic Appearance from a number of presets and later fully customizing your very own character in the Advanced Settings. There are 32 presets that you can choose from which you can either use to play as or to continue customizing it.



Choose a Male or Female character.

Basic Appearance

Select a basic appearance from a number of presets. You can customize your character in Advanced Settings.

Advanced Settings

Provides the freedom to fully customize your very own character from scratch.

  • Physique
  • Skin
  • Hair
  • Face
  • Eyes
  • Eyebrows
  • Makeup
  • Scars/Other
  • Face Paint
  • Accessories
  • Clothing
  • Purifier Mask
  • Mask Frame
  • Voice


Adjust Appearance


Upon discovering the Home Base, players are given the opportunity to make changes and adjust the appearance of their character. You can change your style of hair, clothes, and many more. You can find this area at the Home Base, next to Coco.

WARNING: While most aspects of your character can be changed at Home Base, a few things cannot be changed. Gender, Physique, Face, and Voice are all locked after initial character creation and cannot be altered after. Take special care picking them.


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    • Anonymous

      This was a really fun character creation mode, better than most. So far I created Vergil from devil may cry and Selvaria from Valkyria chronicles.

      • Anonymous

        What?? I'm pretty sure that I saw someone YouTube changing stuff like the gender in the home base (by saving it up as a custom appearance).
        Or did they actually patch that up in later games???

        • Anonymous

          So, on console, if i want to change the voice halfway through the game, will this work? correct me if i am wrong. A)with a save file aready created 1. i just go to new game, 2. create a character, 3. save them to apperance 4. exit, go back to main menu, and hit Continue, Or Load? 5: Once Back in the main save, i can reload that character into main save file. B) again, halfaway through game 1: on a seperate account on console, create new character 2: create character, save to apperance, sign in as old account 3: Load/continue then it might be there? it says on menu, "Continue", which puts me in the main story i was doing. then there is another option, "Load." so i can continue form two of the menu options? or does this imply a seperate save file? My Goal, is to have my character talk more. during the testing, i found a voice i liked, but seeing youtube videos, their voices they chose have their characters say a lot more, than mine does. i want them to say more, and talk more often. are these ways correct? to change a character, but not lose save file. to have multiple ones with dif voice/ or hieghts or..... "features" if that is what you want.

          • Anonymous

            Is there going to be a page on accessories? Because the Hell Knight DLC pages seem to have links to the accessories that are available in it, but the links are broken. Hmmm.

            • Anonymous

              Didn't they add a "Height adjustment" option in the new update? If so. can you change this only when making new character or can you change it anytime in-game?

              • Anonymous

                You can change your gender when you have a male character saved, I think it's the same for voices and all the other stuff. The only thing that you can't change is your name and code name.

                • Anonymous

                  How do you access the appearances you save with the "Save/Delete Appearance" option in the character customization menu? Whenever I save a new look to "Save/Delete Customization" I can load them within the same play session but once I leave, they arent there when I come back. I can save to "Save/Delete Appearance" and they won't go away, but I have no way to load them in the character customization menu.

                  • Anonymous

                    "We wanted to have everyone be ready to make their own ideal and cool character..." but we don't allow you to customize your melon size nor did we add separate facial customization for things such as mouth, nose and eye shapes because that would be too much freedom.

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