Butterfly of Delirium

Location Ruined City Center
Health 20.000
Reward/s 2.800 Haze
Elemental Resistance Fire -10%
Ice 20%
Lightning 20%
Blood 20%
Physical Resistance Phase 1
Crush 0%
Slash -10%
Pierce 0%

Phase 2
Crush 10%
Slash 0%
Pierce 10%
Resists ??
Immune Venom, Stun, Inhibit

Butterfly of Delirium is a Boss in Code Vein. Bosses are special Enemies that feature their own arena, a large and prominent health bar, and a variety of unique moves and abilities. You will need to choose the appropriate Blood Code, Gifts, Weapons, Blood Veil, and Companion in order to defeat these formidable foes.


Butterfly of Delirium Location



Butterfly of Delirium Rewards

  • 2.800 Haze



Butterfly of Delirium Notes & Tips

  • Make sure to have an Antivenom quick slotted for this fight, as you may need it.
    • Venom Removal is also an alternative if you have an open Gift slot
  • Weak to fire damage
  • Immune to stun, inhibit and poison buildup, but susceptible to slow



Butterfly of Delirium Strategies 

Strategy Writeup

Bayonet Strategy

I used the Lost Bayonet for this fight, and upgraded it to +3 before taking her on. I was Level 14, so that's not very high.

The strategy is to stay close to her and bait her into do doing attacks that you can dodge and punish her for. When her tail winds up for an attack dodge INTO her, wait just a second to see if she follows up with another attack, and then dodge again if she does. If she doesn't then attack, and after your second dodge (if needed) then attack. Always be sure to dodge FORWARD into her.

Keep repeating this until she covers herself and glows purple, at which point you need to back away or you will be hit by her Poison AoE. Then move back in range and repeat if you can.

Be on the look out for when she floats up into the air, as you will need to dodge left or right when she charges you. Then get back into range and attack.

Also when be on the look out for when she shoots 5 purple projectiles at you. You want to dodge FORWARD through it, and then attack her every time if you can, as it's free damage and there is very little risk.

Later in the fight when she shoots the homing purple ball of death at you, shoot it with your Bayonet to get rid of it and then dodge her charge attack. Then continue the strategy of dodging forward into here attacks. If she does her double spin here, dodge twice towards her. You will sometimes get hit if you dodge only once, so dodge twice to be safe and then attack.

Use the Bayonet to fire when you can't get close enough to melee, such as after her charge attack or if you roll through her purple projectiles but can't quite get to her.


Butterfly of Delirium Video Strategy


Attacks & Counters

Attack Counter
Poison Projectiles: She will throw 5 purple projectiles forward. These projectiles deal damage and also poison you Roll forward when the projectiles are near, this will prevent the damage and give you the opportunity to counter attack
AOE Poison Attack: She will cover herself in purple mist and then cast an AOE attack that deals poison damage. When you see her covering herself in mist, jump backwards and wait for the mist to disperse.
Tail Charge: She will Put her tail in front of her and use it to charge at you. Wait until she is near and then dodge left or right. You can counter attack using ranged skills
Dual Hit Combo: She will perform a dual hit combo. First from The left and then forward. Dodge right and strike back. Don't dodge backwards as she will reach you with her forward attack
Whirlwind Attack: She will strike you from the left and then perform a whirlwind attack with her tail. Dodge backwards two times. You can use ranged skills to hit her while she finishes the attack.
Whirlwind Projectiles: She will put her tail in front of her and do a spin while throwing purple projectiles around her Try to go backwards to be at a safe distance. Dodge the projectiles and use the opportunity to attack.
Single Purple Projectile: She will use her tail to cast a single purple projectile forward that deals very high damage. The projectile will fade after some distance. Try to dodge backwards two times and wait for the projectile to fade away. Then go in to deal some damage.
Poison Breath: She will use her tail to spread poison forward Try to run to either side to avoid the attack. This attack takes very long, so if you can place yourself behind her you will be able to deal a lot of damage.


Butterfly of Delirium Lore

Lore notes, information on folklore, etc go here

Lore theories should be clearly marked as such.


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    • Anonymous

      First time facing the boss, I found it very difficult..
      But... I killed her with a two-handed sword with the berserker code.
      Using Louis as an ally, I kept alternating her attention, when she turned to hit Louis, I'd come up behind and hit her until she stunned, after that I'd dodge again, until she got tired of me.

      • Anonymous

        after finishing dark souls 3 and elden ring i can almost confidently say this is a very very difficult early boss, i wouldnt say shes harder then many bosses in souls games, but for a first few bosses, she is incredibly difficult

        • Anonymous

          Honestly its looks more like Aragami than the Lost.. probably an adapted-miasma aragami? first since the major problem the whole **** happens in the first place was the existence of aragami's (they dubbed it monster at first (probably they don't have official name yet or the whole fcking city are isolated when **** happened) in some memories(like in Yagumo & Aurora) but i doubt its referencing to Lost at least its crystal clear in Aurora memories that 'monster' exist prior the found of BOR Parasite then the born of the Revenants. Second the tails have exact appearance as God Arc devouring form. Third its not dropping any weapon and i don't see any weapon-humanmade-alike or code veil like the Lost always carried in its model so there's a big chance you were fighting an actual Aragami rather than Lost as starter boss.
          And that's it my theory, i could be wrong though.

          • Anonymous

            So I am doing a pipe-only run at the moment, and let me tell you, this b*tch is a MASSIVE roadblock for that because she's immune to your best source of damage at the time(venom), and you don't have many other tools yet. I am still trying to figure out how to do this one.

            • Anonymous

              This boss was fairly easy while still being something of a challenge. She's kind of really fast but i could see her attacks coming after some times, so it's okay, and the poison was not a problem anymore once i've learned to be patient. Now she's still difficult to me because she is... i mean kind of hot, and i was not excpecting her in the depths, where she killed me once.

              • Anonymous

                You can easily beat her even at level 1, just make sure you have Venom Resistance. Weapon, Blood Code, and Blood Veil don't really matter, but I beat her with Bardiche +1, Prometheus, and Queenslayer Thorn. My passive gifts are Health Boost, Stamina Boost, Venom Resistance, and Focused Stamina Usage. My active gifts are Blow of Madness, Venom Removal, Lightning Weapon, Adrenaline, Binding Mark, Iron Will. I didn't use Venom Removal at all though. My partner is Yakumo.

                • Anonymous

                  On NG+ this boss is absolute bullshit. I've 100%ed Souls 1-3 and Sekiro, it's not a skill issue, it's effing BS design choices and even worse RNG. First NG cycle wasn't an issue whatsoever with a 2h STR build (my souls preference is showing...), but the more I play the more I see incredibly stupid ****. Btw, whose idea was it to tie L3 to a "quick gesture" menu that both ONLY comes up in combat, and can ONLY SCREW YOU OVER IN COMBAT!?! And no way to disable, besides straight re-mapping keys? If the controls were a little more responsive, less people would be pushing the left stick in hard enough to trigger the gesture-menu-of-doom. As soon as the god damn thing pops up, sure enough, that's another attempt down the shitter. Bandai/Namco, if you're gonna rip off Souls THIS HARD, you HAVE TO get the functionality right. Otherwise we're just playing date rape bingo, and no one knows who's who.

                  • Anonymous

                    I struggled at first, went back to farm some souls... accidentally discovered the pit. At level 30 the boss was laughably easy using caster

                    • Anonymous

                      You should definitely have leveled Mercury high enough to have the venom cure and venom resist ability's maxed, if not just equip Mercury. I used a single handed sword, the lightning buff, and Iron Wall, actively. I brought Louis, so that might've made a difference. Otherwise she has a lot of tells. And most smashes and slow slides; I recommend dodging to the side instead of into. And keep an eye out for when she folds on herself, you'll want to dodge away; and make sure to set the cure venom on your easiest to hit slot. I didn't even get a chance to use the Blood Veil, so pick whichever you feel works best for your class; but mobility is key to this fight (imo).

                      • I killed her solo at lvl 1 after some preparation. 1st of all bayonet is very good agaist her. 2nd Her basic 2 hit combo is parryable 3rd with bayonetshot homing poison missles are destroyable. Suggested code hunter Weapon: bayonet Blood veil: Night Claw/Venous Claw if you prefer movement or Queen Slayer Claw is you want a bit more Venom resistance Passive skills: Dextery up, Stamina/Healt up, Weapon Drain Rating Up, (crucial), Venom resistance (defensive option) or dex/strg. up (offensive opt.) Aktive gifts: Ranged Impact, Blazing Roar, Shifting Hollow, Blood Sacrifice, Hunting Feast, Venom removal (last 3 gift are optional but very handy) Basic tactic: Aplpy Ranged Impact and shoot her with charged shot, when she use her basic attac parry it (give 2 extra ichor and a window for a counter attack) and punish with charged shot, when your Ranged Impact dosn't active doge her attacks and hit her with you're bayonet. If she use her cocoon doge back and heal if nessecery, or punish her with a balzing roar. 2nd phase: If you have enough healt and ichor, than keep the distance. Doge her attacks, shoot down homing missles and punish her with blazing roars. If you're low with ichor activate Hunting Feast dodge her whirwind attacks and hit her twice. If she use basic combo you still can parry it and punish with bayonet shot. If she use cocoon run away and heal. If you have to dodge but out of stamina use Shifting hollow.

                        • Anonymous

                          This boss is a pain in the ass with a hammer. I am writing this after successfully beating it after 5 hours of attempts.

                          • Anonymous

                            Boss can be a pain in the ass if you aren't prepared...but that's stating the obvious. Still, poison can be such a *****!

                            • Anonymous

                              I'm level 26 with a +3 Lost Bayonet and I can get her down to less than 1/4th of her health bar. Fire doesn't seem to even affect her.

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