Rin Murasame

Rin Murasame
Location Home Base

Rin Murasame is an NPC in Code Vein. You can buy Weapons, Blood Veils, and ask for her service of upgrading or transforming your preferred gear. NPCs are individual characters that are encountered during the course of the game that may or may not provide benefits.



Location of Rin Murasame:

Rin Murasame is a Merchant  located at the Home Base, you can find her tending her shop in front of a really big vault door.


Merchant's Inventory

Currently, the listed information is based off from the Network Test and are still subject to change. Listed below are the available gear that can be purchased by using Haze and special items that can be exchanged by using Trade Points. Services such as Upgrading or Transforming gear varies from the type of weapon you currently have in possession and have different resources needed - you may visit the Weapons and Blood Veil pages to learn more about the required resources for doing so.


Item Name Price (Haze)
Purchase Gear
Heavy Axe 3500
Queenslayer Blade 5000
Blue Hounds 3500
Dark Hounds 3500
Queenslayer Claw 3500
Queenslayer Claw II 3500
Queenslayer Thorn 9000
Queenslayer Thorn II 9000
Rebel Claw 3500
Rebel Thorn 9000
Umber Hounds 3500
Tradeable Items
Item Name Prize (Trading Points)
Chemical Light 2
Dagger 2
Gesture: Praise 10
Hephaestus Chrome 10
Murasame's Ichor Blend 10
Vivifier 3



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