Rin Murasame

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Location Home Base

Rin Murasame is an NPC in Code Vein. You can buy Weapons, Blood Veils, and ask for her service of upgrading or transforming your preferred gear. NPCs are individual characters that are encountered during the course of the game that may or may not provide benefits.



Location of Rin Murasame:

Rin Murasame is a Merchant  located at the Home Base, you can find her tending her shop in front of a really big vault door.


Rin Murasame Trading Item Value

During your exploration, you'll find Trading Items known as "Valuables" which can be given to an NPC in exchange for Trade Points. Trade Points, on the other hand, is a form of currency that is used to exchange unique items from an NPC - listed below are the value of trading points you can obtain from giving the following Trading Item:


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Merchant's Inventory

Listed below are the available gear that can be purchased by using Haze and special items that can be exchanged by using Trade Points. Services such as Upgrading or Transforming gear varies from the type of weapon you currently have in possession and have different resources needed - you may visit the Weapons and Blood Veil pages to learn more about the required resources for doing so.


Item Name Price (Haze)  
Purchase Weapons
Available from Start
Blanched Greatsword (pre-order bonus) 10  
Cerulean Spear (pre-order bonus) 10  
Crimson Longsword (pre-order bonus) 10  
Available after exploring Ruined City Underground
Heavy Axe 3500  
Queenslayer Blade 5000  
Queenslayer Greatsword 5000  
Available after exploring Ruined City Center
Bardiche 3500  
Zweihander 3500  
Available after exploring Howling Pit
Impaler 5000  
Hanemukuro 5000  
Available after exploring Dried-up Trenches
Broadsword 3500  
Riot Breaker 3500  
Available after exploring Cathedral of the Sacred Blood
Impulse Anchor 5000  
Nagimukuro 5000  
Rubellite Piercer 5000  
Available after exploring Memories of Player
Queenslayer Bayonet 5000  
Queenslayer Halberd 5000  
Queenslayer Hammer 5000  
Available after exploring Ridge of Frozen Souls
Garnet Splitter 5000  
Machete 5000  
Available after exploring Ashen Cavern
Huge Hammer 5000  
Warped Blade 5000  
Available after exploring City of Falling Flame
Burned Warhammer 5000  
Purchase Blood Veils
Available from Start
Blue Hounds 3500  
Dark Hounds 3500  
Queenslayer Claw 3500  
Queenslayer Claw II 3500  
Queenslayer Thorn 9000  
Queenslayer Thorn II 9000  
Rebel Claw 3500  
Rebel Thorn 9000  
Umber Hounds 3500  
Venomous Claw (pre-order bonus) 10  
Available after exploring Ruined City Center
Dawn Claw 3500  
GXH Assault 6500  
GXH Geyser 6500  
GXH Storm 6500  
Midnight Sun Claw 3500  
Night Claw 3500  
Available after exploring Howling Pit
Covetous Shawl 7200  
GXM Exceed 5800  
GXM Strange 5800  
GXM Variant 5800  
Mendicant Shawl 7200  
Prayer Shawl 7200  
Available after exploring Dried-up Trenches
Dawn Spear 3500  
Midnight Sun Spear 3500  
Night Spear 3500  
Raven Fatigues 5000  
Seraph Fatigues 5000  
Swan Fatigues 5000  
Available after exploring Cathedral of the Sacred Blood
Dawn Thorn 3500  
Midnight Sun Thorn 3500  
Night Thorn 3500  
Available after exploring Memories of Player
Dawn Fang 3500  
Midnight Sun Fang 3500  
Night Fang 3500  
Available after exploring Ridge of Frozen Souls
Cactus Curtain 7300  
Hedgehog Fort 7300  
Sanctuary Mantle 6100  
Thorn Devil 7300  
Tireless Mantle 6100  
Winter Mantle 6100  
Available after exploring Ashen Cavern
Blackblood Liberator 7600  
Blackblood Strife 7600  
Blackblood Tracer 7600  
Available after exploring City of Falling Flame
Black Vestment 9200  
Crimson Vestment 9200  
Noble Darkness 5000  
Noble Shadow 5000  
Noble Silver 5000  
White Vestment 9200  
Available after exploring Crown of Sand
Collateral Spur 8700  
Judgment Spur 8700  
Suicide Spur 8700  
Available after exploring Crypt Spire
Dusk Garb 7200  
Sanguine Garb 7200  
Silver Garb 7200  
Available after exploring Provisional Government Outskirts
Imperial Raiment 5000  
Ivory Grace 5000  
Snowy Elegance 5000  
Available after exploring Provisional Government Center
GXL Defender 5800  
GXL Guardian 5800  
GXL Overgear 5800  
Tradeable Items
Item Name Prize (Trading Points) Quantity
Ichor Concentrate 4 2
Ichor Concentrate 4 3
Chemical Light 1 5
Dagger 1 5
Gesture: Hang Head 10 1
Gesture: Praise 10 1
Hephaestus Chrome 10 2
Hephaestus Chrome 10 3
Murasame's Ichor Blend 10 2
Murasame's Ichor Blend 10 3
Queen Iron 3 1
Stamp: Agree 03 10 1
Stamp: Offer Thanks 03 10 1
Stamp: Sign 07 10 1
Vivifier 3 2



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    • Anonymous

      Why the heck does she give us her blood code so late? She was there from the beginning. It would saved me a lot of time grinding for gift mastery.

      • Anonymous

        Why is it that the U.S has to sensor over sexualized things for japan but they cant sensor over sexualized little girls in the U.S in skimpy outfits, outright disgusting shes only 16 and then you have mia clearly loli b8 saying "shes 18 we swear" type deal, i just want anime dark souls not loli souls

        • Anonymous

          What does "exploring" mean? (to unlock weapons) I beat the boss of ruined city center, howling pit, and dried up trenches + 100% map and I only have the basic weapons + those from ruined city underground. It's getting a little frustrating I hope it's not a bug on my save.

          • Anonymous

            As I posted on the other CV wiki: As a minor thing, TMK, the one and only time you can see her real face without her mask, is AFTER beating Virgin Born and getting the true ending (where you end up back at Home Base). Talk to everyone, and then go into the hot springs. She'll show up right after you in a towel, no mask. She's got a scar across her nose, falls asleep almost immediately after entering the hot springs for about a minute or so, then wakes up & stretches while looking around. I've never seen her show up at any other time.

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