Bosses in Code Vein are unique, powerful Enemies that the player must face to complete an area. These Lost feature a unique look, a large health bar, and several unique moves. Bosses drop valuable materials for the player and do not respawn. Bosses may be encountered again when exploring Dungeons, or if participating in Multiplayer.

When facing a boss, if you are struggling, prepare your Build and tailor it to the boss weakness. Use a good Weapon, make sure to Upgrade it and select a matching Blood Veil - and of course Blood Codes and Gifts that allow you to buff or debuff as needed.

All Code Vein Bosses Guide

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Code Vein Bosses







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    • Anonymous

      Invading Executioner is Gliched in NG+, she WILL NOT drop the "Fione Vestage A" after your first playthrough, meaning if you killed Successor of the Breath without saving nicola, YOU CAN NEVER GET FIONE BLOOD CODE for that one character.

      • Anonymous

        Blade bearer and Cannoneer should be in the same page really and Successor of the Throat is BEFORE them, not after, this list shows Throat as if she's before Mido but not BB and C for some reason.

        • Found this post on Reddit about various Boss weaknesses per element. (Excluding Blood as the person testing it did it with Transforming his weapon) Made me want to go through on a mage build using all elements and various status effects to test what bosses are weak to then adding that information to each page. Gotta find the time to do it so no guarantee that I'll do it.

          • For good ending you need to restore the vestiges before fighting certain bosses. Example the hunter vestige should be repaired before you fight the area boss where the parts are found. Someone else please confirm?

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