Enemies in Code Vein are hostile creatures that attack the player character and allies. Enemies are usually Revenants who have lost control and transformed into strange creatures called the Lost. There are powerful monsters with large health bars that guard specific areas and don't respawn: these are referred to as Greater Lost, and you can find them in the Bosses page.


Lost in Code Vein (Enemies)







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    • 09 Oct 2019 07:31  

      When you find an enemy as a boss in The Depths, the game will tell you their name. Here's a quick list of what they're called here vs their name in the game Executioner is Snouted Wanderer Stone-Crusher is Raging Nobel Woman Elite Lost is Stone-Crusher (guess there was a mix up there) Ant-Type Executioner is Bog Predator Horned Lost (red) is Blood-Soaked Demon Spiked Lost (blue) is Forgotten Devil Sea Urchins are Ghastly Flesh Glowing Tentacle Lost is Mud Gorger

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