Gilded Hunter

Location Ashen Cavern
Health 33,000
Reward/s Dark Knight
65.660 Haze
Elemental Resistance Phase 1
Fire 40%
Blood 40%
Ice 20%
Lightning 20%

Phase 2
Fire 20%
Blood 20%
Ice -10%
Lightning 20%
Physical Reistance Phase 1
Crush 10%
Slash 25%
Pierce -15%

Phase 2
Crush 20%
Slash 35%
Pierce -10%
Resists Stun
Immune None

Gilded Hunter is a Boss in Code Vein. Bosses are special Enemies that feature their own arena, a large and prominent health bar, and a variety of unique moves and abilities. You will need to choose the appropriate Blood Code, Gifts, Weapons, Blood Veil, and Companion in order to defeat these formidable foes.


Gilded Hunter Location



Gilded Hunter Rewards



Gilded Hunter Notes & Tips

  • Spells and Weapons that deal Pierce Damage are ideal for this fight since the Boss has no defense against them.
  • Fire and Blood resist drop by 20% in Phase 2. Ice Resist drops by 30% in Phase 2 making him take 10% more damage from Ice.
  • Gifts that have Ice/Pierce such as Frost Spike, Ice Barrage, and Guard of Honor are highly effective in Phase 2.
  • Gains defense when charging attacks like his Lunge
  • Can be poisoned/stunned/slowed/inhibited.
  • Resists fire and blood
  • Merciless Reaper increases damage drastically
  • Healing can be risking in this fight without a proper strategy or a partner


Gilded Hunter Strategies 

Strategy Writeup

Queenslayer Greatsword & Fighter

The Guilded Hunter is an extremely hard fight and you might call it a DPS race. I like to use a Greatsword for extra damage, and Fighter allows me to move with Normal mobility and use a good amount of Skill Gifts.

In phase one you want to bait his attacks and then punish them. Watch out for the overhead slam, that leaves a redish AoE. Dodge through this towards his body to get away and then punish. When he shoots red waves at you dodge back through the first and forward through the second and then hit him a couple of times.

If he charges up his weapon and thrusts it at you, wait until the last second and dodge left or right, but not forward or back or you may be hit, since the damage lingers a short while. Avoid his AoE, and heal if necessary.

In phase two he will go berserk and all you need to do here is stay alive, which is much harder to do than it sounds. He becomes super aggressive and it's hard to dodge all of his attacks. During this phase learn to block some of his attacks, and don't try to dodge every single one or you will likely die. And, be sure to heal during his AoE, as this is the only chance you'll get and it's a small window.

This second phase lasts approximately 35 seconds. Once it ends you need to go balls out on him, and hit him 2 or 3 times and then use an attack skill for even more damage. You will have limited time before he transforms again, so you need to be aggressive and attack often. If he manages to transform before you get him down, you will likely die, so play aggressively and spare no health hitting him.

If you are having trouble with this fight, try mixing up your weapons and Blood Codes for maximum damage.

If you defeat the boss you will see the writing "Greater Lost Dispersed" upon the screen.


Fortified Zweihander Strategy

This strategy relies on blocking all of the attacks coming from the boss and then counter attack on oportunity windows after he finishes his combo. The basic setup is an upgraded Zweihander (+6 recommended), with an Atlas Chrome (Fortify Transformation/Infusion), and high stamina. Can be done either solo or with Partner/Companion. A Blood Code with high strength is a must.

While the boss can be beaten with only using the weapon and blocking, any gifts and pasives that can make the fight go faster are recommended. You can increase your damage with Adrenaline, Overdrive, and if you have it, Frost Weapon. Defensive options include Concentration and Guard Stability (Active). Both Overdrive and Concentration don't get consumed if you block and recieve no damage! However be mindful that getting hit even by a scratch will dispel them. And if you feel scared of his blood attacks, Blood Guard is always an option.

For pasives, defensive options can be Focused Stamina Usage and Guard Stability to reduce the stamina damage you receive when blocking, as you will be entering on the focused state a lot. Focused Gift Speed can help if you feel insecure about buffing in the middle of the fight, but it's not really necessary. Guard Drain Rating Up may be useful if you find your Ichor lacking for rebuffing yourself. Alternatively, you may use any passive that increases your damage such as Two-Handed Sword Mastery, or exploit it's ice weakness in phase 2 with Ice Buff.

First phase is very straightforward. He will close the gap at you, attack twice, and then shift away. If you have enough stamina to last another round of blocked attacks, smack him once, regain stamina while you can, and block again when he goes against you. AI Partners can make this easier, since they can contribute by either distracting the boss (as it tends to alternate between atacking the player and the Partner), or by adding DPS. Rinse and repeat until phase 2.

On second phase, he will buff himself and become very aggresive. His attacks become faster and his combo chain extends to one more attack (3 attacks in total). He can also use an AOE explosion around him. However, the strategy still applies; the explosion can be completely blocked, and he can only damage you if he hits you from behind (he can manage this with his twirling leap attack, but that can be easily dodged). Block, regain stamina, and hold on until his buff expires. Then go all-in with offensive gifts and moves to tear down his hp.

If you feel you need an extra boost (literally) in phase 2 to be more safe, using a Guard Booster as well as a Stamina Booster can help slightly. Also be mindful that in Phase 2, he will alternate between attacking you and your partner (one combo chain for each).

If you manage defeat the boss, you will see the writing "Greater Lost Dispersed" upon the screen, and a cutscene will play.

Video Strategy


Attacks & Counters

Attack Counter
Phase 1
Two Hit Combo: He will perform two consecutive attacks rotating to the player's direction on each strike. Dodge forward each time he strikes
Ichor Explosion: He will raise his left hand and summon an AoE explosion around him. Dodge backwards two times while he is casting the magic
Thrust attack: He will lunge towards the player if their to far away. Dodge forward to get behind him
Long reach two hit attack: When at a distance, he will perform two quick and consecutive strikes towards the player. Dodge either side when he is near you
Charged Beam: He will charge his weapon and send a beam across the room to the players location. Dodge either side when he moves the lance forward
Overhead slam: He will turn around and 360 jump and slam down the player with splash damage whoevers front of it. Dodge either side or forward if close enough
Phase 2 (Berserker)
Three hit combo: He will strike from below, then from a side and then from above. This attack is very difficult to dodge. You can dodge the first strike and then block the following two.
Ichor Explosion: Unlike it's first phase but instead it will summon meteor from the ground. Dodge backwards twice to avoid the explosion and the meteor, Dodge the right time and walk towards him if close enough.
Double Thrust attack: He will lunge towards the player with double thrust attack if their too far away. Dodge either side twice to avoid his second hit
Double Charged Beam: unlike it's first phase but instead it charged twice as fast and shoots two beam instead of one. Dodge left or right than dodge backward twice to avoid his halberd hitbox and the beam hitbox
Overhead slam: Unlike it's first phase but instead it's twice as fast than before. Dodge either side or forward if close enough


Gilded Hunter Lore

Lore notes, information on folklore, etc go here

Lore theories should be clearly marked as such.




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    • Anonymous

      fortified zweii/argent wolf warhammer + fionn blood code = very unhappy gilded hunter. either of these weapons being fortified (atlast chrome) makes them 100% physical block, its got to be the absolute laziest setup you can have for this guy seeing as fionn also gives ice weapon and some decent mind for light type ice moves.

      • Anonymous

        1H sword + one ice spell: it's not possible to dodge everything on phase 2, but you can mitigate a lot of damage by dodging as much as you can. When he does his aoe, dodge into it or run far away and get ready for a dash attack. If you're able to dodge into it, it's a good window to heal, or use a damage spell if don't need to heal. Always expect a follow up attack: if he shoots his spear beam, expect a 2nd one. If he does his usual 2-hit combo, he has a 345 combo extension. Impossible to dodge 4 and 5 but you'll mitigate a lot of damage if you at least avoid 123.

        • Anonymous

          Who ever decided this boss was a good idea needs a swift kick in the pants vice versa with the guy who decided to add 2 boreal brutes in the snowy depths

          • Anonymous

            Evasion isn't actually THAT hard in phase 2, it's just scary. Stay close to the boss, always dodge towards him, even for the explosions. I actually find normal rolls easier to time than quick here. Simply dodge his attack (generally either a poke, a 3hit, or an explosion), swing once, then repeat. Being anywhere but melee range at any time is likely going to get you killed though.

            • Anonymous

              Alright so by no means is this fight easy solo, but its not terribly unbalanced. In phase one, its a cake walk. Dodge, punish, and don't feel bad about using healing. You won't have more time to do it anyway by the time phase two begins. Here are all the steps you need to survive phase two. Before the fight, backstab a few enemies on the way there to gain some Ichor, you'll need it. Using one regen on damage taken here is not a problem. Healing won't help you in the boss fight. A little before phase two begins, activate gift extension. Regain the ichor used and then when phase two begins, activate, cleasing light and hasten. Hasten is most important here. Make sure you have shifting hollow as well. Once he goes berserk, dodge, teleport, dodge teleport, whenever you can in his combos. After a few tries you'll learn his rhythm. Once he loses berserk, thats when you **** him up. He may go berserk again, but just repeat the process. With gift extension, you should still have cleansing light and hasten active.

              • Anonymous

                That boss is just badly balanced, in first form he is ok, just your typical souls experience. In second he is just broken. Try to fight him normally, and unless you have god tier evading skills he will simply annihilate you. Or you can cheese him with fortified zweihander and turn fight into a cakewalk.

                • Anonymous

                  My fight lasted 2 minutes. Companion died and it was an anime finish after he went berserk. Came down to which was faster, my sword or his spear. 1 hit to end the fight.

                  • Anonymous

                    Get Cleansing Light. Activate it when he charges up Berserk. Do not use regular heal until Berserk is over.

                    You can thank me later.

                    • Anonymous

                      I just finished this boss in NG+. Took me 5 rage-inducing tries to realise just dodging is actually impossible in Phase 2. In the end, I was forced to use the OP Argent Wolf King's Blade + Atlas to slaughter that retard.

                      • Anonymous

                        Easily the worst fight in the game, half of his attacks will do damage even when dodging and with bosses in this game ignoring your teammates to focus solely on you he never gives you time to heal because he’s relentless. This is really **** design on Namco Bandai’s part.

                        • Anonymous

                          Phase 1 is super easy if you're using an heavy weapon with high staggering as hitting him around the time he charge any attack will either full stun him (he drop to his knee) or half-stun him (he'll flinch back). (For this reason, having either Yakumo or Io as partner can make this part of the fight really simple.)

                          Phase 2 feels like the complete opposite to Phase 1 where fast weapons with lower damage, but also lower stamina cost make it a lot easier. Also, Yakumo and Io are really bad against Phase 2 since their long winged attack patterns makes them fall down as soon as they get hit by the double thrust attack.
                          One REALLY important part to know about Phase 2 is that half-staggering should be avoided at ALL cost. Unlike Phase 1, half-staggering (if he just flinch back) gives him the ability to use any of his special right after with barely any wings-up. This makes heavy weapon kinda bad (also Yakumo & Io) when not timed perfectly for phase 2. In my case, because Io was hitting him all the time with half-staggering, he was able to use his double thrust attack 3 times in a row which killed her in less than 2 secs. (He did his double thrust, she hit him once, he return a double thrust instantly without wings-up, she hit him back another time and he does it again and Io is down. The issue is that Io and Yakumo uses 2 to 3 hits combos and 1 hit allow this boss' 2nd phase to use his ability again hence by the time they do a 2nd hit, they get pounded back.)

                          • Anonymous

                            I wanna see someone beat him as a pure caster.... This guy and the boreal douchebags in depths forced me to switch to straight hack and slash tactics

                            • Anonymous

                              Beat him on my first try somehow, i kept taking hits from him but was able to still survive , used Fionn blood code. Got lucky as just as I was about to die, Yakumo staggered him and I was able to charge up a heavy attack which finished him off. Guess i'll never truly "learn" this fight but i'm glad I got it over with.

                              • Anonymous

                                R1 Spam: The Boss. Out of the partners I've tried I beat him with Mia. She dodged really well when the attention was on her and didn't need to waste time getting within range

                                • Anonymous

                                  Impaler, Night Thorn, Assassin, applied bits and pieces of the above strategy for GS/Fighter, and a lot of prayer and happy thoughts, and I managed to get him in four tries. As an added bonus, all the praying means the immense swearing that occurred during the first three tries have all been forgiven! :D

                                  • You can also try to use Guard Reversal, it helps a lot, since it will allow you to make around 2-3 attacks with GS, after you blocked his attack. Be careful tho, this ability has a pretty long cast time, so make sure you he won't impale ya during the cast animation.

                                    • Anonymous

                                      Absolute fu*king garbage fight on NG+. They did a horrible job scaling him and he heal punishes worse than any other boss in the game. So as soon as you heal once, it's over. Hes gonna keep chaining you with combos, thrusts, and AOEs until you die. Because for whatever reason, it takes a fu*king hour to heal in this game.

                                      • Anonymous

                                        If you're rolling heavy 2 handed with a decent block weapon and reasonable health this guy is not hard on NG. If you're rolling in a level 1 build or are in NG+E though, you're going to get reamed over and over and over again by Mr. Revive-Catch, AKA King Triplekill. Why? Cause he staggers and falls fairly easily, but in phase 2 he's so ridiculously fast, aggressive, and gap-closey that you're going to have to suck down a hit or two in order to knock him down and do some DPS instead of chaining five hundred dodges in thirty seconds. Barring that... you're going to have to dodge his three hit roll-catch combo, over and over and over... and if anyone goes down, reviving isn't allowed, because he'll punish gap close all the way across the arena in effectively two frames, the second of which will probably oneshot you, and if not he's got 2 more hits in the next quarter second attached to the end of it, so good luck. Low level or NG+E? You're not going to be able to soak even one hit, in all likelihood, let alone two.

                                        • Anonymous

                                          To be honest, this boss only took me two tries (hilariously enough, I messed up the first time pressing the wrong button)...and I haven't played many Souls-games...maybe I got lucky. He is a challenge, I will say that...but it just is a matter of studying his moves, I suppose.

                                          • Anonymous

                                            Man this dude was an afterthought in NG, but holy***** I had a fun, yet frustrating time against him on NG+E before learning the Phase 1 patterns. Phase 1 is oddly really easy to get through, just had to switch gifts while solo. Using Isis with BtG, Iron Will, Cleansing Light, Bloodsucking Blades, and Overdrive I just kept countering his attacks while gaining back Ichor using the Iceblood and hurling Blast Bolt, Ice Barrage, and Guard of Honor at him. Phase 2 was frustrating until I remembered blocking is a thing in Code Vein. The above strategy however is overthinking the whole thing however. You just need a weapon that has at least 100 Slash, in my case a Garnet Splitter and just block everything except the explosion+meteors.

                                            • Anonymous

                                              I had Louis being my partner, and with his "Reckless Abandon", it may be possible to beat the Gilded Hunter before he turns berserk. I was never successful myself, but the closest I have got to is the last bar of health, probably 1/7 or something like that.

                                              • Anonymous

                                                This jerk made me counter comp and switch from my precious bayonet build!. First, get an atlas chrome by trading with Yakumo. Upgrading the zweihander with it makes it a 100% block weapon. When he starts to 'zerk' heal up if you need to and proceed to block everything. If he does the aoe and you're out of range, it's a great opportunity to stop blocking and regain some stamina. I wasn't aware of how good 'final journey' is so I ended up using Atlas. Because I wasn't using 'final journey', my zwei was only +2 and I was flying solo, I had to endure two zerk phases but still managed to beat him on my first try after using this setup.

                                                • Anonymous

                                                  Use queenbreaker, impaler, gxl defender. For gifts final journey, cleansing light, ice barrage, circulating pulse, bridge to glory and frost weapon buff. Passives: health stimulant, mind/willpower up, swift destruction, strength/dexterity up During berserk you need to guard till it runs out. Then go ham

                                                  • Anonymous

                                                    Managed to clear the fight after switching to Queenslayer on first try after struggling with various builds. Queenslayer's unique Final Journey buff is ridiculously powerful and while it kills you after it runs out, the duration is extremely long (fight ended with about half of it still left). It increases damage dealt by 50%, gives you quick mobility (was using Zweihander and had slow mobility without it), also it heals you to full upon use. Cleansing Light from Queenslayer also helps mitigate the damage you might take in the berserk phase.

                                                    • Anonymous

                                                      The companion AI is really the absolutely *****ing worse when it comes to this bossfight. My follower keeps CONSTANTLY running into the AoE attacks and manages to die within the first berserk stage... Every single time... And I am left to solo the boss after.

                                                      • Anonymous

                                                        After defeating him and you enter the memory you can immediately look up and see a face with a hand covering more than half of it with a smile as well as at the end before you walk through the doors after they've opened look behind you

                                                        • Anonymous

                                                          That boss is what I always wanted in any soulsgame. A lightning fast boss that just doesnt stop attacking you and that makes the fight so fast-paced you must dodge on prediction rather than reaction.

                                                          • After you defeat the boss and you start seeing the memory, just before you exit it trough the door you can hear a scream and if you look behind, you can see a giant face hiding behind his hand smiling, with orange glowing eye. Still havent beaten the game yet, so dunno who he is, maybe its Mido, but who knows, decided to post this here cuz couldnt find any vids with ppl checking the sound :)

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