Key Items in Code Vein is a type of item that is used by a revenant to advance certain questlines, allow access to undiscovered areas, and diversify the inventories of merchants. - These are mainly obtained through completing quests and by defeating bosses.


Key Items in Code Vein



 Item Name Item Description
Blood Beads
Blood Beads is a fruit-like bead grown from strange white plants-looking around the world. Blood Beads contain blood. It is used as a substitute for human blood that Revenants need.
Berserker Vestige Core
A crystalline core housing Oliver's Will. Etched on it are the berserker's blood codes.
Map: Town of Sacrifice
A map leading to the depths. It holds the location data for the Town of Sacrifice.
Town of Sacrifice Key 1
Opens a door in the town of Sacrifice.
Town of Sacrifice Key 2
Opens a door in the town of Sacrifice.
Town of Sacrifice Key 3
Opens a door in the town of Sacrifice.


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