Jack Rutherford

Blood Veil Hound
Weapon Executioner
Location Area O-11 Crown of Sand

Jack Rutherford is a Companion in Code Vein. Companions are special NPCs that join the player character in their exploration of the world. Companions can be customized and have their own storylines.



How to Recruit Jack Rutherford



Jack Rutherford Combat Information

  • Fights melee with a One-Handed Sword, and ranged with the Blood Shot gift. 
  • Uses Grave Knocker quite often, easily staggering the enemies.
  • He can buff himself with the Time Crunch gift, and the party with the Morale Boost gift.
  • After your defeat, he can revive you using the Regenerative Offer gift.
  • His stagger power, stamina buff and Communal gift make him the best candidate for dps builds.


Jack Rutherford Trading Item Value

During your exploration, you'll find Trading Items known as "Valuables" which can be given to an NPC in exchange for Trade Points. Trade Points, on the other hand, is a form of currency that is used to exchange unique items from an NPC - listed below are the value of trading points you can obtain from giving the following Trading Item:


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Jack Rutherford Notes and Tips



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