Regen Activation Factor


This factor extracted from the queen is properly known as "CS-256" It contains cells with genetic code from a variety of lifeforms and is thought to stimulate the regenerative abilities of revenants.

Regen Activation Factor is an Item in Code Vein, used to permanently enhance the healing amount of the Regeneration  item. Enhanced Regeneration is signified with a +#, ex +3.


Regen Activation Factor Usage

  • A consumable item that permanently enhances the effectiveness of Regeneration  item by 120.


Regen Activation Factor Locations

You may find Regen Activation Factor in the following Locations:

  • Dried-up Trenches: From the first Mistle, follow the zone while keeping to your left. When you reach an upper level, there is a rock bridge with several Lost, including a large red one. The area is nearby. You'll very soon encounter Axe-wielding Lost waiting by the corner, kill it then climb down the ladder. You'll encounter an armored lost that looks like a knight, kill it then pick up 1x Regen Activation Factor near the glowing vines.
  • Cathedral of the Sacred Blood: From the first Mistle, proceed until come to a crossroads with 1x Lost. Go straight, then first left You'll  encounter a Stone-Crusher guarding an item by glowing-white vine; here is the Regen Activation Factor.
  • Cathedral of the Sacred Blood: From the Outlook Tower Mistle, follow the path until it splits towards two towers, southwest and northeast. Head southwest and slay a male Dark Knight lost for your Regen Activation Factor.
  • Ridge of Frozen Souls: At the start of the ice mountain area you will reach a small camp of Lost one with a Bayonet, 2 with swords and 1 Suicide Bomber. Next to the camp there is a small pit, jump down and you'll find the Activation Factor.
  • City of Falling Flame: From the first Mistle, take the left path until you arrive at a ladder. Follow the upper level to the next ladder. From there take the first path to the right until you arrive at some stairs. Follow the upper level again, go down the ramp and take the next two ladders which lead to a set of flame geysers around a corner. Continue this path and go forward at the next split where some Volcanic losts are waiting. This way leads to an alley where the ground is completely covered in flames. Go through this alley and take the only way to the right where the Regen Activation Factor is.
  • Provisional Government Center: Drops from the Argent Wolf Berserker. Facing the final elevator, head left.


Notes and Tips

  • Activation Factors can only be replaced by playing through the game again in New Game Plus.
  • Maximum enhancement is +6, healing for 1050 HP



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    • Anonymous

      Theres 7 Regen Activation Factors so why does 7 of them only make you Regen +6 ?
      Why doesnt it say Regen +7 ?

      • Anonymous

        there is one in city of falling flames, in one of those small box shaped corner, there is some white vine growing where you get it

        • Anonymous

          At the end of my game I have 10 +6 regenerations. I search every corner extensively. I think I got then all. 10 total regens at a potency of +6. This can be increased or reduced with passives. The best one in my opinion is the one that gives -2 total regens but doubles the potency.

          • While this page has been adjusted, readers be warned that some guides, possibly including the Fextralife one, were made pre-release and may not be accurate. Later patches and dlcs may also change item locations.

            • Anonymous

              Found one in the government area center. Drops from the rematch with the Argent Wolf Berserker. Can be found at the end of a hallway hidden to the left of the final elevator.

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