Builds for Code Vein are an arrangement of a characters' statistics and items that define a specific set of playstyle or highlight a certain natural strength of character. Builds are created by users and as such their performance is varied, and should not be taken as a requirement or objective of the game.

Tips for creating a build:

  • Understand the Combat mechanics, and what Stats do
  • Read through the Blood Codes and Gifts to find the ones you'll want to equip
  • Blood Codes and Blood Veils change your Stats, and are therefore quite important
  • Weapons can have a big impact on your performance if you're not a caster


Code Vein Builds







User Builds

Add your own builds to the wiki!

Melee Builds Bayonet Builds Caster Builds Support Builds

Jenovas Wrath Build (insane 1h Damage and Mobility)

Poppy Shot (High Damage Libertador Build)

Sword Spam Summoner (Fast CD Dark Mage Build)

Frosty Support (defensive buffs for survivability)

Cerdeath's Glass Cannon Build (2h Burst Damage)

Vampire Sniper (Blood for Bullets)

Venom Mage (Fast Casting Dark Mage with Poison for Utility)

Deliverance Tank (Tank Lethal Damage for Allies and Keep them in the Fight)

Belial's Blood Lancer (Halberd/Mobility)

 Build Link (short descripion)

Build Link (short descripion)

Build Link (short descripion)

Bloodletter Build (High 1h DPS/Drain Damage/Fashion)


Queen's Hammer (A modified Red Shockwave build)

 Build Link (short descripion)

Build Link (short descripion)

Build Link (short descripion)


    • 12 Jan 2020 12:40  

      Just wasted 2 hours making a new page for a new build, and right after pressing the "save" button, the page re-loaded and said there was maintenance being done and to load the page again later. Now the page doesn't exist. WTF

      • 09 Oct 2019 13:47  

        I do happen to have a caster build that actualy improves on the already existing dark mage from Extra life should I post it or just make a recommandation comment? In short of all thing I have no idea why your caster build does not make use of queenslayer cleansing light. As it happens cleansing light restore 75% of the hp lost on using Blood sacrifice and Supernatural Blood.

        • Anonymous

          09 Oct 2019 05:27  

          For the blood code Scout my Strength stays at C+ when I try to follow the Adrenaline Rush build. Why is that? I have everything equipped as told from the guide.

          • Anonymous

            06 Oct 2019 00:58  

            Important: Before defeating an important boss (you will know them after a few hours of gameplay). If you want to get their Code you need to collect all the vestiges first. I did 70% of the game and just realized this and can't complete my Dark Mage build.

            • 29 Sep 2019 23:27  

              I don't know if reviewers got preorder God water weapons but the one handed sword and great sword are good, any comparison thoughts or the oni vs zeihander?

              • 29 Sep 2019 23:26  

                That is good. I just invested alot of material toward this, but I'm already in a huge Dodge roll habit, so please make a build or even best weapons guide for one handed dexterity or stamina build

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