Multiplayer in Code Vein uses a seamless summoning system that attracts players to join a host's world. Some actions such as leveling up or enhancing healing capacities are restricted during a multiplayer session, and the progress done is only saved on the host world.


Code Vein Multiplayer

 As you explore online in Code Vein, you can be joined by not only a companion, but also another player to fight as a team in Multiplayer experience.

Distress Signals and Guests


Sending Distress Signals:

Distress signals can be sent and answered from "Multiplayer" on the menu screen. By sending a distress signal, a host can call out to other players for help with the exploration.

A distress signal cannot be sent under any of the following circumstances:

  • While playing offline
  • While in a multiplayer-restricted area
  • During boss battle
  • While in an area where the boss has been defeated (except for the depths)

A distress Signal will be canceled under any of the following circumstances:

  • You call off the distress signal yourself
  • You leave an area where multiplayer is allowed
  • You die

Further restrictions while sending distress calls:

  • Hosts may not use vivifier/vivification/mistle root while sending a distress call.


Answering Distress Signals

Distress signals can be sent and answered from "Multiplayer" on the menu screen. By answering a distress signal, a player can join another player as a guest and provide assistance during the exploration.

A distress signal cannot be answered under the following circumstances:

  • While playing offline
  • While in a multiplayer-restricted area
  • During a boss battle
  • The signal is sent from an area not yet reached
  • The signal is sent from the depth when you are in a normal field
  • The signal is sent from a normal field while you are in the depth


Guest who have responded to a distress signal cannot pick up items placed in the host's world. Guests can, however, pick up items dropped by defeated enemies.

Guest are not able to start combat with a boss, but once the host has commenced combat with one, guests are allowed to join.

In multiplayer, the following adjustments are made to the guests in accordance with the host:

  • Levels are changed to the same as the host.
  • The number of regens is lowered.
  • Guests can use the Needle of Unity to teleport to the Hosts location.

Once multiplayer is over, guests return to their normal state.

Multiplayer can end under any of the following circumstances:

  • The Host or Guest dies
  • The boss in the area being explored is defeated
  • The connection between the host and guest is lost.


Co-op Play with Companions

After getting matched with another player, you can explore the field with three characters: your character, your companion character, and the guest player's character.

When your companion uses a Gift it also affects the guest player, so use your companion well to explore the field.

You have the option to leave your companion behind, just like in offline play.
If you want a tougher challenge, try exploring a field with just a guest character.
Note: For the network test version, you can change or disengage your companion at a mistle plant.


You can communicate with other players by displaying your "emotions."

There are gestures, stamps, and voices.

You can combine these elements to create your own unique emotions.
You'll find more stamps and voices as you progress through the game.Of course, you can simply use a gesture on its own, or combine just a stamp and a voice.
There are eight palettes for emotions.


 After accomplishing certain feats in multiplayer such as defeating a boss, you will be rewarded with special symbols of you achivement. like "Mark Of Honor". Depending on the number you collect, you will receive rewards that include Medals and Titles you can display during multiplayer. Icons and titles can be made visible to other players when you are matched up. Rescue other players as much as possible so you can get rare icons and titles. You can view your medals by selecting "Medals" in the Menu.

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    • Anonymous

      I was never interested in PVP in soul-like games. I partially did my part in it because of the trophies, but the lags made it never fun (backstap-fishing) and the fights were also rarely fair (most invaders are just cheap opportunists). DS2 was the only good one - because it had actually a real arena to fight in.
      In regards to Code Vein. I like the game, the character creation and PVE CAN be fun. But it so often isn't.
      Many sessions are too laggy to stand a fighting chance in the higher NG+ difficulties. And the host should absolutely be able to use mistles and talk to NPCs.
      Not that many players play the game - getting removed from a random session just because they can't interact with stuff is infuriating. Going into a boss fight with zero health isn't smart either. But the game already limits your ways of healing in co-op. No need to make the mistles unusable.
      See Nioh 2 - it has by far the best co-op system of any Soulslike game thus far.
      And in Code Vein a players "call for help" also isn't reset after joining. This is a problem when players fall asleep. You just get connected to them over and over again.
      The amount of time wasted on such cheap issues (issues which should be fixable for a game that sold over 1 million copies) makes me simply not recommend the random PVE system in Code Vein. And with the PS4 community system gone there's also less good ways for match-making.

      • Anonymous

        kind of glad there is no pvp they could add maybe some sort of pvp arena but invasion just ruin fun for both player host and invaders since most of the time like in dar ksouls 3 host either quit from game or speedrun to the boss but with only arena where both players are ready for pvp could do it

        • Anonymous

          QUICK PROBLEM SOLVING FAQ'S - If your partner's distress signal cannot be received, you do not meet the conditions for multiplayer. You can do multiplayer from the very first area of the game when you're with Oliver. However, if the host player is in an area the guest doesn't have unlocked, is fighting a boss, is in a boss arena after the boss has been defeated, or if they're in a non-multiplayer area like the Home Base, you won't be able to join them. Additionally, those playing the CODE:VEIN demo are unable to participate in multiplayer. CODE:VEIN has co-op almost identical to dark souls, so you'll have to clear each area twice for both players to progress together, once as each player being the host. Only the host's world progresses regardless of content cleared with the guest. Also, neither the host or guest can rest at mistles or teleport, and the guest cannot open doors or chests, so make sure the host grabs all available items before you swap. Normally, if one player dies, multiplayer will end immediately, but you start with a gift that transfers your life to your partner. If you use it immediately when they die, they will be revived and can continue fighting. ADDITIONAL NOTE: ***MAKE SURE YOU AND YOUR PARTNER ARE USING THE EXACT SAME MATCHMAKING PASSWORD OR YOU WILL NOT MATCH EACH OTHER***

          • Anonymous

            I honestly just want to play co-op with my friend and I keep getting booted from his lobby... this doesn't seem very "seamless".

            • Anonymous

              Has anyone asking for the pvp tried playing a game just to enjoy it and not enrage and ruin it for other? Just curious.

              • Anonymous

                how does multiplayer effect weapon and blood veil level? Is it like Dark Souls 3 where you connect with players with weapons 2 levels above/below you?

                • To those wanting PvP: I can understand, and it in theory sounds nice. However, Code Vein was built with PvE in mind. Multiplayer wasn't even originally planned at all. Consider also how Gift-based combat is, and how easy it would be to make unbeatable 1-shot builds for PvP. Think back to Dark Souls 1 vanilla launch and what PvP was like then; now make it 10x worse. That's how Code Vein's PvP would be.

                  • Anonymous

                    Got to absolutely love dropping to 3 regens, especially in City of Falling Flame/Emily's area, and how we can't even regen health at a mistle. Sets a very hard/high bar for co-op helping in that one map. Either you have the layout memorized and a NG+2 health pool, or you're willing to use flame tonics like candy...and a NG+2 health pool. Those lava areas are a pain. So, imo, they really need to fix a few things to get co-op working for *all* maps. Outside of this one issue, everything works fairly well. Here's hoping it gets fixed sometime after patch 1.04.

                    • Anonymous

                      An optional invasion system and arena would be great. That way people who like pvp can still do it and the PvE only neutered *****es can feel safe. It's a win win!

                      • Anonymous

                        im having coop issues on XBOX. i can join a random game, i can join a friend with password no problem. but when i try to host anyone it take about 10 failed attemps or not at all. any idea why this is happening. it seemed to start when the patch when up.

                        • Anonymous

                          Guys guys... Use Hamachi or Radmin, it will help you connect with others , or make a better connection too

                          • Anonymous

                            My friend and I live in different regions. We both want to play this game together but it seems like the distress signal system doesn't work. We've tried having the same password. No restrictions for Regional matchmaking and Same area as well. Tried alternative methods as well and still doesn't work. anyone else know a solution to this?

                            • Anonymous

                              Multiplayer is broken ... i tried 1000 times to play with another players.... nothing all time i see a loading screen and it say... connection broke up... . All game work ...just these not! Thats extreme annoying. And yes i have tried a lot of settings nothing changes.

                              • Anonymous

                                So you can't do two coop partners instead of the npc? That seems like a easy concept they could put in T-T

                                • I created an account so I can edit and reply so i'm reposting, As far as I can tell the password settings don't work. If we use the exact same password and one requests and the other searches the searching will never find them. We've tried with everything unrestricted and with restricted area and choosing the same area. I live in America he lives in Denmark and we set our regions to the same but nothing ever worked

                                  • Anonymous

                                    As far as I can tell the password settings don't work. If we use the exact same password and one requests and the other searches the searching will never find them. We've tried with everything unrestricted and with restricted area and choosing the same area.

                                    • Anonymous

                                      I'm honestly glad that there is no PVP, I want to play the game with my friends without worrying about being invaded by others. Don't get me wrong PVP has it's place but not all games needs to have it as a standard.

                                      • Now that the game is live, feel free to edit the page to add information from the launch version of the game! Also if you're experiencing multiplayer issues, post a comment so others can give you tips!

                                        • Anonymous

                                          Wtf.... this will be like the tenth ds like game without pvp. So yet again, neither me or my six friends will purchase it. I seriously don’t understand...

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