1. Successor of the Ribcage

    successor of the ribcage code vein wiki guide boss
    Location Cathedral of the Sacred Blood

    Phase 1: 20,000

    Phase 2: 25,200

    Reward/s 22.400 Haze
    Elemental Resistance Fire 0%
    Ice 0%
    Lightning 40%
    Blood 0%
    Physical Resistance Phase 1
    Crush 0%
    Slash  0%
    Pierce 0%

    Phase 2
    Crush 5%
    Slash  10%
    Pierce 10%
    Weakness - Phase 1 & 2
    Immune - Phase 1 & 2
    Inhibit, Stun

Successor of the Ribcage is a Boss in Code Vein. Bosses are special Enemies that feature their own arena, a large and prominent health bar, and a variety of unique moves and abilities. You will need to choose the appropriate Blood Code, Gifts, Weapons, Blood Veil, and Companion in order to defeat these formidable foes.


Successor of the Ribcage Location



Successor of the Ribcage Rewards

  • Rewards Blood Codes:
    • Queen's Ribcage (Exit the Memory)
    • Isis (Restore Aurora)
  • Rewards 22.400 Haze


 Successor of the Ribcage Notes & Tips

  • In the 2nd fight, her resists go up to:  Blood 20%, Fire 20%, Ice 20%, Lightning 50%
  • Is susceptible to Venom in both parts








Successor of the Ribcage Strategies 

Strategy Writeup

For phase 1 of this fight you need to sprint in and use the columns on the left or right as cover as you make your way quickly to the boss. Hammer it a few times, and when it does its AoE, run immediately to the opposite end of the room and repeat. If you are slow, use the pillars for cover, but you want to stay on top of the boss as much as you can, avoiding it's AoE attacks that spawn under you.

In phase 2 things get more difficult, but the strategy is roughly the same. Sprint down the right or left side using the columns for cover, never stopping until you are on the boss. Keep striking the boss over and over until it teleports and then get back to it asap, avoiding the AoE. It'll have a damage shield after it ports, so you'll need to smash your way through it via repeated attacks.

While sticking to it like glue, try to stay behind it to avoid strikes from its arms, and keep moving when lightning appears under you. If you strafe left or right without stopping you can avoid it without dodging. Additionally, avoid the blood AoE that gets cast under you periodically by dodging, and keep swinging. 

The key is recognizing when she is about to teleport and heading to the opposite end immediately. If you can stay on top of her the whole time, the fight becomes drastically easier.

If you defeat the boss you will see the writing "Greater Lost Dispersed" upon the screen.


Video Strategy



Attacks & Counters

Attack Counter
Phase 1
Arc Beam: You will see electricity and a violet mist glowing on her hands. She will cast a beam and move it in front of her in the shape of an arc from left to right. Use the columns to hide and wait until the attack finishes. Then go in and attack her.
Ichor Bomb: You will see Ichor gathering on her hands. She will cast an ichor bomb underneath your feet dealing damage. When you see the ichor circle forming below you, roll in any direction to avoid damage.
Two Hit Attack: You will see electricity in her hands, and then she will strike forward two times in rapid succession. Try to roll forward and place yourself behind her. Attack her until she starts a new attack.
Teleport: You will see fire on her hands. She will cast a big AoE explosion at her location and teleport to the other side of the room. When you notice she is about to teleport start running towards the other side of the room and wait for her.
Frost Bolts: You will see ice gathering on her hands. She will then cast a barrage of Ice shards forward. Try to hide behind the column. If you can't, roll forward to avoid the attack.
Thunder Storm: You will see electricity and a violet mist on her hands, and she will put all of them in front of her face. She will then cast a spell and Electrical storms will appear at your location dealing damage. Just keep moving so the storms won't damage you. Once the storms are over, run to her to deal some damage
Phase 2 (She can still perform all the abilities from Phase 1)
Fire Beam: She will raise her arms and cast a fire beam in an arc in front of her. Run and hide behind the column.
Teleport: You will see fire on her hands. She will cast a big AoE explosion at her location and teleport to the other side of the room. When she appears on the other side, she will have a shield that you have to break before dealing damage. When you notice she is about to teleport start running towards the other side of the room and wait for her.



Successor of the Ribcage Lore

The Successor of the Ribcage, also known by her original name Aurora Valentino, is a Successor: an extremely powerful Revenant that is fused to a massive Vestige called a Relic, which used to be part of the Queen, in order to prevent the Queen's resurrection. However, the Queen's desire to live slowly corrupts every Successor, causing their bodies and minds to twist and become an extremely powerful Lost, requiring the original Successor to be killed and the Relic to be put in another Successor. This happens periodically.

Aurora Valentino holds the Queen's Ribcage, making her the Successor of the Ribcage: using its power, she created the Cathedral of the Sacred Blood from the Thorns of Judgment in order to protect the Source as well as to keep the other Successors separated and safe.

Even as she frenzied, she refused to forget one thing: she was there to protect the Source, and so became its guardian.

As the Successor of the Ribcage, Aurora takes the form of a massive female body laying on its back, with six arms, gold jewellery and skin that appears to be made from black stone. From the front of the torso forwards, she has the head and torso of a white-furred wolf, facing forwards where the rest of her body faces upwards. Should the player choose to restore her memories using the collected Isis Vestiges, Aurora will remain in this form and continue to protect the Cathedral of the Sacred Blood, since the player was able to calm the Queen's Ribcage and restore the Successor's sense of self, thus making her able to control it. Aurora grants the player her Blood Code, Isis, in return. However, if the player either has not collected all of the Isis Vestiges or simply chooses not to restore Aurora's memories, the player will absorb the Relic themselves, granting them the Queen's Ribcage Blood Code, and Aurora will turn to ash.

Lore theories should be clearly marked as such.


Successor of the Ribcage Notes & Trivia

The Successor of the Ribcage's Japanese voice actor, and, by extension, Aurora Valentino's Japanese voice actor, is Arisa Sakuraba, best known for voicing Riju in The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild. No information can be found on their English voice actor.




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    • Anonymous

      Not sure if I like that she's an story only boss. On one hand, she's probably the worst Successor boss in the game, but on the other hand, I would like to practice against her more, unfortunately there's no clone of her in the depths unless I'm missing something.

      • Anonymous

        So make sure you restore the vestiges before killing the boss. you wont get Isis blood code unless its restored first.

        • Anonymous

          This boss is disgusting on NG*
          One shots never are a good idea, and this boss has nearly nothing but one shots.

          • Anonymous

            In my opinion, this boss is more of an intro toward cast-type bosses than anything. She's super easy to manage because all of her attacks can be roll-dodged relatively easily and there are plenty of break between them to not only restore your stamina, but wack 1/4 to 1/3 of her HP right away AND, again, restore whatever stamina you used.

            • Anonymous

              Her aoe explosion also casts where she teleports to, so you can get telefragged. hehe be careful. I'm on NG++ so it's one shot, but maybe less for NG.

              • Anonymous

                ok,,, the easiest way i did it was...

                Partner: Yakumo
                phase 1
                when you enter the room, lock-on the boss.
                the boss will target you and shoot her range attacks, so dodge that AND hide behind the walls.
                let Yakumo go ham on the boss,

                phase 2
                same thing, let Yakumo do the work
                she now has more range attacks, you will need to move more.
                when she starts targeting your boy, Yakumo, charge in and attack her butt.
                retreat, you should be done within 2 cycles

                • Anonymous

                  IMHO the best place to be is to hug her side! From that location you can still see what she's doing with her hands which is important, and sometimes it baits her lightning paw attack, which is actually good because you can dodge the first attack towards her butt and ignore the second one (unless you're slow rolling) for some free hits. You can also see the teleport coming from a mile away which gives you more time to sprint over to the other side of the room. Even if you're a bayonet build or mage build, you wanna on top of this boss the whole fight, don't bother trying to duke it out from range.

                  • Anonymous

                    hiding behind a pillar doesn't work against fire beam, as after the beam finishes, a large blazing fire follows straight after, which hits through the pillars in the room

                    • Anonymous

                      You can just cheese the boss by running behind it. Also, if you feel like taking this boss down fairly, a big tip is to not stand too close to the pillars as the flame and electric attacks can hit you through the pillars if you stand too far away.

                      • I was struggling in NG+ with Armadia. Ended up switching to the old Artemis and was much easier. I learnt a bit more how the defenses work. (Fortitude and Vitality). I think I'll try to switch to a tank mage (Artemis) with bayonet mastery, mobility and gift, some willpower. Because I don't one hit target anymore. I think Armadia becomes a bit obsolete in NG+

                        • Anonymous

                          Running directly behind is a safe strategy, especially since it will rotate around to hit you. Just beware of getting too close and caught between its hands/legs, or you WILL get stuck. Also if you manage to beat it the first time, you won't have to do it again, even if you die.

                          • Anonymous

                            As of today 10/2/19, I've been seeing a lot of disconnects/crashes (ce-34878-0 errors, a generic crash code) on PS4 when trying to answer calls from others against this boss. Had it happen 3 times on my own PS4, twice in a row on a friend's PS4. Also called in distress calls on my secondary character on which I haven't beaten it yet, and had players constantly dropping. For more accurate info if you haven't started the boss yet, that 'sprint to cover suggestion' isn't really optional. Head immediately to the closest pillar as soon as you cross the doorway. My suggestion is enter the boss room either to the far left/right of the entry, your preference, and then head to pilllar closest to that side of the door. Don't try crossing left>right or right>left, or even center>left or center>right). That beam spam covers the entire room, and almost always its the first attack it uses. One way to tell if you're behind cover enough, is if you can still see the wolf head's eyes. If you can't see either eye, you're completely in the clear. If you can still see half it's head, so long as you're near a pillar, and head immediately to it, you're fine. If you can still see it's full head when it starts the animation for the beam spam, it WILL hit before you can reach cover.

                            • didnt seem to have any specific weakness to different elements of spells. blood/fire/frost roar did the same. might be resistant to lightning but lightning barrage is hard to test. i did do less dmg with ligtning weapon buff compared to flame weapon on melee hits. (plus it would fit her theme to resist lightning) enough dmg seems to stagger her out of the teleporting animation

                              • If you beat this boss you can either restore the boss or go through the door. Which means Aurora Dies or Goes back to Life. Here is a screenshot of us deciding two different paths and also getting different cut scenes & blood codes. Queen"s Ribcage (Exit the Memory) Isis (Restore Aurora)

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