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Walkthrough for Code Vein



Area D-12 Ruined City Underground is a Location in Code Vein. Area D-12 Ruined City Underground is a location that turned a multilevel parking garage into a cavern after the Great Collapse. Revenants who left Silva after Operation Queenslayer used it as a hidden refuge, but the spread of miasma turned it into a den of the Lost.



Full Area D-12 Ruined City Underground Walkthrough


Underground Entrance

 When you enter Area D-12 Ruined City Underground, you'll be accompanied by Oliver Collins.


Go straight forward and you'll find a dead Lost, next to it you can find 1x Loss Shard (s). Turn right and you will encounter you first enemy a Mutated Lost. After you defeat it, you'll find 2x Mutated Lost and after that 1x Mutated Lost. Keep going and you'll find you first chest. Open it, and you'll find a Heavy Axe.


From here you can split Right or Left:

If you go right, you'll find 1x Mutated Lost and 1x Sword-wielding Lost. After you defeat them, you can find 1x Queen Iron near the edge to the right. You can't go further from here, so you need to go back and take the turn Left.


If you go left, there's 1x Mutated Lost, in front of him you'll see a pile of boxes. If you destroy them, you can find another 1x Mutated Lost and on the ground 1x Ichor Concentrate.


Moving forward, you'll find a Shield-wielding Lost. Behind him, there's another chest with a Lost Bayonet inside.


Right after the chest, there's a group of enemies: 1x Sword-wielding Lost, 1x Axe-wielding Lost and 1x Bayonet-wielding Lost. The best strategy is to go for the Bayonet-wielding Lost first and then take the other two.


After you've defeated them open the door, on the corner of the room you can find 1x Queen Iron. Open the next door and you'll find a tight passage. To your left, you can find 1x Yellowed Book and 1x Geisha Noodles.


On the end of the passage there's 1x Shield-wielding Lost and on the roof, a Purple Blob that will fall over you when you walk underneath. Keep going and on the next room you'll find another Purple Blob on the roof. To your right, you can find 1x Awake MJ018 and to your left, stairs.


Climb the stairs and you'll find a Rotten Mistle. Purify it, and you'll map your surroundings.


There are stairs going down to your left, on the bottom, you can find a door and a chest with a Queenslayer Thorn inside of it.


Behind the door, you can find the Mistle where the level starts to rest, level up and acquire gifts.


Natural Cavern


Go back to the purified Mistle and you’ll find a ramp going down. This is the entrance to the cavern.



At the bottom, the path splits left and right. To your right, you’ll find a Shield-wielding Lost and a dead-end. If you go left, a cutscene will begin where Oliver Collins mask is damaged by another revenant that has transformed into a Lost. He asks you to go on without him.



From here, you’ll be by yourself. Go forward and you’ll fight a Sword-wielding Lost keep going straight until you find a Split.


To your left, you’ll find 1x Sword-Wielding Executioner Type Lost eating from a corpse. After you’ve defeated him, brake the boxes behind and you'll find 1x Awake MJ018 and 2x sword-wielding Lost.


From here, if you climb the ramp to your right, you'll find 5x Regen Inducer and have a look at the environment.


Go back, on the bottom of the ramp you’ll see boxes blocking the way. Destroy them. As soon as you cross, 4x Purple Blob will fall from the roof. Keep going until you see some Boxes. Beware when you break them, 1x Sword-wielding Lost will strike you from inside of them. Climb the ramp, and on the top you’ll find 2x Sword-wielding Lost and 1x Regen Extension Factor.


You are now on the upper part of the area. If you go left, you'll find a Mistle. Underneath you, there is a ramp going right by the edge of a cliff. From here, you can use your Queenslayer Thorn ability to try to push the enemies down the cliff.


If you fight your way down the cliff, you’ll face 2x Sword-wielding Lost, 2x Axe-wielding Lost and 1x Shield-wielding Lost. You can find a dagger dropped by a corpse. If you keep going down, on the bottom of the ramp you’ll find 1x Axe-wielding Lost, 2x Purple Blob and a Vivifier dropped on the ground.


Go back all the way up the ramp, and you’ll find a Mistle and a Local Pennant. If you activate the Mistle, the area will be mapped.


If you look behind, you’ll see a narrow ramp going down and x1 Axe-wielding Corrupted Executioner Type Lost. When you defeat him, the surrounding area will be mapped and you’ll find a chest with Blue Hounds inside of it.


Go back to the Mistle, and go down the ramp, at the bottom you will find a Revenant Stranger (Louis). You’ll have the choice to take him as a companion, or continue alone.


From here, you can go right and climb down the stairs or go left and go down a ramp.


If you go left you’ll find 1x Sword-Wielding Executioner Type Lost that you can attack from behind. Keep going, and you’ll find 2x Sword-wielding Lost and underneath 1x Axe-Wielding Executioner Type Lost and 1x Bayonet-wielding Lost. After you’ve defeated all the Lost, climb up the long stairs on the center of the room.


Natural Cavern Depths

Keep going until you find the Bloodspring. Once you activate it, a cutscene will play and you’ll obtain a Blood Bead. Right after the Bloodspring, you can find and activate a Mistle.


Keep going and you will find a door. Before the door, you can find a chest to your right. Inside the chest there’s a Queenslayer Blade.


When you open the door, you’ll see a corridor with an opening on the right and a door on the back. In the opening, you can find 3x Venom Cartridge. Beware that when you cross the opening, 1x Axe-Wielding Executioner Type Lost will appear from the left. At the end of the corridor, you’ll also find 1x Sword-wielding Lost.


After you cross the door, climb the stairs. You can find 1x Ichor Concentrate on the first floor, and 1x Awake MJ018 on the last floor. Go through the door on the last floor, and you’ll face 1X Sword-Wielding Lost and 1x Axe-Wielding Executioner Type Lost. On the floor, underneath where the Sword-wielding Lost was, you can find 1x Queen Iron.


Keep going and 2x Purple Blob will fall over you, you will also encounter 1x Sword-wielding Lost. You can also find 1x Loss Shard (S) on the corner to your right.


Outer Crossroads


 Keep going until you find a ramp, climb it all the way up and you’ll reach the surface. When you step outside, a cutscene will play where you discover that Oliver Collins has transformed into a Lost, and a Boss fight begins.









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