Cathedral of the Sacred Blood is a Location in Code Vein. The Cathedral is structured like a maze filled with towers and secret paths where Lost and Warriors roam around.




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Full Cathedral of the Sacred Blood Walkthrough

After taking Mia back to the Home Base, the party continues to search for the source for blood beads by following the bloodveins from a bloodspring.

Home Base

After defeating the Invading Executioner back at the Howling Pit, the team takes Mia back to the Home Base. She then joins the party and can be chosen as your companion that you can bring during your exploration. Before continuing your journey, make sure to talk to Mia in order to acquire the Artemis blood code.

Locating the Cathedral


In order to find the cathedral, teleport to the Park Ruins mistle at the Ruined City Center. You'll notice that there is a ladder that you can climb down, simply head down and walk towards the statue of an angel that's shown above - interact with it and the ladder next to it will descend.


Now, climb up the ladder and a cutscene will begin once you approach the bloodspring - after the cutscene, simply head inside the cave and go through the long path until you reach another ladder.


Climb up the ladder and when you reach the top, head to the backside first to find 5x Plasma Cartridge and Map: Flood of Impurity.


Continue through the path after acquiring the items where you'll now find yourself outside the cathedral.

The Cathedral


Head straight until you reach the Cathedral of the Sacred Blood Entrance Mistle and activate it.


Now, start your exploration by heading down the stairs. You'll find an open arena and a Female Lost Warrior in the middle of the arena - kill it and pick up the item it dropped which is 1x Queen Steel.


*** If you go straight, and then make a left you'll find a Stone-Crusher guarding an item by the glowing vines - make sure to kill it to obtain 1x Regen Activation Factor that is on the vines.


Next, go right from where you came from until you reach an indoor area - again, there will be another Female Lost Warrior - kill it and acquire 1x Isis Chrome from it.


Head out the other exit and make a left, you'll find an Axe-wielding Lost patrolling the area - kill it and pick up 1x Loss Shard (M) it drops.


Continue going straight, then make a left at the end, then right, you'll encounter another enemy patrolling, a Sword-wielding Lost.


Go straight after killing it and make a right at the end, you'll find another arena-looking room. The Trial of Blood will then commence and enemies will spawn from behind. You'll face a group of Female Axe-wielding a Stone-Crusher wielding a heavy axe and Lost Assassins for a total of 7 waves - surviving the onslaught and killing the enemies rewards you with 1x Loss Crystal (S), you can also obtain various items such as 1x Queen Steel and 1x Loss Shard (M) that are dropped by the enemy.


After the trial, head back to where you entered the arena and this time, go straight, up the stairs at the end, then a left at the end. You should find another Female Lost Warrior patrolling the gazebo-looking structure ahead - kill it and continue through the path.


Next, you'll want to make right and then left until you reach yet another open arena that is being guarded by another Female Lost Warrior. Kill it, climb down the ladder that's on the right side of the arena, then drop down onto the surface below - you'll find 1x Queen Steel at the edge.


Now, continue forward into another indoor area where you'll have to fight 2x Female Lost Warrior wielding a sword - both of them may drop an Isis Chrome.


Kill the enemies and you'll find a chest containing 1x Rubellite Piercer +4 - continue your exploration and head outside the other exit after acquiring the weapon.


Drop down to the bottom and purify the rotten mistle next to the corpse of a Lost to map the surrounding area.


After that's done, head inside the tower and go all the way to the top, you'll find 1x Ichor Concentrate at the side - there's also a lever by the door, you can pull it to unlock a shortcut that will take you back to the Mistle of the cathedral entrance.


Next, go through the exit that's in front and make a right at the first intersection, you'll find another chest containing 1x Impulse Anchor +4. Continue going straight until you reach a dead-end and then drop down to the surface that's on your right - you'll find 1x Curious Novelty that you can pick up once your drop.


Now, go straight then turn left to pick up 1x Queen Steel and then go to the opposite direction, you'll find another Mistle.


The doors ahead are locked, so near the mistle, you'll find a path that you can drop down to - you'll find 1x Awake MJ212 on the ground.


Next, go the opposite side and climb up the ladder. You'll find yourself in a tower that has a lever, pull it to open the locked door that's on your left.


Head back down and proceed into the unlocked room, you'll find another Female Lost Warrior by the stairs and another at the top that is guarding an item, kill it and pick up 1x Queen Steel. Afterwards, continue through the path until you find yourself inside an indoor arena with 2 more Female Lost Warriors - kill the enemies to acquire Haze and some items it may drop.


Once that's done, head out the other exit and drop down below the surface. You should find 1x Loss Shard (M) that you can pick up.


Next, head inside the room where you'll fight another Female Lost Warrior, kill it and pull the lever to unlock the door that's in front of you - this unlocks the other door that was locked earlier near the Mistle. From here, head back to the exit you came through and drop down onto the surface that's on the left side - you'll find 1x Queen Steel on the ground that you can pick up.


Next, proceed into the room where you'll fight a Stone-Crusher, kill it and pick up the vestige that's nearby: Isis Vestige Part C. Afterwards, go out the other exit and climb up the ladder until you reach the top.


You should now find yourself at the top of which seems to be an open area and another Stone-Crusher that is blocking your path, kill it then proceed further and fight the next enemy, a Female Lost Warrior.


Once that's done, head over to the next path that's on the left side until you reach the end - you'll find 1x Classic Camera that's on the side.


Next, head up the stairs and you'll find the next Mistle that you can activate - take this opportunity to increase your level or travel back to Home Base to upgrade your gear if needed.

Outlook Tower

After activating the Mistle and have made further preparations, continue towards the path and then make a right. You should find yourself in a tower looking room with a couple of flight of stairs leading down. Head down, and then make a left. You will see a black knight kneeling in the center of the room, & upon killing it you will receive a Regen Activation Factor. Now turn back around & go straight into the tower ahead.


You'll find yourself inside another room where a Female Lost Warrior is standing next to a pile of boxes. Kill it then destroy the boxes to find 1x Mark of Honor - head up the stairs and you'll encounter another Female Lost Warrior.


Now, head outside, make a right, then left until you reach a dead-end, and follow the path ahead. You should find yourself on the other side of the cathedral where you'll see a rotten mistle across a broken path.


Since you can't cross, go left, straight, then right until you reach another room - head inside and go up the stairs.


Next, if you go right, you'll find 1x Queen Steel by the edge of the stairs. Pick it up and head in the opposite direction.


Continue following the path then make a left and then a right, you should find the lever that will unlock a shortcut that will take you back to the path you took earlier.


Now, go back from where you came from and drop down onto the ledge that's on your right. From where you dropped, go straight, make a left and follow the path. You should find yourself inside a tower, kill the Female Lost Warrior on the first floor, then head up the stairs where you'll find an Axe-wielding Lost guarding an item. Kill it then pick up 1x Drain Activator - you should also notice that there is a ladder above, you'll need to find the switch to pull the ladder down.


After obtaining the item, head back down and go through the other exit where you'll see another Female Lost Warrior patrolling the area. Kill the enemy then climb down the stairs - you'll find a rotten mistle that you can purify to map the area and 1x Mobility Enhancer that's on the edge.


Next, you'll need to find the lever that will cause the ladder in the tower room to drop. To find the lever, retrace your steps back to the path where you found the tower and you'll have to drop down twice onto the path below.


Eventually, the path you'll take will lead you into another room that has a lever that unlocks the door next to it. And the exit opposite of the lever is where you'll find the rotten Mistle that you couldn't get to earlier. As you approach the Mistle, a Mutated Lost will climb up to your left. Kill it, purify the rotten Mistle, pick up 1x Anti-Inhibit next to it, then drop down onto the ledge where the Lost was climbing earlier.


You should now find a room with two levers, pull the one in the middle to lower the ladder in the tower then pull the other lever to unlock the door next to it. From here, make your way back to the tower and climb up the ladder to reach the top - you can easily reach the tower by heading out the unlocked door, make a left then drop down at the end. You'll find yourself back to the rotten mistle near the corpse of a Lost that you purified earlier, then climb up the ladder to reach the tower.


Upon reaching the top, follow the path and you'll find the another Mistle that you can activate - use it to rest and make further upgrades or preparations.

Gated Room


After activating the Mistle, you'll notice that there's a door with wings ahead of you that's locked, ignore that for now and head towards the path where a Female Lost Warrior is patrolling - the door ahead of the enemy is also locked, so after you kill the enemy, there's a ledge on the right side of the path that you can drop down to.


Follow the path leading to another tower and head up the stairs. There's a ladder at the top, a Stone-Crusher wielding an axe ahead and another path to your left.


First, go left, you'll come across another path where you'll encounter 2x Sword-wielding Lost and a Female Lost Warrior that's guarding a lever, pull the lever and the door below you will open - you'll find yourself back at the tower Mistle.


Next, make your way towards the unlocked path then make a right. You'll notice that there's a ladder that leads to a lever that unlocks a shortcut, you can drop down from the ledge but you'll take some damage from the impact since it's too high - once you've dropped down, climb up the ladder and pull the lever to unlock the door next to it, this serves as a shortcut for your exploration.


Now, continue your exploration and go straight towards the patrolling Female Lost Warrior, kill it then make a left towards a dried-up bloodspring. You'll find an item next to it that you can pick up, but as soon as you approach it, 4x Lost Assassin will ambush you - after killing the enemies pick up 1x Vivifier from the bloodspring.


After acquiring the item, drop down the nearby ledge that's on your right and follow the path ahead. There will be 2x Spiked Female Lost Warrior along the way - simply go straight then drop down again from the ledge that's on your right.


Follow the path through the towers until you reach the top where you'll find a Stone-Crusher  blocking the path ahead - kill the enemy and proceed forward into another tower that leads down towards 2 levers that unlocks the doors.


The lever to your left unlocks a shortcut that can take you back to the Mistle while the opposite lever unlocks a new room.


Inside the new room, you'll have to fight 2x Female Lost Warrior if you step inside.


Try to ignore that first, and head back up from the tower that you came from and drop down from the ledge that's on the left side of the tower exit


Go through the short path, climb up the ladder and you'll see a lever to your right that unlocks the door below you. Before you head down, turn around and climb up the ladder that's ahead of you. You can find 1x Awake MJ212 at the top- now, don't jump down from the switch, but instead, go around and you'll find a ladder that you can kick down to open up a shortcut you can take if needed.


Continue forward through the door that you unlocked and you'll now encounter aboss the Argent Wolf Berserker that you'll have to defeat in order to proceed further.

Boss: Argent Wolf Berserker


To learn about the strategies on how to defeat this boss, you can click here  -defeating the boss rewards you with 4480 Haze, 1x Obliterator Axe. and unlocks the section ahead.


After the battle walk up to the unlocked section where you'll find a "special vestige" - interact with it and you'll be teleported to the next area Memories of Player.






Trivia & Notes:

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General Information


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NPCs in the area



Consumables and Trade Items

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Key Items



  • Lost Assassin
  • Stone-Crusher
  • Female Lost Warrior
  • Spiked Female Lost Warrior


Full Cathedral of the Sacred Blood (Revisited) Walkthrough

After absorbing the "special vestige", you recovered a memory where you were dispatched on a mission that did not end quite well. Your journey continues as you awaken back at the cathedral to find the source.

Cathedral Perimeter


After defeating The Queen's Knight during Memories of Player, you'll be ported back to the Cathedral where you interacted with the "special vestige". Simply follow the path to find the next Mistle: Cathedral Perimeter.


After activating the Mistle, climb up the nearby ladder where you'll encounter a Female Lost Warrior patrolling the area - kill it to obtain a Queen Iron then climb up the next ladder.


You'll find a chest at the top containing 1x Nagimukuro +4. A Stone-Crusher will ambush you from above as you open the chest, so be prepared to kill it - after dealing with the enemy, head back down and go through the room where you'll find another Female Lost Warrior patrolling the area.

Trial of Blood


From the tower, climb down the ladder, head towards the room ahead and the trial of blood will start once you step inside - you'll be surrounded by enemies from both sides so it's recommended that you have a companion with you if you want to complete the trial.


You'll face a total of 6 waves of Stone-Crusher, Spiked Female Lost Warrior, Lost Assassin - surviving the onslaught and killing the last enemy rewards you with 1x Loss Crystal (S) - you can also find 1x Pure Blood inside the other room.

Into the Cathedral


After the trial, head back up the ladder and the stairs until you reach the top of the tower.


You'll find yourself in another room where 1x Female Lost Warrior is guarding the area - kill it then go to the left side exit and climb down the ladder.


Enter the bottom tower and climb up the ladder first until you reach the top.


You'll find a chest containing the Shoddy Key that is being guarded by 2x Female Lost Warrior - kill it, obtain the key from the chest, and climb down the ladder until you reach the end.


Upon reaching the bottom, you'll come across a locked door - simply pull the lever next to it to unlock the door.


Next, ignore the path where you'll see a couple of dead Lost, (you'll need the Ornate Key to unlock the door ahead ) so go down the stairs where you'll encounter another Female Lost Warrior.


Eventually, you'll find yourself at another tower where you'll find a vestige.


To get this vestige, go back and head up the stairs that will take you to the top of the tower, you should find a Spiked Female Lost Warrior and a Female Lost Warrior at the top - at the other side, you'll encounter a Stone-Crusher and another Female Lost Warrior.


After killing the enemies, you can jump down from the ledge and onto where the vestige is which is Isis Vestige Part E - after acquiring the vestige, jump down then climb up the ladder.


Next, you'll want to head back to where you dropped from to get to the vestige and head up the stairs to reach the top tower and find an opening that you can drop onto.


You'll find a Rotten Mistle under the stairs of the tower - after purifying it, head up the stairs to reach the top of the tower.


The path will lead you to another Miste: Inner Tower - activate it to rest and to map the surrounding area.

Inner Tower


Once the Mistle is activated, head towards the exit to your right and climb up the ladder.


You'll find a locked door that requires the Shoddy Key to open, before you open the door, make sure you've kicked the other ladder down to open up a shortcut. Since you've already acquired it earlier, you can go on ahead and pull the lever - there will be 2x Female Lost Warrior at the other side.


After you've killed the enemies, go on ahead and jump down the next path below where a Lost Assassin will try to ambush you. Then jump down again onto the path below where you can pick up 1x Awake MJ212 next to a Lost corpse.


From where the corpse is, make a right towards the other tower where you'll find another Rotten Mistle that you can purify to map the surrounding area.


Next, climb down the ladder and follow the path where you'll find a chest containing the Ornate Key - with the key in hand, you can go back and unlock the door.


Now, go back and try to kill the Rotten Female Lost Warrior you saw earlier to further map the surrounding area and make sure you destroy the boxes that are behind the enemy to find the Isis Vestige Part A - you can now go back to the locked door that requires the Ornate Key, either drop down the bottom for a shortcut and survive the trial of the blood or use the long way by taking the same path that you took earlier until you reach the locked door.


To identify the area that you need to reach, the path leading to the locked door will have bodies of the Lost on the ground.


Follow the path and you'll find the Cathedral Front Mistle that you can activate to rest and to map the surrounding area - congratulations! You've finally made it out of the maze!


After you've activated the mistle and made preparations, head towards the front of the cathedral and a cutscene will trigger where you'll find a woman named Leda who looks like Io. She'll provide you with a vestige, Isis Vestige Part D.


Before heading through the path ahead, speak to Leda to restore the Isis Vestige I and Isis Vestige III - after you've restored the vestiges, approach the shielded door where a boss awaits and choose "Yes" if you are prepared.

Successor of the Ribcage


Upon entering the room, you'll now find yourself inside the crypt of the cathedral's guardian, the Successor of the Ribcage.


To learn about the strategies on how to defeat this boss, you can click here. Defeating the boss rewards you with 22400 Haze.


A cutscene then triggers after killing the boss and you'll be ported into a memory where you'll see Aurora. You'll also acquire Isis Vestige IV which will allow you to use Aurora's Blood Code, Isis after the cutscene.


Once you've regained control of your character, proceed to the door that has wings, unlock it, and head to the bottom of the crypt where you'll find the "source" - after the cutscene make sure to approach the source to obtain 1x Pure Blood.


Now, head back up to the crypt and another cutscene will trigger where you'll encounter Jack Rutherford and Eva Roux 


After the cutscene, use the Crypt of the Ribcage Mistle, teleport to the Inner Tower, unlock the gate ahead, and activate the purple Mistle which will teleport you to the next area, the Ridge of Frozen Souls.






Trivia & Notes:

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    • Anonymous

      30 Sep 2021 13:37  

      Imagine Anor Londo but if it was a cluster f**k of a maze, that's this entire area in a nutshell so if you've ever wondered what it's like to have a brain aneurysm... this section of the game should help :)

      • Anonymous

        08 Aug 2021 21:32  

        Took me 2 hours to get to the memories of the player, and another hour getting to the successor. Hopefully the rest of the game isn't as much of a maze.

        • Anonymous

          02 May 2021 14:11  

          It's decent guid for me. But some parts are not clear enough. if you skip it a little bit, you might lose.
          Once, before I got the ornate key, I miss some words and go down to the trail of blood (I tired for over 10 times and couldn't beat it.)
          I dropped down and boom trail started. I retraced from the start and found the way to the rest part.

          In some part the guide will guide you roundabout, before go to the mistles
          to get important items/vistages.

          I advice you to skim reading the guide. It will be safer and save time.

          PS.I think defeat ribcage is around 50% of the story.Congrat all player that
          endure to this point. (For me get over 30 hours to this point. It is hard for
          casual gamer like me, but I always finish my games)

          • 09 Mar 2021 16:03  

            I don't know who wrote this walkthrough, but it relies heavily on a "if you know what I mean" style of description, To much vague "go back the way you came" or "retrace your steps to that bit you were at earlier" No offense to the person who did so, I'm sure they were trying, the levels aren't exactly teeming with landmarks, but it's still not very good.

            • Anonymous

              07 Jan 2021 04:45  

              I finished the whole game and got the good ending a few days ago , I did the DLC too but I have some questions . I will just post the one about the Cathedral . So Aurora became frenzy before we restored her memories but how did the Cathedral came to be ? Did Aurora build the Cathedral ?

              • Anonymous

                26 Dec 2020 11:20  

                This walkthrough is equally or more confusing than the game's map. I got through it, through sheer willpower. The biggest thing is the ups and downs. This is not a "casual filter". I'm not sure where you'd get that idea. Some games like to throw in twists in maps and I get it, but this game's style of not revealing the map and only showing footprints until you find mistles ultimately leads to multiple ups and downs, turn arounds, backtracking, losing awareness. The white eye bleach + repeated textures + no elevation differentiate + locked doors + switches + + + + does not "filter out casuals", it filters out the impatient, the people not wanting to spend 2 hours running in circles. The battles are easy, this is a simpler Dark Souls, really it is. I'm like level 80, +7 on everything and mixing codes for buffs. I'm taking out most mobs before my stamina is spent with few hits on me if any.

                • Anonymous

                  28 Nov 2020 12:57  

                  This guide leaves a lot to be desired. The map is also missing few critical piece of information.
                  if like me you are stuck trying to figure out how to lower the ladder follow these instructions.

                  - Starting from the Ladder Room (this the room where we are trying to lower the ladder)
                  - Take the East exit until you are in the small tower with stair going up and an exit to the South.
                  - take the South exit and then go west after going down the stairs.
                  - You should see the fence is broken on the side. Jump down, go South and jump down again.
                  - Keep going South following the path until you come to the room with the leaver.
                  - Pull the lever to open the door, then take the Western exit. There will be a mistle to activate.
                  - After activating the mistle go half way towards the tower you just came from and jump down on your right.
                  - Follow the path and you will come to a room with two levers. One to open the door and the other to lower the tower.

                  • Anonymous

                    06 Nov 2020 13:33  

                    Take it slow and take your time. Abuse the hell out of Camera Mode to search for hidden places to drop down. It was honestly really fun w/o a guide but I have a fairly good spacial awareness and sense of direction.

                    • Anonymous

                      23 Sep 2020 20:51  

                      One of the most annoying areas to double back but felt good to actually figure out and get to new places. Really tests the limit of your spacial orientation and exhausting your ability to find areas. Only problem with it is that it has very few unique cues (landmarks) that help you remember where exactly you have been, even with the helpful map.

                      • 16 Aug 2020 02:32  

                        These instructions for navigating are mostly helpful but 'retrace your steps' and 'if you go forward' coupled with 'back to where you came' got so confusing. I wasn't sure if going back which way to be facing, the way I started or the way I am after I've gone back for the 'left and right'. I just feel a few times using some North/South etc. would be helpful for those of us who leave the minimap stationary.

                        • Anonymous

                          29 Jul 2020 12:46  

                          Most disturbing map ever i get so confused am i going the right way where to go next do i go back. I got lost 6 times before finding a mistle

                          • Anonymous

                            30 Jun 2020 21:39  

                            my first reaction to this map was "damn, this fake anor londo is a mess". But, tbh when you start to understand how things work in this map, is pretty easy to keep going.

                            • Anonymous

                              25 Jun 2020 13:04  

                              I looked at this map before I got to the level and it didn't seem too bad. I've never been so wrong in my life. I'd rather face Midir over and over before exploring this map a second time.

                              • Anonymous

                                19 Jun 2020 20:46  

                                Ya'll missed a regen activation factor immediately after the third mistle, its a drop from a unique looking knight if you take a left rather then going straight to Outlook tower.

                                • Anonymous

                                  01 Jun 2020 05:39  

                                  If is see that right you totally missed out the large part of the area, after the boss. Turn left and dont touch the memory thing. I found one of two needed keys to open some strange door there, than gave up (for now) cause the ways are hard to find... Maybe you'll wanna look that up again.

                                  • Anonymous

                                    11 Apr 2020 16:54  

                                    I spent 6 hours running in circles on this copy-paste spam anor londo RIP-off. I've been enjoying the game up until now, but this entire zone is like, half a dozen terrain features pulled straight from ds2, sepia filter applied randomly copy-pasted a hundred times.

                                    • Anonymous

                                      12 Feb 2020 19:42  

                                      I have used fextra's guides ever since finding a random YouTube video watching (them?) play through one of the dark souls games. Always the standard I hold every other guide to. I only use them after I've beaten the level to ensure I've gotten everything, and admittedly once or twice while stuck in a certain swamp from hell. Also, I greatly enjoyed the challenge this area of the game provided. Much gratitude to Fextralife, and the developers of Code Vein.

                                      • Anonymous

                                        11 Jan 2020 00:35  

                                        For some reason it was considered unimportant to include thistle locations. Dosen't make sense to me, they're fairly important.

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