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MIND D+ ICHOR  10(30)

Atlas is a Blood Code (Class) in Code Vein. Atlas short description. Blood Codes can be changed on the fly which grants the player various Gifts, changes the player's Stats and provides the ability to equip various Weapons and Blood Veils.

Allows for the use of heavy armor. Great for enduring close quarters combat.


How to unlock Atlas and Atlas Vestiges



Atlas Notes and Tips






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Atlas Gifts

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Gift Atlas Tree Type Gift Type Description
Resilient Focus Light Passive Increases the amount of focus gained by receiving damage.
Tormenting Blast Skill Active Leap forward and strike twice.
Guard Drain Rating Up Light Passive Increases your drain rating when you guard an enemy's attack.
Foulblood Barrier Light Active Creates a single-use barrier around you and your partner that greatly reduces damage.
Dogged Fighter Light Active Temporarily increases stagger resistance versus enemy attacks.
Flashing Fang Light Active Increases the power of the next attack.
Strength Vitality Up Light Passive Increases strength and vitality.
Guard Reversal Light Active Temporarily enables you to deflect attacks and stagger opponents after guarding.
Impact Wave Light Active Temporarily adds a shockwave effect to strike attacks that deals additional damage.
Two-Handed Sword Mastery Light Passive Increases attack power when equipped with a two-handed sword.
Firm Stand * Light Passive Receiving fatal damage when your HP is over a certain amount will leave you with 1 HP.

 * Denotes an "exclusive" gift that cannot be mastered. 


Blood Code Archetype Strength Dexterity Mind Willpower Ichor Stamina Balance Max Weight Mobility HP
Fighter Warrior B+ B C D+ 16 (36) Low 77 120 Normal Med
Berserker Warrior A D D+ D+ 10 (30) High 92 250 Slow High
Atlas Warrior S D+ D+ C 10 (30) Very High 95 247 Slow Very High
Prometheus Warrior/Mage B+ B+ C+ C+ 20 (40) High 79 103 Normal High
Mercury Warrior/Mage B B+ C+ C+ 20 (40) High 80 95 Normal Med
Hermes Warrior/Mage B C B+ C 24 (50) High 63 100 Normal High
Assassin Warrior C+ B+ D+ C+ 10 (30) Med 70 58 Quick Med
Eos Warrior B C A+ C+ 30 (60) Med 64 98 Normal High
Fionn Warrior A C B D+ 14 (34) High 94 250 Slow High
Survivor Warrior C A C+ D+ 24 (48) High 75 80 Normal Med
Dark Knight Warrior/Mage A B C C 20 (40) Low 78 102 Normal High



Blood Codes
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    • Anonymous

      Yeah, you can get it after defeating Oliver. I did. You just have to go back and talk to Yukumo in your home base.

      • Anonymous

        I got it by talking to Yakumo after defeating the Invading Executioner in Howling Pit, even though I haven't defeated Insatiable Despot yet.

        • Anonymous

          Anyone else get the blood code prior to killing either boss cause I remember fighting the butterfly with it, although I do remember unlocking howling pit before I did I fought either cause saw a giant hole I can slowly descend down and thought there is always something neat at the end of these giant holes

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