DLC for Code Vein is downloadable content released for the game. DLC can be a pre-order bonus, a paid addition to the base game such as as expansion, or free rewards obtained during events or publisher giveaways.


Code Vein DLC



Pre-Order DLC
Free DLC


Pre-Order Bonuses


Digital Pre-order Bonus



God Eater collaboration weapon set – includes The Blanched Greatsword, Cerulean Spear, and Crimson Longsword



Blood Veil Ogre: Venous Claw weapon


  • Bonus cosmetic items
  • Communication stamps
  • Blood Code: Harbinger and the Desperate Burst Gift



Digital Deluxe Pre-order Bonus



The Digital Deluxe Pre-Order Bonus has the same bonuses such as the God Eater collaboration weapon set, Blood Veil Ogre: Venous Claw weapon, Communication, and cosmetic bonuses, and the Harbinger blood code. However, players who pre-order the Digital Deluxe edition will have access to the game's season pass which includes:

  • Mia's White Angel Costume
  • Blood Code: Astrea and the following Gifts:
    • Torchbearer
    • Guardian Aid
    • Gift Extension
    • Lightning Spike
  • Additional DLC:
    • Abyss of the Ice
    • Abyss of the Fire
    • Abyss of the Thunder
  • Code Vein PS4 Theme, Mia Version
  • Accessory Set: Insatiable Bloodthirst (Deluxe Edition bonus)


Free DLC





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    • Anonymous

      Correction from my statement below. I went ahead and bought the preorder dlc season pass and got the mia alt costume and mia theme ps4 theme. And astrea code. Thats it. Then i bought the 5 dollar pack and got the 3 weapons. Venous veil. Harbinger code. Stamps. And some of the accessories. It seems to me i got everything besides the insatiable accessories. I believe the only way to get that now is to order to digital deluxe. But everything else is still available if u already bought the base game like me. Unless u want to buy the DD ver for that part. U can. Not me. It is unclear at this point if the 5 dollar pack comes with the DD. My guess is no. But if u havent bought it yet. Consider the DD ver if u plan on getting the season pass anyways. Save 5 dollars and maybe use it to get the dlc bonuses and have everything. But to those who have already bought base game u can still get the rest of it for 30. 5 for base game pre order stuff. And 25 for season pass. Hope this helps you guys out. As i was disappointed when i saw this. As with other games when i see stuff i cant get anymore in games i like. But at least in this game they allow you to get it still.

      • Anonymous

        Like I did at first. I think some of you misunderstand. You can still get all this stuff. Official Expansion or DLC hasnt came out yet. I looked on PStore and they had they Season Pass with the DLC Pre-order bonuses available. They also had a 5 dollar pack of the Original game Pre-order bonuses in case you missed it. A great way to do it if you ask me. That way those who missed it can still get them and those who Pre-ordered dont feel like they got shamed. Please correct me if I am wrong but I this is the way I figured it.

        • Anonymous

          Is it possible to get a DLC that increases the length of my character’s skirt it’s distracting going up ladders if you get my drift

          • Anonymous

            Because what kind of modern gaming industry wouldnt lock some of the best equipment and skills behind a paywall

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