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MIND B ICHOR 20(40) 

Queenslayer is a Blood Code (Class) in Code Vein. It is the player character's original Blood Code, broken after they accidentally drained the Queen's blood at the end of Operation Queenslayer. Blood Codes can be changed on the fly which grants the player various Gifts, changes the player's Stats and provides the ability to equip various Weapons and Blood Veils.

Your own blood code, which was thought to be lost
in the fight with the Queen long ago. 

The old feelings inside still speak to you.
This time you must ensure a lasting peace

This code is well balanced for exploration and melee combat,
and features high HP and Endurance.

How to unlock Queenslayer and Queenslayer Vestiges


Queenslayer Notes, Tips and Builds

  • Has 5 gifts
  • Best Blood Codes Guide
  • Well-rounded blood Code that has the capacity to equip most mastered Gifts.
  • Its unique Gift, Final Journey, fully heals the player and offers a temporary surge in mobility - great for quickly ending a boss fight.
  • Cleansing Light is often used alongside Blood Sacrifice to quickly refill ichor and continue applying buffs before a major fight.
  • The icon for the Queenslayer consists of the word: Vein. The letters are stylized and rearranged to look like a damaged crown. The V is in the center, the I is on top, the E is on the left side, and the N is on the right.


Builds that use Queenslayer




Queenslayer Gifts

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Gift Queenslayer Tree Type Gift Type Description
Drain Boost  Light Passive  Increases all drain ratings while you are focused.
Frenzied Fire  Dark Active  Fires a projectile that decreases the enemies' focus gauge.
Final Journey *  Light Active  Immediately restores all HP and increases abilities but kills you after a short time.
Cleansing Light  Light Active  For a limited time, a portion of the damage you take will slowly heal automatically.
Circulating Pulse  Skill Active  Unleash a barrage of strikes. An offensive skill performed with One Handed Sword/Halberd/Bayonet.

  * Denotes an "exclusive" gift that cannot be mastered. 


Blood Codes
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    • Anonymous

      Probably the most versatile Blood Code in the game, can build into anything provided you have the stat up passives to unlock gift requirements and is able to give some weapons quick dodge. Great Blood Code for hybrid builds.

      • I've added this to the notes on the page, but has anyone else noticed that the icon for this blood code is the word Vein? The letters are stylized and rearranged to look like a damaged crown. The V is in the center, the I is on top, the E is on the left side, and the N is on the right.

        • Anonymous

          this code does require some late game additions, weapons and passives but it's a lot better then Heimdal for a dex code imo.

          • Anonymous

            What is the downside of using this Blood Gift? It seems to have incredibly high attributes for every build, at least for melee builds with B+ / A Strength/Dex and even the other stats aren't that bad with no lower than mid-range C scaling.

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