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Blood Veil Ivy


Location Area D-12 Ruined City Underground

Io is a Companion in Code Vein. Companions are special NPCs that join the player character in their exploration of the world. Companions can be customized and have their own storylines



How to Recruit Io 

  • After reliving the memories of Leda, she'll ask to join you. Your character will automatically answer with yes. Talk to her again and you'll receive her Blood Code (Eos) as well.



Io Combat Information


Io Trading Item Value

During your exploration, you'll find Trading Items known as "Valuables" which can be given to an NPC in exchange for Trade Points. Trade Points, on the other hand, is a form of currency that is used to exchange unique items from an NPC - listed below are the value of trading points you can obtain from giving the following Trading Item:


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Trading Points Exchange Price List

Tradeable Items
Item Name Prize (Trading Points) Quantity
Chemical Light 1 5
Dagger 1 5
Dagger 1 5
Blood Marker 3 3
Fireproof Tonic 3 2
Insulating Tonic 3 2
Eos Chrome 10 2
Eos Chrome 10 3
Gesture: Pray 10 1
Io's Ichor Blend 10 2
Io's Ichor Blend 10 3
Stamp: Pray 02 10 1
Stamp: Sign 03 10 1
Dammerung 50 1



Io Notes and Tips

  • It's useful to equip a Regenerative Offer before facing a bossfight, because if you get defeated Io will probably die after healing you due to the amount of HP given to you.
  • Io will learn more fighting gifts when you restore her vestiges.



Eva Roux  ♦  Jack Rutherford  ♦  Louis  ♦  Mia Karnstein  ♦  Oliver Collins  ♦  Yakumo Shinonome


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    • Anonymous

      "TIRED OF ANON POSTING? REGISTER!" Sure, if you fix the website so it emails the confirmation through, why else do you think 99% of comments are from 'anonymous'?

      • Anonymous

        "After reliving the memories of Leda" Not helpful if no one, nowhere appears to mention where/when that is???

        • Anonymous

          Why does her Blood Veil disappear in the hub? She was wearing it for a while early on in the game but after the second boss I decided to start repairing the vestiges I found and she's not wearing it anymore

          • Anonymous

            Is it normal that she revive you with all of her health except for one HP? Because she does that every time i die(sorry for my english)

            • Anonymous

              I tested the Stuffed Toy and she completely rejected it. My trading points didn't go up so I put it as a zero.

              • Anonymous

                Does it bother anyone else that even though she asks to join you after the first successor, and the protagonist always says yes, she apparently canonically doesn't join you on outings? Like, at all? She's not in any of the cutscenes except after Knight Reborn she suddenly appears (and is the only one present even though everyone should be there...?) and then she's gone again until the very end when she shows up and everyone is surprised that she's there and seem concerned for her safety (like they don't know she's a badass because she hasn't been there fighting with everyone else). Whyyyyyyy

                • Anonymous

                  Io is the embodiment of part of the Queen’s power, her rebirth. That is why she cannot become lost and can recover and touch the vestiges of memories without prejudice, don't like other revenants and attendants

                  • Anonymous

                    It bothers me that she never gets new clothes and just keeps wearing old tattered ones. It looks hot sure but it's weird that Louis and the gang never even mention the fact that she looks like a hobo.

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