Successor of the Claw

Location City of Falling Flame
Health 41,400
Reward/s Blazing Claw
84.560 Haze
Elemental Resistance Fire 70%
Blood 0%
Ice -10%
Lightning 0%
Physical Resistance Phase 1
Crush 0%
Slash 10%
Pierce 10%

Phase 2
Crush 5%
Slash 20%
Pierce 20%
Resists Stun, Slow
Immune None

Successor of the Claw is a Boss in Code Vein. Bosses are special Enemies that feature their own arena, a large and prominent health bar, and a variety of unique moves and abilities. You will need to choose the appropriate Blood Code, Gifts, Weapons, Blood Veil, and Companion in order to defeat these formidable foes.


Successor of the Claw Location

  • City of Falling Flame
  • This boss is not optional.


Successor of the Claw Rewards


Successor of the Claw Notes & Tips

  • Physical Resistance increases slightly for Phase 2. Elemental Resistance stays the same.
  • Susceptible to Venom, Stun, Inhibit, and Slow. Stun and Slow build up were the slowest.






Successor of the Claw Strategies 

Strategy Writeup

Two-Handed Sword

For this fight I like to use a Two-Handed Sword (ideally the Zweihander with Fortification), and the Atlas Blood Code. You can follow the Immortal Blade Build for more details.

The strategy is to block her attacks, and then counter attack when you get an opening. She usually hits in two hit combos, and most of her attacks are very well telegraphed making them easy to read. Just block until you feel comfortable you can attack, and then hit once or twice and repeat.

In phase two, it's really the same strategy only you cannot block her teleport backstab ability, so you will need to roll at the last second to avoid it. Some of her attacks will have changed as well, but again they are not difficult to read, and are generally two hit combos.

Video Strategy


Attacks & Counters

Attack Counter
Phase 1
Tail Strike: She will perform a spinning attack with her tail Try to block the attack and stay near to avoid the fire damage.
Leap Attack: She will jump forward attacking the player Dodge either side and attack her back.
Phase 2
Teleport Backstab: She will teleport behind you and attack you from behind This attack cannot be parried so you must dodge forward when she teleports behind you.
Blade double strike: She will draw her sword and strike you one time from each side The attacks are not that fast, so they can be easily blocked.
Leap Backwards: She will leap backwards throwing explosive stars at the players location Run away from the explosives to avoid the damage.
Two Hit Strike: She will hit you with her claws one time from each side Block the attacks and strike her back.


Successor of the Claw Lore

Lore notes, information on folklore, etc go here

Lore theories should be clearly marked as such.



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