Ruined City Center is a Location in Code Vein. Upon meeting Louis, he takes you and Io back to the Home Base to learn more about your unique abilities. Louis then further asks for your help to investigate the Ruined City Center in order to research more about the source of blood beads. See Walkthrough for the rest of the by-area guide.



Full Ruined City Center Walkthrough

After surviving the battle against Oliver Collins, Louis takes Io and the unique revenant back to the Home Base and tries to learn more about the revenant's abilities - Louis further explains that the number of blood beads around the world won't last much longer and asks for your help to clear the miasma using your power in order to conduct further research.

Investigate the Ruined Center


After speaking to everyone at the Home Base, approach Louis and talk to him. A cutscene will follow where he explains that the miasma around xx has been a problem for them since it makes their thirst worse during their research for bloodsprings, bloodveins, and blood beads. Upon learning about your unique abilities, he reaches out for your help to use your power to cleanse the miasma in order to find the source of blood beads, Yakumo Shinonome then introduces himself and will be added into the companions list for you to choose and bring with during your exploration - once the cutscene is done, make further preparations and upgrades if needed, then use the Home Base's Mistle and teleport to the Outer Crossroads at Area D-12 Ruined City Underground.


Upon arriving, you'll find a wandering revenant named Shang, speak to him and he'll hand you the Map: Den of Darkness which is given to Davis back in the Home Base, granting you access to the dungeon/depth - Shang is a merchant whom you can trade with to acquire various trading items. Now, from where Shang is standing, go left and head down the path, before proceeding underground there's 1x Vivifier on the ground for you to pick up.


Continue heading down and upon reaching the 3rd bottom level, head right where you'll find a corpse of a Lost and the Map: Den of the Dead next to the body - when you've acquired the item, continue through the path.


About midway, go left and head up the steps to find another Mistle. Approach it and another cutscene will start, your revenant will then activate the mistle and you'll be able to unlock and discover the entrance of the Ruined City Center.

City Ruins Entrance

Before proceeding further, it is recommended to bring a Companion, either Louis or Yakumo who can help you in battle since there will be multiple enemies in the area. If you're done with your preparations, head outside the Ruined Center, there is 1x Loss Shard (M) on the ground next to the entrance.


Once you're outside, head up the slope to find another item on the ground, pick it up to acquire 1x Queen Iron.


Then head back down and make a hard right to find your first Vestige, Prometheus Vestige Part A. Vestiges are parts that are scattered around the world, these parts repair a certain tier of a Vestige which unlocks deficient gifts and reveals hidden memories within the associated Blood Code - if you've obtained the required parts, speak to Io back at the Home Base in order to restore the vestige.


Now, you can start your exploration. Go straight where you'll encounter enemies such as a 2x Sword-wielding Lost, kill the enemies and pick up 5x Dagger on the ground. Continue through the path but be careful, since there is another Sword-wielding Lost waiting at the corner to ambush you when you're close enough. As you continue through the path, there's 2x Sword-wielding Lost patrolling the spot. Kill the enemies and go right where you'll find 1x Queen Iron


There will be more enemies through the path, you'll find 1x Lost wielding a Halberd and shield sitting, 2x Sword-wielding Lost to your right, and an Axe-wielding Lost to your left. If you make a hard right, the sword-wielding lost will try to ambush you.


To your left where the Axe-wielding Lost is, you'll find 1x Fancy Cologne inside the destroyed car. Killing the enemies may drop items such as Loss Shard (S), Awake MJ109.


When you're done, continue pushing forward but again be careful since there are 2x Sword-wielding Lost waiting at every corner you approach waiting to ambush you. Eventually, you'll reach the open field and the entrance of what seems to be a parking lot. Make your way inside the parking lot, there's 2x Shield-wielding Lost laying on the ground. They will get up once you're near them or you can take advantage and use a hammer to hit them while they're laying on the ground, you can easily get rid of at least one of them if you do this - these enemies may drop at least 1x Old-World Materials upon death.

Break the nearby boxes and you will find Hunter Vestige Part C.

Now, again, as you continue forward, there's another enemy hiding behind the cars, waiting to ambush you when you walk by the corner - there's one Sword-wielding Lost at the right side which drops 1x Sunset Sword upon killing it.


At this point, you want to make sure that you have enough Regeneration since you'll encounter a Stone-Crusher patrolling the area. If you want to challenge it and if you have enough health regen items then go ahead, kill it. Or you can avoid it quickly, just wait for it to walk up a bit, and while it has its back facing you, make a hard left and go around to reach the lower level of the parking lot - another cutscene will follow when you reach the lower level.


During the cutscene, your revenant along with Louis and Yakumo will find human blood on the ground and another revenant who is trying to hunt the human. Eventually, the arrogant revenant will tell Louis to mind his own business and that the human girl belongs to them, Louis and Yakumo then decides to follow the revenant and hopefully to save the girl.


Before heading down the ladder, make sure to approach the mistle to activate it and unlock the sub-location Parking Garage. You may also want to head back to Home Base to make further upgrades for your weapon or blood veil and to acquire two new Blood Codes. If you speak to Yakumo, he will give you the Atlas blood code, while Coco will provide you with her code, Mercury - if you're done, use the Home Base Mistle to teleport back to the Parking Garage of the Ruined City Center. Take note that the enemies you've killed earlier will respawn.

Track the Human Girl

Now, head down the ladder and proceed with finding the girl. Again, make sure you have your companion with you since the area is filled with enemies. First, on the left side, you'll notice a lost that looks dead, equip a hammer and attack it to easily get rid of it. This will alert the rest of the enemies, where you'll face another Mutated Lost, a Shield-wielding Lost and 2x Mutated Hound - try to focus on killing the hounds first since they can easily be killed in spite of their fast attacks which causes paralyze.


After dealing with the enemies, continue forward and head left into the ruined city where you'll find a bunch of lost that appears to be dead. Try to take the advantage while they're on the ground to easily kill them with a hammer. There's about 3 of them that's pretending to be "dead". One is in the middle near the rubbish and barrel, the second is at the corner left side and the third one is on the right side that's in a curled-up position. Now, continue forward, there will be 1x Sword-wielding Lost standing at the corner to your right and a Monk Mutated Lost.


Once you've cleared the path, you'll notice a group of Lost patrolling the area. Be careful since there is 1x Axe-wielding Lost to your right waiting to ambush you.


Wait for the group to walk further and go straight, there's another Sword-wielding Lost waiting behind the truck. Kill it then walk up to the glowing roots to acquire 1x Regen Extension Factor - open your inventory and use the item to increase the number of Regeneration that can be stored.


Next, if you have enough health regen items, go back to where the axe-wielding lost was and head down the path, this will give you a hint regarding "The Trial of Blood" and will trigger when you proceed further. The trial of blood lures out multiple enemies due to the scent of blood in that specific area. It is recommended to have your companion with you since the chances of being surrounded are high. Despite that, players can obtain special rewards after surviving the onslaught and killing the last enemy - you'll know once the trial begins when the message "One of the Lost has invaded in search of blood" appears on the screen and enemies start to spawn around the area.


Once you've completed the trial, you'll be rewarded with 1x Condensed Loss Shard (S) - open the chest to acquire 1x Bardiche +1 and next to the chest you'll find the Hunter Vestige Core on the ground, this will grant the player to use the Hunter blood code which supports and provides Gifts that increases the effectiveness of the Bayonet Rifle.


Continue your exploration by heading east from the chest then east again. You'll encounter more Lost and 2x Mutated Hound  along the way. You will find one large Stone Crusher enemy. After defeating it, destroy the nearby glass structures to find Hunter Vestige Part B


Once you reach the edge, go east again where you'll encounter 3x assassin type lost and an Axe-wielding Lost (the assassin type lost are quite agile and has the ability to shoot out projectiles from afar.)


After dealing with them, continue going straight until you reach a dead-end. You'll find a group of enemies here, 3x Mutated Lost, 1x Axe-wielding Lost, and 1x Monk Mutated Lost - kill the enemies and pick up the Prometheus Vestige Part C that's on the ground, you can also acquire 1x Sunset Halberd and 1x Ichor Concentrate which is dropped by one of the enemies.


Now, go back, make a left and follow the path until you reach another open area with multiple lost enemies, there's about four of them and a Sword-wielding Lost standing at the entrance of the parking lot. Make sure you try to get rid of the ones sitting at the sides since if you walk up to the sword-wielding lost, it'll shout which causes the rest of the enemies around the area to wake up.


Kill the enemies and pick up 1x Fragrant Tea that's on the surface - by now, you should realize that you are at the bottom level of the parking lot from where the Mistle is.


Make a left and destroy the boxes next to the stairs to find the Hunter Vestige Part A then head up until you reach a dead-end, you'll find a rotten mistle for you to purify which maps the surrounding area and a door that can be unlocked which opens a shortcut back to the parking lot Mistle.


Now, before you cross over to where the Stone-Crusher is, make a right and destroy the stacked wooden boxes where you'll find a chest - open it to acquire 1x Zweilhander +1.


After acquiring the weapon, proceed to where the enemies are. There are 3x Bayonet-wielding Lost and 1x Stone-Crusher blocking your path, you'll have to defeat them in order to push through - it is recommended that you have your companion with you and to focus on killing the bayonet wielding enemies first before taking on the Stone-Crusher.


Make sure to go right first and walk up to the edge to find the Hunter Vestige Part D.

Continue and work your way around the area where you'll find another Stone-Crusher patrolling the area, try to attack it with a backstab attack then follow up with a normal attack to kill it quickly. Just be careful since you can fall off the edge if you try to dodge and move around.


Once that's done, continue forward where you'll find a sword and axe-wielding lost that seems to be talking to each other. Kill them and pick up 1x Flower Seeds that are on top of the barrel - there's also a chest nearby containing 1x Night Claw +1. 


Now, head up the stairs until you come across another path you can cross where you'll find a Mistle nearby, activate it to unlock the fast travel point "Park Ruins.


After activating the Mistle, go straight and kill the enemies along the path, there are 2x Sword-wielding Lost and 1x Axe-wielding Lost. Next, go straight and make a right towards where the Stone-Crusher is, kill it to find the Prometheus Vestige Part B on the ground.

You should now backtrack to the mistle area and take the ladder down near it. There's a statue nearby behind which you will find Prometheus Vestige Part D. After obtaining this item, you can go on to get to the boss area. Remember this place, as you will come back here and unlock the inaccessible ladder after you have completed the next two zones (Howling Pit and Dried-up Trenches) - there's a blood spring ahead, and a long cavernous path that takes you to Cathedral of the Sacred Blood

Head back and this time, go left towards a boss arena that has a white cocoon - purify the rotten mistle near the entrance, head to the arena, and a cutscene will follow.


Boss: Butterfly of Delirium


Upon arriving, you'll find the revenant you bumped into earlier and the girl he was trying to hunt. As he tries to get a hold of the girl, a butterfly-like creature appears and knocks back the arrogant revenant - you'll now enter a boss battle against the Butterfly of Delirium.


Her attacks consist of poison properties that inflict the poison effect once you get hit multiple times, so make sure to have enough Antivenom and quick slotted for this fight, as you may need it. To learn more about the strategies on how to defeat this boss, you can visit the boss page by clicking here.


After killing the boss, make your way further into the arena where you'll find a bloodspring - a cutscene will then follow where you'll also find the human girl.

Once the cutscene is done, follow the source, ride the elevator down and follow the path until you reach the end. Another cutscene will start where your revenant will find another vestige core, Prometheus Vestige I - make sure to activate the nearby Mistle to unlock the next location, Dried-up Trenches.







Trivia & Notes:

After your have completed the area, several NPCs will move in. Come back to interact with them:

  • Matthew: Moves in near the entrance mistle. Asks you to defeat the nearby Axe-Wielding Executioner Type Lost. Defeat the monster and return to him, he will mention he will go to his house. Rewards Loss Shard (M), 1x Regen Inducer.
  • Matthew: After completing Dried-up Trenches and Howling Pit, Found again on the staircase down from the shortcut near Parking Garage mistle. He has lost his weapon. Go down the staircase and you'll see the Battered Weapon location marked in your map - you'll have to exit the parking garage area and go to a dead-end location nearby. Rewards Loss Shard (L)
  • Self-Important Revenant. Moves to the Parking Garage mistle. Mentions dangerous lost by the Park Ruins mistle. Go to Park Ruins and defeat the enemy marked on your map, which is a Stone-Crusher Lost. Return to the Parking Garage and report. You will receive 1x Lost Shard (M)
  • Daryl: Shows up by the hole leading to Howling Pit after both Howling Pit and Dried-up Trenches have been completed. Wants you to find the tags of his friends. Go down toward Howling Pit Entrance mistle and obtain Ash-covered Dog Tag from the ramp by the mistle. Return it to Daryl. Rewards Loss Shard (L)




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