NPCs in Code Vein are distinguished between those that may accompany the player character in their adventures (Companions), Merchants such as the Blacksmith, and other quest-related non-playable characters. Please see Enemies and Bosses for hostile personas.


Quick list of all NPCs

Aurora Valentino  ♦  Coco  ♦  Cruz Silva  ♦  Daryl  ♦  Davis  ♦  Dominic  ♦  Emily Su  ♦  Gregorio Silva  ♦  Gustav  ♦  Human girl  ♦  Juzo Mido  ♦  Karen  ♦  Lyle  ♦  Matthew  ♦  Nameless Successor  ♦  Nicola Karnstein  ♦  Richard  ♦  Rin Murasame  ♦  Self-Important Revenant  ♦  Shang  ♦  Sophie


NPCs in Code Vein


Emily Su

The victim of an experiment, Emily belongs to a private military facility with Yakumo. Overcoming adversity has brought them together as a family, so now Yakumo searches for her since their separation due to the Great Collapse.


Nicola Karnstein

A vampire who wanders with his elder sister Mia. Loves his sister very much, and will confront any who challenge him with determination



Karen is one of the researchers who worked on the Q.U.E.E.N. Karen is also Louis’ older sister. She died during Q.U.E.E.N.’s rampage, but was immediately revived as a Revenant. She also participates in Operation Queenslayer, serves as a protective observer of Revenants returning to death, and supports their fight




Specializes in trading with guilds and obtaining supplies. If you have the money, she will have even the most valuable items. Although a savvy businesswoman, she cannot but help those in need.


Rin Murasame

A vampire whose main role is to procure and improve weapons. Once known as a great warrior with excellent skills, but a traumatic event has rendered her unable to fight.


Juzo Mido

A vampire researcher hired to conduct experiments during the war, who have even experimented on himself and thus ended in this form.




One of Cerberus' security, travels alongside Louis. He is slowly but surely losing his memories.


Gregorio Silva

Once a vampire soldier, now commander of the operation to save humanity


Cruz Silva

The girl that became the test subject of the Q.U.E.E.N. Project. She was a schoolmate of Louis and is Gregorio Silva’s daughter. She withstood painful experiments in hopes of saving mankind but became a destruction incarnate under the pressure of an unsuccessful experiment



Aurora Valentino

Aurora is one of the head researchers who worked on the Q.U.E.E.N project. Although she opposed the idea of creating successors that would seal the different parts of the Queen, she, later on, became a successor in order to save the world from destruction



A revenant and merchant found at the Outer Crossroads of the Ruined City Underground. He is fond of collecting valuables and offers a trade to those he encounters.



Richard is a revenant encountered at the Hills of Deception of the Howling Pit. Unaware of the danger he puts himself in, he still wanders in different locations where trouble follows him.




Gustav is a revenant who is first encountered at the Dried-up Trenches Entrance of the Dried-up Trenches. He opposes the policies of the Queen and wishes to find evidence that points out the mistakes of the queen's policies.



Lyle is an Argent Wolf Soldier located at the Crypt Spire Entrance of the Crypt Spire. He seems to be the only survivor found in the crypt.



Matthew is first encountered at the City Ruins Entrance of the Ruined City Center. Although he is an inexperienced fighter, he is a brave wandering revenant who is curious to find what lies ahead.





Dominic is a human encountered at the Provisional Government Center Entrance of the Provisional Government Center. He is a researcher who wants to learn more about how revenants frenzy.


Self-Important Revenant

This Self-Important Revenant is encountered at the Parking Garage of the Ruined City Center. Although he may seem tough on the outside, this revenant only wishes to find a shelter for the rest of the surviving revenants.



A revenant who is keen on finding his friends





Sophie can be found at the Crypt of the Ribcage of the Cathedral of the Sacred Blood. She is a revenant who is keen on researching the powers of the successors. One day, she wishes to better understand it and hopefully, to share it with her fellow revenants.




Companions are a special NPC type in Code Vein, that joins the player and forms a party to adventure out in the field. Companions can be recruited as the game progresses, and only one of them may be active at a time. Companions are optional but helpful in a battle as they are capable of flanking your enemies and taking on a support role by healing and buffing your character as well as enabling a special duo Hemorrhage ability that you can perform together.

Your companion can also be your blood bag, meaning you can suck up their blood for yourself should you need to. They are also at risk of being incapacitated in battle and would have to be revived at a checkpoint. Though your companion can’t be controlled directly, a set of predetermined orders can be given such as: Guard and Retreat commands. You cannot customize the weapons of Companions, they all have a unique specialization and associated strengths and weaknesses.


Code Vein Companions



Blood Veil Ivy
Weapon Dammerung
Location Home Base



Blood Veil Ogre
Weapon Enduring Crimson
Location Area D-12 Ruined City Underground


Mia Karnstein

Blood Veil Stinger
Weapon Brodiaea
Location Howling Pit



Yakumo Shinonome

Blood Veil Hounds
Weapon Oni Bane
Location Home Base


Jack Rutherford

Blood Veil Hound
Weapon Executioner
Location Crown of Sand



Eva Roux

Blood Veil Ivy
Weapon Libertador
Location Crown of Sand



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