Successor of the Breath

Location Ridge of Frozen Souls
Health 29,500
Reward/s 48.020 Haze
Elemental Resistance Fire -10%
Ice 65%
Lightning 60%
Blood 20%
Physical Resistance Phase 1
Crush ??%
Slash  20%
Pierce ??%

Phase 2
Crush ??%
Slash  ??%
Pierce ??%
Weakness Fire and Inhibit
Immune None

Successor of the Breath is a Boss in Code Vein. Bosses are special Enemies that feature their own arena, a large and prominent health bar, and a variety of unique moves and abilities. You will need to choose the appropriate Blood Code, Gifts, Weapons, Blood Veil, and Companion in order to defeat these formidable foes.


Successor of the Breath Location



Successor of the Breath Rewards

  • 48.020 Haze
  • Fionn (Restored Nicola)



Successor of the Breath Notes & Tips

  • Can be poisoned/stunned/slowed/inhibited
  • Weak to Fire.
  • Heavily resistant to Ice.
  • Merciless Reaper increases damage drastically.
  • Has extra dialogs after restoring his memory if your current companion is Jack or Mia



Successor of the Breath Strategies 

Strategy Writeup

Artemis and Bayonet Strategy

For this fight I like to use Dark Gifts to stay a good distance away from the Successor of the Breath. Some of his attacks are hard to dodge, and it's always a good idea to bait him into attacking before you attack. The strategy is really simple. Hit him with ranged Dark Gifts, and when he does attacks you can punish, punish those.

Look out for the leaping attack as he does a shield spin after, so dodge this before attacking. You want to bait the attack where he pulls a giant icicle out of the ground in front of him, and then hit him a few times with regular melee attacks to replenish Ichor.

Watch for the shield charge. It happens shortly after slamming his shield once. When this occurs, roll then attack.

In phase two you'll dodge more often, but the strategy is relatively the same. Watch out for his leaping AoE attack, and try to punish his punches. Dodge through his Icicle slice to get in some more melee hits to replenish Ichor.

If you defeat the boss you will see the writing "Greater Lost Dispersed" upon the screen.


Video Strategy


Attacks & Counters

Attack Counter
Phase 1
Shield Leap: It will leap to the player striking with his shield. After he lands, he will perform a spinning attack Dodge backwards two times and attack him.
Two Hit Combo: It will perform a hit with his left arm and then strike with the shield from above Dodge backwards two times. If you have any ranged weapon or ability attack him.
Shield Charge: It will charge forward using his shield. Dodge either side, this attack is really fast.
Ice Strike: It will smash his head into the ground and summon a giant Ice Spike forward Dodge either side and attack him
Shield Slam: It will slam his shield to the front and then perform a spinning attack. Dodge backwards two times to avoid the attack.
Phase 2
Sword Attack: He will summon a sword and perform an attack from the right. Dodge either side when the strike is coming to avoid damage.
Charge: He will charge towards the player dealing damage Dodge either side.
Three-Hit-Combo: He will hit you with his fists three times Dodge backwards.
Ice Strike: It will smash his head into the ground and summon a giant Ice Spike forward Dodge either side and attack him



Successor of the Breath Lore

Lore notes, information on folklore, etc go here

Lore theories should be clearly marked as such.




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    • Anonymous

      Melee builds:
      Phase 1 back/face hug and dodge

      Phase 2 stay at range dodge the punish when he jumps over, rinse repeat

      • Anonymous

        With Isis Blood Code, (Assassin) Merciless Reaper + (Prometheus) Flame Weapon with Zweihander+5 will deal MASSIVE amount of damage (close to 1/6 of his HP) on first game. Deal either a 1-strike skill or a regular skill followed by a Combo-Drain with Prayer Shawl, then focus on dodging and draining until Merciless Reaper is good to go again and repeat. He's down in less than a minute like that.

        • Anonymous

          I use Louis’s weapon but mainly use oni bane’s twin and I use the fire sword move I dodge a lot and I use Yakumo but I prefer Io because when you die you get massive health and I use alter yakumo’s blood code you could use Queenslayer but it would be good to use alter

          • This is the Anon that last posted about boss hp, I managed to get a video showing the entire fight and got a damage chain of 31433 Damage at one point, meaning this bosses hp is a minimum over 29k, this was a First playthrough so I can't be mistaken for it being enhanced, the link to the video is as follows watch?v=K_hsKmM3-9A, the boss fight starts at the following timestamp 14:00, to get to the Video, just go to youtube and c/p the /watch into the end of the URL

            • Anonymous

              The Health of this Boss is Inaccurate, In a first play through I managed to get a damage chain of 42k plus change which ended and finished him with a hit of around 348ish, plus Update the health

              • Anonymous

                first phase is a cake walk but then he just rocket packs all around the arena killing in 2 hits if you are lucky..... doesn't seem to be avoidable and of course if you choose to melee fight him he just does endless chip damage with the little quick jabs. they really messed up phase two and ruined otherwise a perfect boss...

                • Anonymous

                  One of the easier boss battles in the game. I used Dark Knight and Black Halberd in my NG+ run to take him down. He leaves big openings after many attacks to get in and do damage. Slap some fire on your weapon and go to town on him.

                  • Anonymous

                    Having fast mobility in this fight is especially useful so don't hesitate to respec and dice him up civil war stye if you know what I mean. In phase two for example, you can dodge away from his first punch and just wait until he either goes for the headslam icicle combo (wait for the icicle, dodge into it and punish) or the ice sword (same punish). If you're slow rolling, you literally have to dodge every punch which gets risky.

                    • Anonymous

                      After restore him pick Mia in your Group and visit him again talk to him two times that triggers another Clip

                      • Anonymous

                        DO NOT KILL BREATH UNLESS YOU HAVE ALL FIONE BLOOD VESTAGES. There's a glitch with Invading Executioner where she won't drop the Fione vestage A after you go NG+, you have to save Nicola in your First playthrough on that character to be able to get the Fione blood code, learn from my mistakes if you want to get Fione blood code and the Acheivement for all blood codes.

                        • Anonymous

                          As suggested, in Phase 1 I baited the head slam and punished him. The hard part was seeing it coming, since he only telegraphs it with a slight head tile backwards. As for the second phase, my strategy was to stand in front of him, just outside punching range to bait him into summoning an icicle to hit me. If you can get the timing down for that attack and roll through it, he'll be left wide open for plenty of melee attacks.

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