New Game Plus for Code Vein contains information regarding the following assets that can be brought into playing another playthrough after finishing the game for the first time. Players will see some differences with the initial playthrough, and get to carry over certain progress.


New Game Plus for Code Vein

How to Unlock New Game +

  • Complete the final boss battle.
  • Proceed through the large door beyond the Mistle at Home Base

What changes in New Game +

  • You can choose to Enhance difficulty, increasing damage and health of enemies, or replay the game at its base difficulty.
  • Enhanced enemies will give more Haze.
  • All items and chests will respawn.

 Important Notes about New Game +

  • The player can choose to lower their difficulty if the current NG+ cycle proves to be too hard for them.
    • To do so they must fullfill the same conditions above (complete final boss, go through large door in Home Base), and then choose to lower their difficulty for the next playthrough
      • This will remove the Star mark indicating your NG cycle in your save file, until the current playthrough is brought back to the original NG cycle
  • The enemy damage and health increases exponentially with each higher New Game + cycle, until it reaches a point where every single enemy can kill you in one hit. Players must exercise caution when increasing their NG+ cycle.
  • Going into a higher NG+ cycle increases the level cap per area for obtaining Gift Experience.

What carries over to New Game +

  • Retain current level and items
  • Retain current Blood Codes, Gifts, and trade points with home base NPCs
  • Retains map clearance (rotten Mistles remain purified, normal Mistles need to be activated)
  • Retains acquired companions.

What doesn't carry over to New Game +

  • Chemical lights and blood markers will be removed.
  • Mistles and doors locations won't show on map until re-explored.
  • Doors/ladders/elevators will reset to their original state.
  • Key items get removed and will need to be found again.
  • NPC quests will reset
  • Store Inventories Reset (Weapons/Armor will still unlock automatically if present in your inventory, depending on progress in game.)
  • Depths progression resets (maps need to be found again and keys for the boss door found again)
  • Vestiges disappear (You will need to find them again if you wish to restore the Successors

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    • Anonymous

      17 Oct 2020 10:32  

      This might be the stupidest question, i got the true ending on first play. And after this and that, I've return to title screen. My question is, does the NG+ show the "+" or just "New Game"?

      • Anonymous

        20 Jul 2020 14:31  

        I realize this game is relatively new and not as popular as Dark Souls and the like, but it's frustrating that there's so much info missing on the wiki. So from reading the comments I gather that NG+6 is the highest difficulty? Though someone said there's still a very small increase in enemy HP at NG+7. If that's true, do enemies ever stop gaining HP? And at what NG+ level?

        • Anonymous

          04 Jul 2020 17:15  

          How do I delete my ng+ file without deleting my first game playthrough? I wanted a new game in a different file but apparently it restarts the game on the same file and I hate that, I really want to go back.

          • Anonymous

            22 Jun 2020 10:39  

            The chemical lights and the blood markers don't get removed. And the maps of the depths also stay in your inventory.

            • Anonymous

              05 Jun 2020 19:15  

              I didn’t need to refund all the depths maps in my second play through. In fact, I completed the depths all the way through the void district on ng+ before even finishing the flaming city.

              • Anonymous

                25 May 2020 23:20  

                What about inherited gift ? do i still have all the blood code and the gift ? or i still must look for the blood code / core but all the gift remains inherited ? or its reset all over again

                • Anonymous

                  08 May 2020 22:23  

                  Do i have to restore all the vestiges to get the queen code or just the ones i didn't restore in the first run through?

                  • Anonymous

                    30 Mar 2020 07:59  

                    Transforming weapons - even though I can use Jack as a partner, and had him unlocked in my first go-around, I can't get Heimdall chrome again until I re-unlock him in this new NG+? That blows, I decided to transform a weapon from Heimdall to something else; my damage went down a lot, and I wanted to transform it back, but no chrome... :( Is there no way to get it?

                    • Anonymous

                      18 Mar 2020 21:32  

                      If I start NG+, will I be able to revisit my save before entering NG+? I'm trying to figure out if going through NG+ is worth it since I've collected almost everything on this character.

                      • 08 Mar 2020 07:54  

                        So one thing I found out after NG+ about three times is you cant go back. Sure you can go back down to the last difficulty you beat it at but you can't ever go back to normal. I don't see an option to turn off the ng scaling either. So if that means you're like me and you want to test things at different levels, well you cant~ I was hoping to find a save game editor or something that would let me change it as well but cant find that either. Guess Ill have to make different characters.

                        • Anonymous

                          04 Mar 2020 00:06  

                          i got true ending in first run and i didnt start new game plus yet to get the missing blood codes, wondering if i get the bad ending does it effect how the DLC will play if i start it or do i have to do a 3rd run for true ending again before heading to DLC?

                          • Anonymous

                            10 Jan 2020 00:42  

                            Silly question but can ng+ characters help people in their first playthrough? I don't want to beat the game and leave my wife behind lol

                            • Anonymous

                              18 Dec 2019 16:23  

                              NG+ feels a tad bit unfair. Literally everything 1-2 shots you. The health pools are perfect but the damage is just downright ridiculous.

                              • 09 Dec 2019 14:34  

                                Am I right in assuming that, if I were to restart the game without increasing difficulty, the game would just be replayed with the same Level 1 difficulty as I did the first time around with no other gameplay changes? Kudos to the dev team giving people the option to go back so easily and for making the new mode; the bigger health chunks on bosses and stuff now means I have to actually learn and pay attention to what bosses like Butterfly of Delerium and Invading Executioner do instead of just kind of flailing in their general direction and winning somehow (making it feel a bit more like a souls game), but goddamn do they pump out way too much damage.

                                • Anonymous

                                  16 Nov 2019 14:52  

                                  I have a question, whenever in a new game plus and complete the campaign does it allow you to restart? I got the good ending in my first run but want to get all the blood codes and fear that if I do a new game plus and it's a bad ending that it won't allow me to go to the next DLC on the character

                                  • Anonymous

                                    14 Nov 2019 12:18  

                                    I just finished the game (first playthrough for reasons) then my controller fell and it not ng+ is there a way to raise it without finishing again?

                                    • Anonymous

                                      30 Oct 2019 13:24  

                                      Just started ng+ and I accidentally misclicked. Now I'm not sure if I chose enhanced difficulty or not. Enemies in the ruined city now feels like endgame enemies in the 1st playthrough. I also notice there is an option in homebase to reduce the difficulty (they added this in the new update). Is this option available if I chose normal ng+ without enhanced?

                                      • Anonymous

                                        27 Oct 2019 02:09  

                                        The Friendly npcs dudebros are pointless in ng+ .They keep dying over and over and they dont help you in desesperate times...

                                        • Anonymous

                                          24 Oct 2019 02:50  

                                          If you do a NG+ you can change companions at mistle but does it means only the ones that you have at that point of history or the ones that you unlocked in your previous run are avaliable too?

                                          • Anonymous

                                            22 Oct 2019 07:38  

                                            I had an mistake. There are harder difficulty than +6. When you increase difficulty +6 to next, It's also +6, but more difficult than +6(Before). Yon can think like this [ +6 -> a little bit harder +6 ] If you increase your difficulty +6(more hard version) to +7, Now, Your save file will indicate NG+7. NG+7 shows obvious enemy enhancement. (ex. 3588HP -> 4503HP). Sorry to my poor english.

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