New Game Plus for Code Vein contains information regarding the following assets that can be brought into playing another playthrough after finishing the game for the first time. Players will see some differences with the initial playthrough, and get to carry over certain progress.


New Game Plus for Code Vein

How to Unlock New Game +

  • Complete the final boss battle.
  • Proceed through the large door beyond the Mistle at Home Base

What changes in New Game +

  • You can choose to Enhance difficulty, increasing damage and health of enemies, or replay the game at its base difficulty.
  • Enhanced enemies will give more Haze.
  • All items and chests will respawn.
  • Ability to change companion at mistle


What carries over to New Game +

  • Retain current level and items
  • Retain current Blood Codes, Gifts, and trade points with home base NPCs
  • Retains map clearance (rotten Mistles remain purified, normal Mistles need to be activated)
  • Retains acquired companions.

What doesn't carry over to New Game +

  • Chemical lights and blood markers will be removed.
  • Mistles and doors locations won't show on map until re-explored.
  • Doors/ladders/elevators will reset to their original state.
  • Key items get removed and will need to be found again.
  • NPC quests will reset
  • Depths progression resets (maps need to be found again and keys for the boss door found again)
  • Vestiges disappear (You will need to find them again if you wish to restore the Successors)

    • Anonymous

      16 Nov 2019 20:52  

      I have a question, whenever in a new game plus and complete the campaign does it allow you to restart? I got the good ending in my first run but want to get all the blood codes and fear that if I do a new game plus and it's a bad ending that it won't allow me to go to the next DLC on the character

      • Anonymous

        14 Nov 2019 18:18  

        I just finished the game (first playthrough for reasons) then my controller fell and it not ng+ is there a way to raise it without finishing again?

        • Anonymous

          30 Oct 2019 18:24  

          Just started ng+ and I accidentally misclicked. Now I'm not sure if I chose enhanced difficulty or not. Enemies in the ruined city now feels like endgame enemies in the 1st playthrough. I also notice there is an option in homebase to reduce the difficulty (they added this in the new update). Is this option available if I chose normal ng+ without enhanced?

          • Anonymous

            27 Oct 2019 07:09  

            The Friendly npcs dudebros are pointless in ng+ .They keep dying over and over and they dont help you in desesperate times...

            • Anonymous

              24 Oct 2019 08:50  

              If you do a NG+ you can change companions at mistle but does it means only the ones that you have at that point of history or the ones that you unlocked in your previous run are avaliable too?

              • Anonymous

                22 Oct 2019 13:38  

                I had an mistake. There are harder difficulty than +6. When you increase difficulty +6 to next, It's also +6, but more difficult than +6(Before). Yon can think like this [ +6 -> a little bit harder +6 ] If you increase your difficulty +6(more hard version) to +7, Now, Your save file will indicate NG+7. NG+7 shows obvious enemy enhancement. (ex. 3588HP -> 4503HP). Sorry to my poor english.

                • Anonymous

                  20 Oct 2019 08:05  

                  For some reason, none of my unmastered Gifts can be mastered if I try doing so after I selected New Game + on the same difficulty as my first game.

                  • Anonymous

                    20 Oct 2019 03:53  

                    Maximun NGPlus is +6. If you increase your difficulty to +7, only small amount of enemy HP is increase and there are no haze improvement. For example, an enemy with 3548HP is improved to 3566HP. also, The load file indicates +6 difficulty although you increased the difficulty to NG+7

                    • Anonymous

                      14 Oct 2019 03:24  

                      Question: I'm on NG++. Since I choose enchanced difficulty for NG+, will that choice stay the same for the option "remain at same difficulty" or will it revert back to normal difficulty after beating the game again?

                      • Anonymous

                        11 Oct 2019 18:08  

                        “replay the game at its base difficulty, increasing damage and health of enemies.” If I’m not reading this wrong, this means replaying NG+ at base difficulty will give you enemies with higher health & damage? I started NG+ with enhanced enemies, their damage are insane but I could still survive but my buddies all got 1-2 shots after the Catheral and since there is no option for us to lower the difficulty back to the default one, I started a new save because I got tired of saving my buddies with Gift Heal only for them to die on me in like less than 2 seconds. Can anybody confirm this? Thank you.

                        • Anonymous

                          10 Oct 2019 22:57  

                          On starting NG+ does Cocos shop stuff reset like having to start from steel to titanium again? And are there new items?

                          • Anonymous

                            08 Oct 2019 06:41  

                            Once you beat the final boss and you get to the Credits screen you can continue from just before the last boss. To start a new game you interact with the Wooden Door at The Main Base.

                            • Anonymous

                              07 Oct 2019 14:03  

                              I don't have internet connection in my house so I have to ask. Without the day one patch does new game plus difficulty scale up by default?

                              • Anonymous

                                05 Oct 2019 04:24  

                                Do you also keep vestages? I haven't found all of them and killed a few of the bosses unaware of the alternative endings. Can I keep the ones I have and search for the rest or do I to find them again?

                                • Anonymous

                                  04 Oct 2019 19:50  

                                  Heads up for those who thought the enhanced NG+ is similar to Soulsborne games, they are similar, but NG+1 with enhanced is almost like NG+7 on Soulsborne games. You will need to time your dodge very well because it's almost a 1 shot city. Quickstep build is pretty much the best build, you can't facetank the enemies attacks just like in NG. Dex and Mage build is probably the best, you have mobility and high damage. If you're worry about mobbing, I'd suggest you use stealth to get through everything, for bosses, you just have to git gud(no joke). Nothing new in NG+, you're just going through the game again, all items and placement are all the same. Haze gain will increase if you go for enhanced, it won't increase if you go for standard difficulty. Going through the whole map while killing all those enemies will net you around 1m Haze, while bosses are around few hundred thousand.

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