Yakumo Shinonome is a Companion in Code Vein. Companions are special NPCs that join the player character in their exploration of the world. Companions can be customized and have their own storylines.



How to Recruit Yakumo Shinonome 



Yakumo Shinonome Combat Information

  • Fights melee with a Greatsword and the Tormenting Blast skill.
  • He can buff himself with the gifts Dogged Fighter and Flashing Fang.
  • Protects the team casting occasionally the Foulblood Barrier gift.
  • After your defeat, he can revive you using the Regenerative Offer gift.
  • Due to having a lot of melee damage and HP you can make him fight some enemies on his own. Just pull them and then run behind him and he'll take care of the enemy.


Yakumo Shinonome Trading Item Value

During your exploration, you'll find Trading Items known as "Valuables" which can be given to an NPC in exchange for Trade Points. Trade Points, on the other hand, is a form of currency that is used to exchange unique items from an NPC - listed below are the value of trading points you can obtain from giving the following Trading Item:


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Trading Points Exchange Price List

Tradeable Items
Item Name Prize (Trading Points) Quantity
Inhibit Vaccine 3 2
Leak Vaccine 3 2
Slow Vaccine 3 2
Stun Vaccine 3 2
Stun Vaccine 3 3
Venom Vaccine 3 2
Atlas Chrome 10 2
Stamp: Agree 02 10 1
Stamp: Greeting 02 10 1
Stamp: Rest 03 10 1
Yakumo's Ichor Blend 10 2
Oni Bane 10 1



Yakumo Shinonome Notes and Tips

  • Owner of the Atlas Blood Code. He'll give it to you after speaking with him upon reaching the Howling Pit.



Eva Roux  ♦  Io  ♦  Jack Rutherford  ♦  Louis  ♦  Mia Karnstein  ♦  Oliver Collins



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    • Anonymous

      I read somewhere that if you accumulate enough trading points with him throughout the run, he gains an infinite stock of atlas chrome. Is this true?

      • Anonymous

        I love the guy, but has anyone else noticed that he almost never uses Restorative Offering, even when there's nothing stopping him? Sure, other companions will also sometimes refuse, opting to instead roll 3 times in a row or guard for 5 seconds... while the enemy isn't even attacking. But with him, I often don't even know what he's doing. On second thought, some of it is probably just that he uses a heavy weapon, so if he's doing anything at all, he doesn't have the option to use it because there's only like a 1.5 second window for reviving ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

        • The biggest thing that gives him 5 points are boutique sake and bugarally doll. The sake can be bought from the first merchant in the outer crossroads for one old world material apiece.

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