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MIND A ICHOR 30 (60)

Queen is a blood code (class) in Code Vein. Queen brief description. Blood codes can be changed on the fly, which gives the player several gifts, changes player statistics and provides the ability to equip various weapons and blood veils.

"A blood code from gathering all of the relics and becoming the Queen.

The will it holds does not contain any hint of rage or sorrow. It is made from pure loneliness.

This code specializes in Gifts and boasts a high ichor stock, enabling you to overwhelm the enemy."

How to unlock the Queen blood code


  • Restore the memories of all four Successor bosses (Ribcage, Breath, Claw and Throat), and restore all seven Eos vestiges before beating the final boss of the game.

Queen Notes and Tips

  • This blood code has 6 gifts
  • The best blood code guide



Builds that use Queen





Queen gift's

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Gift Queen Tree Type Gift Type Description
Chaotic Ash Dark Active Fires a draining projectile that robs the target of ichor.
Willpower Up Dark  Passive Increases willpower. 
Rage of Perkunas Dark Active Uses fine control over blood flow to unleash a powerful shock.
Baba Yaga's Gaze Dark Active Uses fine control over blood to unleash a powerful wave of cold.
Walpurgis Fire Dark Active Uses fine control over blood flow to unleash a powerful blaze.
Purging Thorn Dark Active Creates a giant thorn in the air that pierces the target. 
Blood Code
Achilles  ♦  Artemis  ♦  Asclepius  ♦  Aset  ♦  Assassin  ♦  Astrea  ♦  Atlas  ♦  Berserker  ♦  Caster  ♦  Dark Knight  ♦  Darkseeker  ♦  Demeter  ♦  Eos  ♦  Fighter  ♦  Fionn  ♦  Hades  ♦  Harbinger  ♦  Harmonia  ♦  Hephaestus  ♦  Hermes  ♦  Hunter  ♦  Ishtar  ♦  Isis  ♦  Mercury  ♦  Orion  ♦  Perseus  ♦  Pollux  ♦  Prometheus  ♦  Queen's Breath  ♦  Queen's Claw  ♦  Queen's Ribcage  ♦  Queen's Throat  ♦  Queenslayer  ♦  Ranger  ♦  Scathach  ♦  Scout  ♦  Surt  ♦  Survivor  ♦  Thoth  ♦  Váli  ♦  Warrior  ♦  Ymir

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    • Anonymous

      It's kinda annoying how you can only get this one if you got the "best" ending possible.
      I have an habit to get all the worse ending first, and the best ending on my last playthrough, for that satisfying closure, but now I need to get the best ending on my first playthrough just so I can use this code in my NG+(s)
      They shouldve unlocked this regardless of the ending you got, as long as you beaten the game once.

      • Anonymous

        Little trivia about names of the Gifts (some are obvious, but still).

        - Rage of Perkunas: in balto-slavic pantheon, Perkunas was the god of thunder (but not only; he was also a god of sky, thunder, lightning, storms, rain, fire, war, law, order, fertility, mountains, and oak trees). "Perkunas" is Lithuanian name of this god.

        - Walpurgis Fire: as the name suggests, it's from Walpurgis Night; a christian celebration of St. Walpurga, an Anglo-Saxon emissary. She was evangelizing the still-pagan Germans most of her life, along with her two brothers. Given that the intercession of Saint Walpurga was believed to be efficacious against evil magic, medieval and Renaissance tradition held that, during Walpurgis Night, witches celebrated a sabbath and evil powers were at their strongest, the name "Walpurgis" is also associated with witches and witchcraft; which is ironic because Saint Walpurga battled them.

        - Baba Yaga's Gaze: Baba Yaga is a figure in slavic folktales; particularly in russian ones, but also she appears in polish and ukrainian. While powerful wave of cold seems to be out of place at the first glance (since she's depicted as the witch of the forest), Baba Yaga's Gaze might (it's my guess) come from children's game called Statues/Red Light-Green Light. In my country (Poland) children are saying "One, two, three, Baba Yaga is looking!" ("Raz, dwa, trzy! Baba Jaga patrzy!"), and since the rule is to remain motionless when the "Baba Jaga" is looking, makes sense why this Gift deals Ice damage (ya know, ice freezes).

        - Chaotic Ash: I'm not really sure about this, but this might be related to Dark Souls series, but I'm not really sure. Aside from Code Vein and Dark Souls being from Bandai Namco, and CD being "souls-like" game, I have nothing but a guess.

        • Anonymous

          I had all Nicola's vestiges but I just couldn't take anymore of those memories; loading screen, slow walking, this same music playing over and over and stories that goes nowhere but takes ages to do so just to be summarize in one sentence right after; so I didn't bother reading the last one.. I did not expecting it to have such a bad repercussion on my playthrough. Now I can't get both the ending I want and all the blood codes with one NG+. It sucks.
          If you ask me, getting the vestiges should be enough and reading them optional.

          • Anonymous

            About Chaotic Ash, here’s what I’ve learned, first it’s a 1 cost gift that gives 9 Ichor if it hits, so it’s an +8 advantage to the user which is always a good thing except in low ichor codes such as Atlas or Hades where just comboing will grant enough ichor to spam your attack gifts and secondly it’s got an extremely short range so you need to get close and it’s hit box is small so you can get it across corners easily but hard to hit against enemies that is on the ground hiding from you so hit them first then link this one in immediately, other ways that works wonderful is that you can use it right after a back attack for a large ichor return together with the return from the back attack, lastly it’s got a slightly long cool down so if theirs any cool down reductions use them.

            • Anonymous

              I beat the game on the good ending but forgot to restore the vestiges do I have to play the whole game again or just beat the boss again

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