Location Crypt Spire
Health 65,300 (Crypt Spire)
Reward/s Iceblood
Burning Disaster
76.272 Haze
Elemental Resistance Fire 40%
Ice -10%
Lightning 20%
Blood 20%
Physical Resistance Crush 10%
Slash 25%
Pierce 25%
Weakness Venom, Inhibit, Slow, Stun
Immune None

Cannoneer is a Boss in Code Vein. Bosses are special Enemies that feature their own arena, a large and prominent health bar, and a variety of unique moves and abilities. You will need to choose the appropriate Blood Code, Gifts, Weapons, Blood Veil, and Companion in order to defeat these formidable foes.


Cannoneer Location



Cannoneer Rewards



Cannoneer Notes & Tips

  • Weak to Ice
  • Is susceptible to venom, inhibit, slow, and stun



Cannoneer Strategies 

Dual Fight Writeup

Cannoneer and Blade Bearer is a true wombo combo for the ages. This fight plays out significantly differently if you're solo vs having a partner. But first, what do they do?


  • Very slow, barely moves from his original spot
  • Deals fire damage, weak to frost damage
  • Has five moves you need to be aware of:
    • Point-blank AOE: The same stuff you see on about half Code Vein Bosses. He channels for a bit, then a whirlwind pops up at his location. If he's channeling, move away a little bit
    • Fire Pillar: When he drops his hand down like it's hot, a fire circle will appear on the ground that will explode shortly.
    • Flamethrower: Literally uses his gun as a flamethrower. Does not track too well, but can 1-shot if it catches you point-blank.
    • Fireball: Throws a no-tracking fast speed fireball.
    • Pimp Hand: If you're too close he might do some very well foreshadowed melee by bringing down his arm.

Blade Bearer:

  • Fast, can get across map quickly
  • Deals Frost/Physical damage, weak to fire.
  • Has four moves you need to be aware of:
    • Frost thrust: She charges up a little, then thrusts forward and frost goes after the blade quite a bit.
    • Point-Blank AOE: Pops up 4 foreshadowed pillars around her. Probably the weakest attack
    • Charge: Charges you across the map
    • Melee Combo: Standard melee combos you find anywhere. Don't get greedy and watch for it ending.

With a companion

If you don't want suffering, this is the recommended path. Pick a melee fighter like Yakumo and have them distract the Blade Bearer. Meanwhile, wail on the cannoneer quickly. There is no second phase, so once one boss is down, it's quite a bit easier to go forward. Just keep her in your peripherals because the Blade Bearer sometimes Frost Thrusts at you at the worst possible moment. If you get revived by your companion, draw the aggro of Cannon-dude really quickly because the AI does not deal well with gank-fights.


Fighting this boss alone is the hardest experience in the entire game. While it is possible, it's suffering through and through. The two bosses complement each other even better than any gank-fight in Dark Souls, simply because their timings are quick to match Code Vein's fast gameplay. First, optimize your build to the max, have your weapon and blood veil +9 enchanced. So, here are some tips:

  • It's easier to kill the Blade Bearer, simply because Cannoneer is mostly stationary, so it's MUCH easier to watch him while fighting the other boss.
  • Transform a Blood Veil to a Fire Veil with a Scathach Chrome, preferably one with an already high fire resist, but it's not required. Combine this with a Fireproof Tonic, or Flame Protection, or both. With over 100 fire resist Cannoneer deals practically no damage with his ranged attacks, making it much easier to focus on just the Blade Bearer. Buff yourself with an Antifreeze tonic before the fight as well to make the Blade Bearer deal a little less damage with her ice attacks as well if need be. 
  • Copious amounts of patience is required. There will be many opportunities to take a swing, only to run into an attack of the other boss.
  • Attack when their timing is synced(they both finish their attack at about the same time
  • Frost Thrust and Fire Pillar ignore pillars, but it blocks everything else. It's a good spot to sneak in a heal or two.
  • Expect to be there for a long, long while. 

Always keep in mind that this fight is a battle of endurance if done solo, so NEVER take more than one or two swing when both Blade Bearer and Cannoneer (BB&C) are still in the field. ALWAYS keep en eye on BOTH Blade Bearer and Cannoneer, so lock-on the boss is more harmful than it helps. Always try to eliminate BB first, try baiting her away from C, as this give you time to react to some of C attack (shooting and lunging fireball, flamethrower), and BB&C are most dangerous when they are closed to each other, as C's large frame can obstruct BB, preventing you from anticipating her attack, and also fend you off BB with his flamethrower. Even though intimidating, BB&C have relatively simple attack patterns, and they also don't have second phase hyper defense buff (except when you killed one of them in similar fight in the Depth, similar to S&O in DS1) or new attack patterns. Once you learned their attack pattern and pick your time to attack, BB&C should not give you too much trouble. Some helpful Gifts are Final Journey and Ice/Lightning Barrage fired at close range, as this combo can deal significant amount of damage in a short span of time, but you have to take into account that this combo also leave you exposed to BB&C deadly combo, and if you failed to kill both BB&C before Final Journey time's out, you will loose the fight.

If you defeat the boss you will see the writing "Greater Lost Dispersed" upon the screen.

Alone but easier

The duo fight can be pretty menacing if you look at the aforementioned solo strat but fear not it is actually very managable and quick using this strategy. My first playthrough of the game is currently a very valuable learning experience and one of the most important things to learn is the resistance system is broken and easily abused.

Blood Code

Queenslayer Blood Code for two Veils


Royal Heart (Avoid being staggered by Blade Bearer)
Flame Protection (Minimize damage from Cannoneer)
Frost Protection (Minimize damage from Blade Bearer)
Dogged Fighter (Flat damage reduction)

Flame Weapon (Buff for attacks against Blade Bearer)
Ice Weapon (Buff for attacks against Cannoneer)
Ability of your choice
Ability of your choice


(Blood Veils)

Hedgehog Fort (Transform into fire resist with Scathach for 100 fire defence)
Winter Mantle (Transform into ice resist using Fionn for 112 ice defence)

Zweihander (Upgrade for MASSIVE damage with scaling and base dps. Buff with fire weapon and ice weapon depending on who you are fighting at the moment)

Weapon of choice (Use whatever you want)


Fireproof Tonic
Antifreeze Tonic
Ichor Concentrate 


While above the guide says the Blade Bearer is the easiest to fight I would beggar to say she is the most annoying because of the speed at which she moves, we are going to focus her first and kill her fast and furious. Before you enter the fight equip your Winter Mantle, use your frost protection, flame protection, fireproof tonic, antifreeze tonic, and fire weapon (These will not wear off or time down during the cutscene.) After you are in the bossfight you will notice Blade bearer will do a whopping 0 damage to you and cannoneer in his first phase will deal so little damage it will make you laugh.

Keeping and eye on your buffs and resistance items is important during this fight and if any wear off ensure you reapply them accordingly. Using flame weapon and your massive zweihander kill Blade Bearer and then swap your veil for Hedgehog fort that has that sweet sweet fire resist. Pop all your flame resist items and then again you will see the Cannoneer who was all big and scary before has a whopping... 0 damage on you. 

Good luck with the fight and enjoy the realization that these bosses were never hard to begin with.


Video Strategy


Attacks & Counters

Attack Counter
Phase 1
Ichor AOE: He will gather Ichor and then create an AoE around him that deals damage Jump backwards and wait for the AoE to finish. The go in to deal some damage.
Fire Circle: It will cast a fire circle below the player. After a short time it will explode and leave a patch of fire for a short duration Try to jump away from the circle when you see it below your feet. Then avoid the fire patch.
Flamethrower: He will use his weapon to throw flames in front of him. This attacks deals very high damage. Try to dodge forward and stay behind him to deal until the attack finishes.
Fireball: It will throw a fireball from a distance dealing moderate damage. Dodge either left or right.
Hand Strike: It will hit you from above with his hand pushing you backwards and dealing moderate damage Try to dodge forward to put yourself behind him.



Cannoneer Lore

  • The Cannoneer shows up during Asclepius Vestige I and Asclepius Vestige II. In the Memory Echo, a nameless male Cerberus soldier accompanies Jack and Valerio in their search for the Horrors, and this soldier carries the Burning Disaster, the Cannoneer's weapon.

Lore theories should be clearly marked as such.




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    • Anonymous

      honestly, all the guides out there (even here) try to say to attack cannoneer first. this is horse-crap imo. he is the slowest, and easiest to predict out of your peripheral. he also is a meaty boi, so time spent trying to whittle him down is time for blade bearer to do the real hurting. best to go in with fire lily/blazing roar/flame spike/etc set on a high mind/will build, any spell that can hit her despite her speed and with a quick cast animation. she will melt long before you die to cannoneer. also, in my experience at least, she REALLY loves to chase you over any partner you have, so its like the game is tryin to tell ya to deal with her first anyways. oh, and this should go without saying but despite it making you more frail, i would suggest a build with quick dodge, you DONT want to be caught off-guard by fat rolling lol

      • Anonymous

        Fighting Solo (that's how you play souls games).
        Set: Night Thorn, Juggernaut Hammer Stun Modification
        Code: Queenslayer.
        Gifts: Stun Buff, Fire Buff, Cleansing Light, Precision.
        Other Gifts are up to you.
        Fight over before tonics fade.
        Dodge and just land counter attacks on BB. Run around, let her come, dodge, counter, damage gift if you have. Repeat.
        CC is a joke alone.

        • Anonymous

          I ended up watching that one boss fight archive YT channel's vid for this fight. After failing with the strategy listed in the guide above, I found the YT vid more successful. I chose Louis's code and brought Io. With fire, attack buff, Yakumo stagger and def skill, as well as awareness of fire circles on the ground-- was able to beat the bosses after forever. Used a +4 fire bayonet cuz I was broke. Used a lightweight +9 blood veil. Good luck!

          • Anonymous

            For those out there that are still struggling with this boss fight, I'd like to share a few tips that helped me through, let's begin: When the battle starts, go after the fatso first, I know this may sound stupid but taking down the Cannoneer is much better than try and fight Blade Bearer while this fat boi is around. You guys know him too well to know what I'm talking about, he'll burn you to ash if you don't give him enough attention and with Blade Bearer's combos of doom, you'll certainly die within five seconds. Bring Whackumo to battle with you, Blade Bearer hates him and will most of the time chase him around the arena and leave you free to deal with her fat friend. Cannonneer is not a big fan of Whackumo either and will try and help his partner to bring him down ASAP with dem AOE attacks. Use this chance to beat the crap out of him, just keep an eye on his AOE attacks when he use them against you and the pimp slap, he will eventually remember that you exist and will try to swat you away, Anyway, don't forget BB, she's fast af and sometimes she'll suddenly appear in fron of you, get the hell out of the way, she'll try to Stinger you as soon as you're within range. When they're close to each other, keep your distance, use this chance to heal, reposition or do whatever you need to, if they don't split, try to lure BB away from Cannonner, hit her twice and back off, repeat until you get her attention, just watch out for the fire and ice storm. Once Blade Bearer distances again, approach Cannoneer and beat him again until you get him killed, it'll take some time but as long as you don't get greedy, you should be fine. For the weapons and mobility, make sure they're at least normal speed, heading on with anything slow is a done deal with death. Louis's Enduring Crimson is pretty good for this battle, Zweihander is a great second option, especially against Cannonner since he's not that fast, as for Blade Bearer, you'll want to use Enduring Crimson, it'll allow to keep up with her insane speed. If you got the DLC equip Venous Claw for some extra speed, it's a pretty good Blood Veil with tons of Drain Attack and Gifts DMG, it makes you kind of a glass cannon tho. If you still need somre more speed, you can try to equip Revenant's Ambition. Hope it helps.

            • Anonymous

              So I just did this using my trusty +10 Venom Pipe Of Thralldom, my +9 starting Veil, and my Ranger Bloodcode solo, like I did the rest of the game so far. And I have to ask: How in the flying **** am I supposed to do this on NG+?
              Seriously, this fight took years off my life when one of this dude's fireball clipped through one of the pillars. Yikes.
              Also, the fireballs DO home in, but it's VERY slight. You have to be at basically the opposite end of the arena to be able to notice it.

              • Anonymous

                Visual. Effect. ****. It just goes BOOOM BOOOOOM BOOOOOOOOOM FIRE ICE BOOOOOOOM MORE FIRE BRRRRRRRRR ICE BOOOOOOM. What a horrible visual mess, I hate those kind of fight and I thought it couldn't get any worse than Successor of the Ribcage. How f wrong was I...

                • Anonymous

                  I use companions and don't feel bad about it for this fight. How is it fair that another enemy can shoot you while you're fighting another enemy, and they are both tanky?

                  • Anonymous

                    This ****ing peace of ****. The fight would be easy as hell if it wasn't for this one single flame thrower attack that stunlocks you. You can't properly dodge it, because half of the time you won't even see Cannoneer while fighting Blade Bearer and so you get stunlocked for a solid 1-2 seconds and Blade Bearer proceeds to happily smash your face in. Not a difficult boss at all, just annoying.

                    • Anonymous

                      His fire trap move is what makes him particularly tricky, it has minimal telegraphing and a short trigger period. His flamethrower attack leaves him wide open to melee and ranged attack due to being locked into the animation. His vulnerability to ice and large profile make the ice barrage gift lethally effective against him.

                      • Anonymous

                        Will say from personal experience that the HP values on both Connoneer and the Blade Bearer are incorrect. It took 65k damage just to get Cannoneer to half health, so it has definitely been scaled up at of this point in time.

                        • Anonymous

                          If there is a Code Vein 2, I hope they learn from their mistakes and NEVER try this dual-boss***** ever again because they clearly dont know how to make a boss "tough but fair." It's not so much that it's hard, it's just horribly designed. And on NG+2, their damage output combined with their ridiculous HP is just atrocious. Hopefully they'll at least realize they have no clue what they're doing when it comes to boss design and let FromSoft help them out or something, idk. I dread this fight every single playthrough because I know I'm gonna get aggravated at how pathetically half-assed this fight really is.

                          • Anonymous

                            Soloed these two with Artemis blood code. Focusing on the blade bearer and killing her first makes this fight much easier.

                            • Anonymous

                              damn, this boss give me PTSD on NG+. For some reason, BB keep ignore my AI partner and do the one-shot move on me, took me like almost 30+ tries to finally beat them.

                              • Anonymous

                                Game is 0 challenge with $hit amateur levels and then these 2 wannabes appear who you suddenly do no damage to. Great job devs, should have included playtesting/balance in the budget besides the character creation.

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