The Virgin Born

the virgin born code vein wiki guide
Location Gaol of the Stagnant Blood
Health 61,425
Reward/s 182000 Haze (NG)
Elemental Resistance Fire 70%
Ice 70%
Lightning 70%
Blood 70%
Physical Resistance Crush 0%
Slash 0%
Pierce 0%
Weakness Physical Attacks
Immune Venom, Stun, Slow, Inhibit

The Virgin Born is a Boss in Code Vein. Bosses are special Enemies that feature their own arena, a large and prominent health bar, and a variety of unique moves and abilities. You will need to choose the appropriate Blood Code, Gifts, Weapons, Blood Veil, and Companion in order to defeat these formidable foes.


The Virgin Born Location

  • Gaol of the Stagnant Blood after defeating the Skull King Boss.
  • Not fought during the "Heirs" route.
  • This boss is not optional in both the "To Eternity" and "Dwellers in the Dark" routes.



The Virgin Born Rewards

  • Rewards: 182000 Haze (NG)



The Virgin Born Notes & Tips

  • Takes drastically reduced damage from behind and the side
  • Resistant to Blood/Fire/Cold/Lightning, making elemental buffs or weapons a bad choice. If you add 2 or more damage types to a weapon you will do almost 0 damage because of the damage calculation. 30% from fire x 30% from ice = 9% damage output. During some testing it seems that some points on his body may be less magic resistant but not by much and are still less than base damage though the tests are inconclusive. 
  • Immune to venom/stun/slow/inhibit status.
  • All of it's spells do pure physical damage, there is no need to buff your defense with any elemental resists.  Use gifts that reduce all damage taken like Iron Will /  Ablative Blood instead.



The Virgin Born Strategies 

Strategy Writeup

As described above, non-elemental damage is highly recommended, due to the Virgin Borns high elemental resistances. Due to the long recovery periods after many of its attacks, large weapons are viable in punishing the boss during the pauses between its assault. Note that only the chest and head of the boss will take full damage from player attacks; its main arms will only take approximately a third of normal damage, and its flanks will only take around an eighth of normal damage. 

The Virgin Born is massive and deals high damage, but its large size can work to the advantage to the player, as rolling into and under the boss will make many of its follow ups whiff. Blocking may be effective in dealing with some  attacks, but be aware that a sizeable portion of its moveset strikes from above, and thus has a good possibility of slipping past your guard. Thus, a normal or fast dodge is recommended, in order to evade the majority of its moveset. Foulblood Barrier can be a valuable gift to use in this fight, as it can somewhat alleviate the high damage, single hitting attacks of the Virgin Born.

The boss consists of two phases.

During the first phase, the Virgin Born will use mostly physical swipes and slams, with one AOE spell and one ranged magic projectile:

1. Claw Strikes

The Virgin Born will wind up and swipe with one of it's arms. Can be followed up with a back-hand from the same arm, a strike from the opposite arm, a jumping body-slam if you are underneath its torso or a magic-charged stomp with its left arm . Rolling towards and to one of its sides is an effective way to avoid any follow-up claw swipes, leaving only the body slam and the magic stomp to react to. If you are at a middling distance from the boss, it will leap towards you before swiping, closing the gap extremely quickly.

2. Magic Stomp

The Virgin Born will hold its left hand up for a second while tracking the player, then smash it down, creating a magical AOE a split second after the initial stomp, that will catch rolls in the vicinity of its left arm. Its body will also damage the player as it slams, thus making the area directly underneath it a dangerous location for the player. Moving towards the boss' left will cause it to overshoot the slam, but care must be taken to roll, in order to avoid the sizeable hitbox of its body.

3. Aoe Explosion

Telegraphed by purple sparks rising from the ground,the Virgin Born will charge up  and release an AOE spell around its body in circular area, dealing very high damage and knocking down the players. Blocking is ineffective, and will still result in the player taking full damage. Thus retreating to safety is recommended in order to avoid this. After the explosion. the boss will leap backwards.

4. Body Slam

If you are underneath The Virgin Borns body, there is a chance it will leap upward and slam its body downwards, damaging and staggering the player. If the player is in front of it after the initial slam, the Virgin Born will follow-up with claw swipes, which are unavoidable if the player has been staggered. Thus, the optimal way of avoiding the attack will be to dodge towards and to the side of its body, as even if the player fails to avoid the slam, they will not be vulnerable to the swipes that follow afterwards.

5. Thorn Spear

Utilized by the Virgin Born if the player is positioned at a distance from it. Telegraphed by the Virgin Born gathering energy in its claws, it will charge up, then firing a fast moving projectile at the player. Since it tends to lead players with the bolt, dodging towards and through the thorn will be the safest way to dodge it. Additionally, one may choose to simply block the projectile, but will take chip damage as a consequence.


After about 60-65% of its health, the second phase will begin, signalled by miasma appearing around its body as it powers up. In the second phase, it will use additional magical spells to augment its original moveset. Changes include:


1. Purging Thorns

Always the first move used after phase two begins, the faces on the Virgin Borns head will light up, it will float up while charging for a few seconds, after which it will fire a rain of magical thorns aimed at and around the player. Extremely difficult and usually luck based to avoid completely, there a few ways in which the player can minimise damage. Firstly, and probably the most reliable way, by moving away from the boss and blocking, only chip damaged from one or two thorns will be suffered. Secondly, if the boss is next to the walls of the arena , the player can run directly undeneath it , avoiding  damage from the thorns (not guaranteed due to the large AOEs, which may clip the player). Thus, Foulblood Barrier is extremely useful here in order to mitigate the potential from a stray thorn striking a player through their block, and can be potentially lifesaving in NG+ and higher. After the barrage, the Virgin Born will float down, and will become vulnerable for a sizeable period, giving an opportunity to heal, buff, or attack.

2. Thorn Spear

An upgraded version from the first phase of the fight, the Virgin Born will now fire three projectiles instead of one in a spread, making dodging to the sides more risky. Additionally, the boss will no longer telegraph its attack by charging up purple energy in its claws, thus making good reaction speed necessary in order to avoid the thorns.

3. Gravity Spheres

The Virgin Born will charge up purple energy in its claws, and then summon three gravity spheres; one to its front, and one on both its left and right side. The spheres will do no damage, but will pull the player towards their centre, thus leaving them at a medium distance, and vulnerable to its other attacks, namely its ranged projectiles, and the magical stomp. The player can opt to sprint away from the spheres, provided they are ready to dodge any attacks headed their way.

4. Laser Beam

Utilized when the player is at mid to long distance from the boss, the Virgin Born will charge up purple energy in its claws (similar animation as the chargeup for the gravity spheres), then fire a beam directly forwards. It will then separate its arms, and sweep the beam to its sides. While the initial frontal beam can be sidewalked, players must time their dodge through the beam as it sweeps to the side. Alternatively, if the player is close enough to the boss, rolling underneath its body will be enough to avoid the beam completely.

While the Virgin Born can hit immensely hard, its moves are well telegraphed, and with enough practice, players will be able to evade the majority of its attacks.

NOTE:  All of it's spells do pure physical damage, there is no need to buff your defense with any elemental resists. Use gifts that reduce all damage taken like Iron Will / Ablative Blood instead. 




Attacks & Counters

Attack Counter
Phase 1
Claw Strikes: It will wind up and swipe with one of its arms. Can be followed up with a back-hand from the same arm, a strike from the opposite arm, a jumping body-slam if you are underneath its torso or a magic-charged stomp with its left arm Roll forward and try to stay behind it. Don't go underneath in case he stomps you with its body.
Magic Stomp: It will hold its left hand up for a second while tracking the player, then smash it down, creating a magical AOE a split-second after the initial stomp, that will catch rolls in the vicinity of its left arm Dodge left to avoid the slam. Be careful as it's body will also damage you if you get hit by it.
Aoe Explosion: It will charge up and release an AOE spell around its body in circular area, dealing very high damage and knocking down the players. After the attack is over, the Boss will leap backwards You can't block this attack so the best strategy is to jump backwards as far as you can and wait for the attack to finish.
Body Slam: It will jump upwards and then slam the ground with its body. Try not to stay beneath it. If you get hit, you will stagger.
Thorn Spear: It will gather energy on its claws and then fire a fast moving projectile to the player. You can either block the projectile or dodge forward to avoid the damage.
Phase 2
Purging Thorns: The faces on the boss head will light up, it will float up while charging for a few seconds, after which it will fire a rain of magical thorns aimed at and around the player This attack is very difficult to avoid. You can either run away from the boss and use the block to minimize damage or try to stay underneath the boss. After the attack is over, players will have a window to heal back or attack the boss.
Three-Thorn Spear: It will now fire three projectiles instead of one in a spread, making dodging to the sides more risky You can either block or dodge forward to avoid the damage.
Gravity Spheres: It will summon three gravity spheres: one to its front, and one on both its left and right side. The spheres will do no damage, but will pull the player towards their center. You can avoid the spheres by staying away from them. If you get caught, run to escape from them and try to avoid the boss attack.
Laser Beam: It will fire a beam directly forwards and then separate its arms and sweep the beam to its sides You can either roll to dodge the beam or run underneath the boss to avoid the attack altogether.

Video Strategy



The Virgin Born Lore

Lore notes, information on folklore, etc go here

Lore theories should be clearly marked as such.




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    • Anonymous

      Beautiful. A game that is all about building your character however the hell you want, and then a final boss that just no-sells everything except pure melee. What bullcrap.

      • Anonymous

        Was smoking every bosses after i got a decent caster quips and then I met this guy. This ***** forced me to switch into full str build. It took me 10 tries on dark caster + consumables and still failed while I killed 'em on my 1st try using str build. What a POS

        • Anonymous

          Just imagine it as an Aragami. Bring the Mido's sword like a God Arc. Don't lock targer, I never use lock target in GE.

          • Anonymous

            beat the boss 1st try, trick is similar to the ribcage fight ; stay close to it and dodge out of the way when it starts to glow purple, for when it flies up to the sky and starts to spam **** storm at you just get beneath it and you should not get hit by any attack. good luck !

            • Anonymous

              This is the dumbest ****ing thing in the game. The AOEs are mostly undodgeable, and the boss has infinite poise.

              • Anonymous

                Reading the comments is funny I personally found this to be one of the easiest bosses in the game, first play through and the multiple new games I've done. I think Butterfly of Delirium is harder honestly xD

                • Anonymous

                  youre kidding me. I go completely glass cannon dark gift mage on my first playthrough, done every side quest, got every single vestige and the game throws me this. Well, time to go throw together a strenght build in a few minutes and try again

                  • Anonymous

                    Usually a final boss is like the ultimate test of everything you've learned.
                    Nah, who needs that when you can just spam AoE after AoE that isn't feasibly dodgable? Oh, and parrying? What's parrying? You know, that super useful thing that punishes enemies if you time it right? No. It's a giant monster. Fight it.

                    • Anonymous

                      I know many of you will disagree with me, but I find 2 handed swords the easiest way to deal with the boss provided that you stay under it all the time until it activates purging thorn. Especially when you use Black Great Sword's charged attack with gift accelerators + time crunch for massive damage. Just use vanishing hollow to painlessly dodge the AOE explosion, stomps and jumps and maybe shifting hollow if you need to quickly dodge since fatrolling sucks in this fight, and you can trivialize this boss while staying right under it to attack its weak point.

                      Using a 2 handed sword also allows you to block Purging Thorn with barely any issues as long as your back is faced towards the wall and you're looking at Virgin born. This is arguably way less dangerous than trying to I-frame the attack using quick/normal mobility.

                      • Anonymous

                        Just beat this boss by stacking weapon buffs and a full charged greatsword heavy using Silva's sword. this one has a lot of punishable moves especially the one raining with thorns. Easiest 12k damage in one swing of my life.

                        • Anonymous

                          dude im actually was so confused when in cutscene for the first time ever my character started to speak it surprised me more than 10 heads ultra buffed final boss

                          • Anonymous

                            I used dark knight and maxed oni bane. Take louis, he's good against this thing. Dodge past the face and run through the legs. This dodges everything and you can usually escape aoe. After it attacks louis, run back and hit it in the shoulder. Rinse, repeat

                            • Anonymous

                              This boss is the perfect example of why this game's combat just be super lame sometimes. Ridiculous aoe attacks and moves out of nowhere that hit you when you should be able to punish him, especially when using a slower 2handed weapon. Oh, and of course they all one shot on higher new games

                              • Anonymous

                                Go to the ranger bloode code, inherit shifting hollow and spam it like a madman when he does his AOE moves. Not the most stylish strategy but you wont get hit by them.

                                • Anonymous

                                  Not a big fan of this boss, but the vanishing mist gift was absolutely clutch in this fight. It allows you to bypass the AOE magic move if timed correctly and stay under the boss's belly, which seemed the ideal place to be. Just be careful of the jump move as the boss always seemed to do it when I was mid-swing which deals a boatload of damage. This boss has a ton of health and resistance so patience is key.

                                  • Anonymous

                                    This boss is the worst thing of this game. You must be lucky to completely dodge an attack that nearly oneshots you? REALLY?! That's totally bs. Also the boss itself is not funny at all, too much damage and health, after a bit it's just frustrating. He really reminds me of Midir, the most unfunny boss of ds3.

                                    • NOTE: All of it's spells do pure physical damage, there is no need to buff your defense with any elemental resists. Use gifts that reduce all damage taken like Iron Will / Ablative Blood instead.

                                      • Anonymous

                                        The move "Purging Thorns" is actually pretty easy to dodge. Just make sure you stay at the very edge of the arena

                                        • Anonymous

                                          "What types of damage spells" answer: I don't have any of those fancy apps some people do to see the code output of the game, so I'm old school recording and testing theories. Best guess is the spears in P1 are actually all physical damage. The AOEs 1 shot me in NG+6 with 200+ resist on every element (obviously not at once, tested multiple times) so I'm wondering if that's just a "HP %" based on the NG+ level. A good strat is to run the Vali bloodcode or any code with a high mind stat and utilize elemental wall + prismatic veil for at least 145+ resist on elements. The 1H sword "Fulmen Blade" with Fortification chrome has 100 physical damage reduction. That built I'm sure will be OP up until NG+4, but since I'm on NG+6 I can't tell just by how much.

                                          • Anonymous

                                            This fight is easily doable with a full melee build. Hug beneath his stomach and stay there. When he uses the AoE attack, roll out of it. If he uses the slam, roll behind his legs. Keep focusing on attacking his belly and staying beneat it For a last boss he was surprisingly easy. I had a way harder time dealing with Successor of the Throat with my same halberd build that I used on this boss

                                            • Anonymous

                                              IMO this isn't even the hardest boss of the vanilla game. I had no problems with a basic as heck Queenslayer build that I'm sure was not being used optimally cause I tend to give up extra damage for extra survivability, like Cleansing light instead of Overdrive'adrenaline. Maybe it's not balanced to face +10 gear for everything? It didn't even come close to killing me at any point.

                                              • Anonymous

                                                Anyone know what type of damage this thing's magic attacks do? They're not obviously fire, ice, lightning, or blood

                                                • Anonymous

                                                  I don't know how this happened of if ol virgy got nerfed with the update, but me and a bud were level 166. We used madness blow, bridge to glory as power ups, eos vestige core, and used foul blood barrier and iron will as barriers. We also chucked lightening spells 4 fold verdict etc at them and that along with hitting the belly was just chewing up their hp. We literally killed them over three times last night with this tactic. It would have been more but we needed sleep. Down vote if ya salty shrews want but me and a bud found a new way to farm haze from this glorified xenomorph queen

                                                  • Anonymous

                                                    If you stand under the boss and aim for the head, that counts as doing damage from the front so you'll do full damage (rather than reduced back/side damage).

                                                    • Anonymous

                                                      got bored and decided to just use the pipe of thralldom solo... and i can say after many, many attempts and a lot of masochism, that it is indeed possible. just make sure to use ANY of the abilities that warp you out of reality (such as shadow assault) to dodge attacks instead of wasting stamina. after this i want to do a thralldom only run seeing as how, while difficult, it is possible. my setup simplified: BC: queenslayer weapon 1: the water pipe the queen broke in my house causing my tv to short circuit. i put some duct tape and a heavy modifier on that SOB to help crack skulls weapon 2: some concrete that i thought was a good idea for a weapon after i shot 4 times the 'safe' amount of LSD RIGHT into my bloodstream. veil: litterally anything works. i used the ivory grace because i like the look of it. Gifts: somatic zeal overdrive bridge to glory adrenaline cleansing light shifting hollow phantom assault final journey passives: one handed sword mastery weapon drain rating up mind/will up drain boost Items: healing thing because yay more morphine ichor concentrate for those clutch ichor saves regen inducer because i'm bad and need more healing drain activator for MAXIMUM DRAIN

                                                      • Anonymous

                                                        merciless reaper+dark shout+sands of depravity did for me in caster only build. each attack did anywhere between 10-20% of its health. Only downside you need a lot ichor items.

                                                        • Anonymous

                                                          For AoE Explosion, You can actually dodge inside its area. It requires timing, but You'll take no damage.

                                                          • Anonymous

                                                            The most frustrating move that this boss has is the body slam if you're using any 2 handed weapon. The obnoxious speed of it lets the AI decide he's going to do it after any combo, jump and land in about four fifths of the time that it takes for you to swing once. This means that if you're punishing what looks to be a long cd after the claw swipes or magic aoe with only 1 swing to back off, the body slam is equivalent to the game saying "***** you we're taking your health away now"

                                                            • Anonymous

                                                              For people with magic builds struggling against this boss, Merciless Reaper from the Black Knight code will get rid of his elemental resistances. It also won't cancel the buff, which means you can use it until it expires.

                                                              • Anonymous

                                                                To avoid purging thorns just run to the sides of the arena and spam dodge, i don't get hit most of the time, but you need to position yourself Very well

                                                                • Anonymous

                                                                  Purging thorns is a complete ***** to avoid. I managed not get hit on the first barrage because the boss summoned it right at the middle of the stage so i figured that by going to the back of boss would be a safe spot , luckily it worked that one time. Every other time after however , i was always tagged by one of the thorns even when dodging. It's a complete bull*****move and the only way i see it being repeatedly avoidable is to try to fight the boss at the center of the stage and bait it into summoning purging thorns there , because if you for whatever reason push the boss to the edge of the stage you won't be able to get to that safe spot and you'll get hit no matter what. It's even worse on NG+ as you'll get one shot if you so much as get scratched by one.

                                                                  • Anonymous

                                                                    This boss shutdowns magic builds hard, not just due to elemental resistances. You can still use sand gifts, which do physical damage, but sand's hardest hitter (Sands of Depravity) has massive AoE and seemingly this causes hits to occasionally register on the limbs/back, causing the damage to be badly inconsistent. Also, even with a perfect hit buffed by Dark Shout, it still gets vastly outdpsed by any viable melee build. Designing a game with plenty of build options but making half of them non-viable on the final boss seems like a weird choice, even if the game makes it possible to switch builds on the fly.

                                                                    • Anonymous

                                                                      Tried to fix some on the strategy writeup as well as add more tips, but better players than me should really expand on the strategy to fight this big boi, especially on how to avoid the gates of babylon that this boss likes to spam.

                                                                      • Anonymous

                                                                        I dislike the arbitrary difficulty of this boss... "immune to status effects, takes insanely reduced damage from everywhere except the front, also highly resistant to elements". Like... what? Why? Why would you negate like 90% of what you give to us to use throughout the game? To make it "difficult"? That's not difficult, that's just being a c*nt. :/

                                                                        • Anonymous

                                                                          while I was trying to find some helpful tips, I instead discovered that no one knows proper English. Reading this***** makes my eyes bleed.

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