MIND D+  ICHOR 10(30)

Assassin is a Blood Code (Class) in Code Vein. Blood Codes can be changed on the fly which grants the player various Gifts, changes the player's Stats and provides the ability to equip various Weapons and Blood Veils.

A blood code inherited from a repaired Vestige core.

It holds a determined will to survive in a chaotic world in order to gain freedom.

This code is optimal for melee combat, and features Gifts that are great for surprise attacks.


How to unlock Assassin and Assassin Vestiges


Assassin Notes and Tips



Builds that use Assassin

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Assassin Gifts

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Gift Assassin Tree Type Gift Type Description Unlock cost
Nightstalker Light Active Reduces the amount of sound you create, making it more difficult to be detected. N/A
Shadow Assault 1h Sword,Halberd,Bayonet Active Perform a fast short range charge. An offensive skill performed with one-handed sword/Halberd/Bayonet. 920
Sharpened Fangs Dark Passive Increases damage dealth by your special drain performed after a parry/back attack. 920
Numbing Mark Dark Active Temporarily applies the stun effect to your current weapon. 920
Overdrive Light Active Temporarily increases your and your partner's attack. The effect ends when you take damage. 920
Stun Trap Dark Active Scatters ichor in the area, creating a trap that stuns assailants. 920 (Assassin I req.)
Concentration Light Active Temporarily reduces stamina consumption. The effect ends when you take damage. 920 (Assassin II req.)
Merciless Reaper Light Active Ignore some of the enemies physical defense and weapon defense for your next attack. 6400 (Assassin III req.)


Blood Code Archetype Strength Dexterity Mind Willpower Ichor Stamina Balance Max Weight Mobility HP
Fighter Warrior B+ B C D+ 16 (36) Low 77 120 Normal Med
Berserker Warrior A D D+ D+ 10 (30) High 92 250 Slow High
Atlas Warrior S D+ D+ C 10 (30) Very High 95 247 Slow Very High
Prometheus Warrior/Mage B+ B+ C+ C+ 20 (40) High 79 103 Normal High
Mercury Warrior/Mage B B+ C+ C+ 20 (40) High 80 95 Normal Med
Hermes Warrior/Mage B C B+ C 24 (50) High 63 100 Normal High
Assassin Warrior C+ B+ D+ C+ 10 (30) Med 70 58 Quick Med
Eos Warrior B C A+ C+ 30 (60) Med 64 98 Normal High
Fionn Warrior A C B D+ 14 (34) High 94 250 Slow High
Survivor Warrior C A C+ D+ 24 (48) High 75 80 Normal Med
Dark Knight Warrior/Mage A B C C 20 (40) Low 78 102 Normal High



Blood Codes
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