Home Base is a Location in Code Vein. The place acts as a hub where you can interact with various NPCs and access several services from the Merchants. The information listed below is based on the current Network Test and is subject to change.



General Information


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NPCs in the area


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Consumables and Trade Items

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Equipment & Upgrades


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Full Home Base Walkthrough

After defeating Oliver Collins at the Outer Crossroads in Area D-12 Ruined City Underground and have accessed his memory echo, a cutscene will follow where you will find yourself at the Home Base. Louis then explains the birth of the Red Mist and the society of Revenants.

Speak to your allies

As soon as you gain control of your character, approach each NPC and talk to them. Here, the mysterious girl you meet at the start of the game will introduce herself as Io after speaking to her, you'll also meet various NPCs/Merchants such as Coco, Rin Murasame, Davis, and an unnamed NPC only referred to as "Louis' friend". After speaking to each and everyone in the room, head back to Louis and speak to him, he will then ask to have a sample of your blood to learn more about your special gift.


Acquiring New Blood Codes

Right after the dialogue with Louis, you will now find yourself inside one of the resting rooms, head back outside and speak to Louis. He will explain to you that the type of blood you carry is a Void-Type which means that the blood you carry has no type and is broken which allows you to acquire another revenant's power through a Vestige. Louis then gives you some of his blood which will allow you to obtain the Prometheus blood code along with two others being the Hermes/Thoth and Isis/Aset blood code. From here, if you speak to Louis again, players will be shown a short transition which indicates that the demo has ended. However, players can still travel to another area, the Depths: Town of Sacrifice by speaking to Davis.

Restore Vestiges

As you explore through various locations, you'll find Vestiges. As you explore the world of Code Vein and progress through the game, you'll acquire various Vestiges and its parts. These items are given to Io in order to restore deficient Gifts and to also reveal the hidden memories sealed inside the blood code


Services in the Home Base

Similar to other games, this area, the Home Base serves as a Hub where players are provided with various services in order to strengthen their character.

  • Rest at a Mistle - There is a Mistle located near Davis and the Training area for you to use, here you can upgrade your player level and also inherit Gifts by checking the Blood Codes you have obtained.
  • Training Grounds - Right by the Mistle, you will find a punching bag which you can interact with. Here, you can test out various weapons or blood veils, how to move around, or by simply honing/testing your skills in battle.
  • Trade items - You can trade various items by speaking to one of the three, Davis, Rin Murasame, or Coco. How this works is, you will have to trade in any of your acquired trading items in exchange for trading points in order to obtain special items.
  • Upgrade your gear - A revenant's gear is the most important tool in survivability, lucky for you Louis has Rin Murasame. She has her reasons for staying in and avoiding battle, but you can guarantee that she has the equipment you need. Here, you can purchase or sell equipment and upgrade or transform your equipment to your desired type.
  • Notice Board - If ever you find yourself lost with a task, you can always check the Notice Board located near Io, interact with it to learn more about your current or next task. It will tell you a general objective, and it's location.
  • Change your Appearance - If you don't like how your character ended looking, and feel like you need a brand-new makeover, you can simply do that by interacting at the mirror which is located beside the car Coco is sitting on. You can change your appearance from head to toe, and clothing. However, physique (which includes gender and height size) cannot be changed.






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