Code Vein Regeneration


Regeneration when used, recovers the player's HP.

Regeneration in Code Vein is a combat mechanic that can be used in battle or while exploring that recovers a player's HP when used.



What does Regeneration Do?

Regeneration is simply used to recover one's HP. The number of Regeneration that can be stocked and the amount of HP recovered can be upgraded or increased by using various items.

  • To use Regeneration press the Left/Right button on the D-pad to cycle through the Quick Items List
  • Press the Down button on the D-pad to use the item.




Regeneration Recovery

Resting at a Mistle replenishes the Regen stock.


Regeneration Notes and Tips

Currently, it is unknown if there are any Gifts, or Items that apply buffs to the Regeneration. However, this section will be updated once more information is known.

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