Code Vein Regeneration


Regeneration when used, recovers the player's HP.

Regeneration in Code Vein is a combat mechanic that can be used in battle or while exploring that recovers a player's HP when used.



What does Regeneration Do?

Regeneration is simply used to recover one's HP. The number of Regeneration that can be stocked and the amount of HP recovered can be upgraded or increased by using various items.

  • To use Regeneration press the Left/Right button on the D-pad to cycle through the Quick Items List
  • Press the Down button on the D-pad to use the item.




Regeneration Recovery


Regeneration Notes and Tips

  • The active Gift, Regenerator, increases the effectiveness of Regeneration for you and your partners for its duration.
  • The passive Gift, Regeneration Shift, reduces the amount of times Regeneration can be used but increases its effectiveness. 
  • The passive Gift, Improved Regeneration, increases the effectiveness of Regeneration.
  • The passive Gift, Torchbearer, restores your Regeneration uses when your partner dies and disperses. 
  • The passive Gift, Augmented Regeneration, increases the number of times Regeneration can be used.
  • The passive Gift, Bolster, restores your Regeneration uses when you collect your lost haze.

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    • Anonymous

      Imo, the healing animation is way too slow for this games speed. Like, it should be much faster. It's the only thing about the combat that I don't like

      • Anonymous

        Does anyone else feel like there’s a ridiculous amount of lag if you try to use regeneration more than once in a row? I’ve never spent so much effort in a game just to make sure I can heal twice without jamming the button just to make sure it actually happens.

        • Anonymous

          I've found its absolute BEST to partner with Io. For one, she's strong offensively and does a great job of resurrecting you (revived me 4 times in a row on the last boss), but mostly because she pretty much CONSTANTLY keeps the Regenerator buff on you. Combine that with the Improved Regeneration passive, and your Regen is basically a +10 Estus from Dark Souls. 10/10 would recommend.

          • Anonymous

            So is there any actual danger to the things that boost how many times you regenerate or is that just flavor text?

            • Anonymous

              There is a passive gift giving 40% more hp using the regeneration. Another one ( from jack code ) get rid of 2 "sip" to increase the amount of hp regenerated but idk the percentage.

              • Anonymous

                Eos has an Gift that's essentially a +1 to regeneration called "Regenerator", I use it when I play co-op with my friends.

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