Skull King

Location Gaol of the Stagnant Blood
Health 72,576
Reward/s Argent Wolf King's Blade
182.000 Haze
Elemental Resistance Fire 20%
Ice 20%
Lightning 20%
Blood 65%
Physical Resistance Crush 10%
Slash 10%
Pierce 10%
Weakness Physical Attacks
Immune Venom, Stun, Inhibit, Slow

Skull King is a Boss in Code Vein. Bosses are special Enemies that feature their own arena, a large and prominent health bar, and a variety of unique moves and abilities. You will need to choose the appropriate Blood Code, Gifts, Weapons, Blood Veil, and Companion in order to defeat these formidable foes.


Skull King Location



Skull King Rewards



Skull King Notes & Tips

  • HP: ~72 000
  • Resists Blood
  • Immune to venom/stun/inhibit/slow



Skull King Strategies 

Strategy Writeup

Skull King wields two swords and can perform many attacks. His melee strikes are the ones that deal more damage so try to learn how to avoid them first. The best strategy is to wait for him to attack and then respond accordingly. He has a small recovery time between attacks that you can use to heal or deal damage.

After you've halved his health his weapons will add a trail of Ichor that provides him with extended range and damage. Don't let him intimidate you and keep using the same strategy as before.

If you defeat the boss you will see the writing "Greater Lost Dispersed" upon the screen and then the fight against The Virgin Born will begin.


Video Strategy


Attacks & Counters

Attack Counter
Phase 1
Leap Attack: It will jump into the air attacking the player with both weapons Dodge either side before he lands on top of you.
Three Hit Combo: It will strike forward, then from the right and finally from the left Dodge the first strike either left or right. Then dodge backwards two times.
Blood Veil Charge: He will unleash his Blood Veil and charge at the player's direction Dodge either left or right and attack him.
Charged Attack: He will perform a charged attack forward his both of his swords Dodge forward and try to stay behind him.
Ichor Explosion: He will gather Ichor and make an AoE explosion around him. This attack deals little damage. You can stay and attack him until he recovers.
Cross Attack: He will cross his arms and perform a forward attack. He will then leap into the air and strike down sending an Ichor wave in front of him. Dodge the charge either left or right. Wait until he is close to the ground and then dodge again.



Skull King Lore

Lore notes, information on folklore, etc go here

Lore theories should be clearly marked as such.




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    • Anonymous

      This whole time I've been wanting so badly for this game to be good.... and here towards the end I get "The Skull King".... this is some bigtime facepalm stuff.

      • Anonymous

        This is the absolute worst boss for a level 1 run. His absurd hitboxes combined with fast attacks make room for error next to none. The battles really just boils down to a testament of luck rather than skill.

        • Crush: 948/1170 => 19% resist ? 1157/1286 => 10% resist ? 1314/1460 => 10% resist ? For some reason the Snowdrift Shanur is doing a lot less damage despite 0 listed elemental damage.
          Slash: 1158/1278 => 10% resist ? 1115/1376 => 19% resist ?

          And I don't have a weapon to reliably test pierce damage. Looks like damage type isn't going to be a bit factor, but a few weapons randomly lose 10% damage. Make sure your weapon isn't one of those random ones I guess.

          • Anonymous

            This and cannoneer/bb both have the same problem of attacks that have visual effects so huge that it’s hard to tell what is even hitting you.

            • Anonymous

              i bet the production meeting about io's breasts was longer than the meeting for the boss fight mechanics, 90% are cheap and unimaginative.

              • Anonymous

                He's a joke until you hit the last threshold then he'll litteraly kill everything within mid range. All in all an extremly fun fight

                • Anonymous

                  This fight is fun, however the constant spamming of his AOE attack really makes the fight unnecessarily difficult for melee attacks. For example on PS4 the targeting system in the game will basically force you under him in order to make any contact worth any real damage but the moment it does he will spam his blue AOE that has a ridiculously wide range to escape from. Hope they nerf this in an update to make the combat with this boss more fluid than just spending a majority of the time trying to dodge his AOE, and then heal.

                  • Anonymous

                    I recommend using Zweihander, make it +10 and put atlas chrome on it that way when you block, 90% of his attacks do 0 dmg, get passive gifts that enchance how much ichor you get from blocking and enchance stamian regen, that way you can block for days and get ichor and stamina regen while doing so. anyways find the low cost ichor gifts that are quick cast and do a lot of dmg, block most of his attacks (get drain up gift if needed) evade the ones you can block (big animations that one shot you) then pick any blood code that has high ichor amount and lets you use 100+ wight weapon with normal mobility (etc isis) took me a few tries but it worked pretty well, usually you can get a basic or two before blocks but often it is a waste since blocking will let you spam ichor attacks and not use stamina.

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