Companions are a special NPC type in Code Vein, that joins the player and forms a party to adventure out in the field. Companions can be recruited as the game progresses, and only one of them may be active at a time. Companions are optional but helpful in a battle as they are capable of flanking your enemies and taking on a support role by healing and buffing your character as well as enabling a special duo Hemorrhage ability that you can perform together.

Your companion can also be your blood bag, meaning you can suck up their blood for yourself should you need to. They are also at risk of being incapacitated in battle and would have to be revived at a checkpoint. Though your companion can’t be controlled directly, a set of predetermined orders can be given such as: Guard and Retreat commands. You cannot customize the weapons of Companions, they all have a unique specialization and associated strengths and weaknesses.


Code Vein Companions



Blood Veil Ivy
Weapon Dammerung
Location Home Base



Blood Veil Ogre
Weapon Enduring Crimson
Location Area D-12 Ruined City Underground


Mia Karnstein

Blood Veil Stinger
Weapon Brodiaea
Location Howling Pit



Yakumo Shinonome

Blood Veil Hounds
Weapon Oni Bane
Location Home Base


Jack Rutherford

Blood Veil Hound
Weapon Executioner
Location Crown of Sand



Eva Roux

Blood Veil Ivy
Weapon Libertador
Location Crown of Sand



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    • Anonymous

      Six companions and only two legit waifus (since Eva is Jack's girl and Oliver isn't really a companion.)

      Could use more waifus.

      • Anonymous

        Game is a walk in the park without companions as well. Nothing is aggressive enough to really cause problems. Take a companion, makes the game make at least a little more sense when it randomly pops all of them there every cutscene.

        • Anonymous

          Is there any hidden or visible benefits in playing without companions? Maybe you gain more souls or item drops or enemies/bosses hp is lowered? If no then what is the point in playing without one, is it just like a difficulty option?

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