Lore for Code Vein which will discuss vampiristic world and context of the situation in which the characters find themselves in.



Code Vein is set on a post-apocalyptic world after the event "The Great Collapse" happened. You play as a Revenant, a human that has been brought back to life to fight against the Lost.


Revenants were created by implanting an engineered BOR parasite into the heart of a human corpse. BOR Parasites (Biological Organ Regenerative Parasite) attaches itself to the heart of a creature that has lost vital functions and sends its own blood into the host, allowing it to regulate and control all organs, including the brain.

BOR Parasites where discovered before the Great Collapse, as dead creatures miraculously came back to life and eventually turned cannibal in a process called “Zombification”. Research into the phenomenon found that an unidentified life form had attached to the creature’s hearts and taken control of every cell in their host’s bodies. By holding the parasite invasion to a certain level, host were able to maintain their own volition, but revival could take years, depending on the individual.

As a revenant, you can't die as long as your heart doesn't get damage. If a revenant would die, it will rebirth after a period of time.

Each time a revenant dies, it losses a part of their memories. It can either be a small or a big part. The player and the companion “IO” have most of their memories lost upon their rebirth which is a rare circumstance.

Revenants need blood to sustain themselves and their sanity. If a revenant doesn't drink blood it will succumb to the bloodlust and eventually turn into a Lost.

Losts were revenants that lost their sanity for not drinking blood. This presumably happened because after the great collapse few humans remained and they were hunted by Revenants for their blood. Not all the revenants had access to it so they became Lost.

Each revenant has a different power coursing through their veins called a blood code. The player blood code is special because it is broken also known as “Void-type”. Having a “Void-type” blood code, allows the player to absorb any other blood code.


After the Great Collapse, “Cerberus” a revenants operation unit was founded by Silva’s Provisional government. They are tasked with overseeing the lives of all revenants and collect a regular levy of blood beads, which they are also in charge of distributing. They effectively began the restauration of order, and ended the hunting of humans for blood and wars between revenants.

A figure known as “The Queen” became frenzied and a war against it started. A short time after the “The Queen” was defeated, “The Red Mist” (called The Gaol of the Mist by many), appeared and trapped everything inside of it, giving birth to the society ruled by Silva that is known today.

The Queen

There are no specifics to what “The Queen” is. But from what we can gather from NPCs dialogues, it was a project to help the revenant society. It had some successful achievements like creating “Mistle” that is a sort of plant that cures miasma and renders it safe. Also Queen Blood spawns the “Blood Beads Fonts” where “Blood Beads” can be harvested.

Mistle can Wither, and when it does it requires a medicine from “The Queen” blood to be restored. The player also has this property in his blood so it may be connected to “The Queen” somehow.

The Queen was defeated in “Operation Queenslayer”

The Miasma appeared after “The Queen was defeated”. It is dangerous for the revenants to breath, so they need to use masks when they venture where the miasma is. If the revenants breathe too much miasma, it will speed up the bloodthirst and the transformation into the Lost.


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