Blood Code is a flexible Class system in Code Vein. Instead of having regular starting classes and locked abilities, Code Vein provides freedom by allowing players to level up different Blood Codes simultaneously, and swap them on the fly. Blood Codes affect the player character's actions, Gifts (Magic) available, and player Stats providing optional approaches for difficult areas or bosses and the capability to master multiple builds. At the start of the game, players will start off with three Blood Codes, Fighter, Ranger, and Caster - and as the game progresses you will be able to acquire other Blood Codes from NPCs or from exploration.





Using Blood Codes


Blood codes in Code Vein are categorized as classes. As mentioned, players start off with three Blood Codes: Fighter, Caster, and Ranger - and as the game progresses you'll be able to acquire more Blood Codes. Code Vein introduces a unique mechanic on how Blood Codes work where players are able to swap and equip their desired code that fits their play style on the fly. This provides a versatile option which can turn the tides of a battle. Not only do Blood Codes allow the player to harness its unique Gifts, but swapping a Blood Code also changes the player's stats and the ability to wield different Weapons and Blood Veils.


Gifts and Blood Codes


For each Blood Code, it contains various Gifts that benefit its code. Not only can a player change their Blood Codes, but players can also personalize and equip any desired active and passive Gifts that suits their play style. It is important to take note that most of the Gifts have stats requirement, so some Gifts cannot be equipped with certain Blood Codes.


Code Vein Blood Codes

Revenants possess special powers known as "Blood Codes." Depending on the specific blood code, a revenant's stats will differ. To view these stats, select the currently equipped blood code on the menu screen.


Code Owner: Unknown

Boasts endurance for melee combat. Raises abilities based on strength and dexterity.



Code Owner: Unknown

This code excels at providing support and defense buffs with Gifts.



Code Owner: Unknown

Specializes in powerful attack-type Gifts that can be used from a distance.



Code Owner: Oliver Collins

Features high strength and endurance. Its low ichor stock can be offset with heavy armor.



Code Owner: Louis

Well-balanced for combat, but fragile. Its Gifts bolster dodging and parrying.



Code Owner: Kevin

Excels at ranged combat. Features Gifts that support ranged attacks with the bayonet.



Code Owner: Mia Karnstein

Features high stamina and attack-type Gifts,
but suffers from low endurance.



Code Owner: Riki

Optimal for melee combat. Features Gifts that are great for surprise attacks.



Code Owner: Yakumo Shinonome 

Allows for the use of heavy armor. Great for enduring close-quarters combat.


Dark Knight

Code Owner: Miguel Garcia

Focuses on high endurance and strength,
and features Gifts useful with a Halberd.



Code Owner: Karen

Features Gift-based support with its high ichor stock,
or high strength-based damage.



Code Owner: Io

Boasts support-type Gifts, high endurance,
and plenty of ichor.



Code Owner: Nicola Karnstein

Features high endurance and total weight, 
Its low Ichor Stock can be offset with tough armor.



Code Owner: Gregorio Silva

Boasts high attack power based on strength and dexterity.
Ideal for using heavy gear.



Code Owner: Eva Roux

Features excellent Dark Gifts.
Is weak to being staggered, but has a high ichor stock.



Code Owner: Jack Rutherford

Specializes in highly aggressive melee combat,
but its weight allowance is extremely low.



Code Owner: Rin Murasame

Specializes in dexterity-based weapons,
and uses devious Gifts to toy with the enemy.



Code Owner: Davis

Strikes a fine balance between melee attacks
and a variety of useful Gifts.



Code Owner: Cruz Silva

Features Gifts that aid attacking/defending,
including Gifts involving self-sacrifice.



Code Owner: Aurora Valentino

Specializes in ranged combat
by overpowering enemies with various ichor attacks.



Code Owner: Mia Karnstein

Provides balance and stability in combat,
and features Gifts useful during exploration.



Code Owner: Unknown

Boasts high power and unique Gifts that can only be used by those with determination



Code Owner: Coco

Allows for safe exploration with its balanced stats and gifts related to stamina and haze.



Code Owner: (Players Name)

Well-balanced for exploration and melee combat,
and features high HP and endurance.



Code Owner: Carmilla

Focuses on dexterity,
and boasts Gifts that are useful in battle.



Code Owner: Emily Su

Well-balanced for both Gifts and physical attacks. Specializes in fire-based Gifts.



Code Owner: Nameless Successor

Features many battle-ready Gifts, specializing in those that deal with venom.


Queen's Ribcage

Code Owner: Queen

Specializes in ranged attacks and overwhelming enemies with attack-type Gifts


Queen's Breath

Code Owner: Queen

This code specializes in battle styles that utilize enhanced gifts. It supplements its low stats with gifts.


Queen's Claw

Code Owner: Queen

This code enables you to control the battlefield by overwhelming enemies with both gifts and physical attacks.


Queen's Throat

Code Owner: Queen

This code excels at gift-based combat and features many support-type gifts.



Code Owner: Murasame's Assistant

This code is ideal for fighting styles focused on strength, and provides gifts that aid in survival.



Code Owner: Naomi

This code excels at gift-based combat with great drain capabilities, and allows for the use of light armor enabling you to quickly maneuver the battlefield.



Code Owner: Queen

This code specializes in Gifts and boasts a high ichor stock, enabling you to overwhelm the enemy.



Code Owner: Valerio

Utilizes bountiful HP and stamina to aid partners with support Gifts.



Code Owner: Unknown

Allows for dynamic combat with high dexterity and stamina.




Code Owner: Unknown



Code Owner: Unknown



Code Owner: Unknown



Code Owner: Hellfire Knight

Features high stamina perfect for mobile combat. Low HP, but high strength and fortitude.



Code Owner: Frozen Empress

Features high strength and HP for dark Gifts. Low dexterity, but high willpower and vitality.



Code Owner: Lord of Thunder

Specializes in power-enhancing Gifts. Low strength, but high dexterity and mind.



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    • Anonymous

      You get the "breath" core after successor of the breath but you can not use it? Did they forgot about this? You get queens breath and others the by not restoring.

      • Anonymous

        How can I change each of my blood code classes weapons in different ones and not the same ones in each class aswell as armor

        • Since I couldnt find anything like it before, I made a chart listing all the blood codes and their overall amount of stats, along with some of my own notes about each. Hope it helps someone. E+-1 D+1 C+3 B+5 A+7 S+9 *Overall stats w/oFort (notes) Fighter 542100= 12 *12 (Adrenaline and Triple Annihilator) Ranger 251202= 12 *10 (Venom mark) Caster 1245--= 10 *11 (Weapon Drain Up and Dark Impulse) Berserker 601155= 18 *13 (Iron Will and Dragon Lunge) Q.Slayer 564332= 23 *21 (Unique Skill Final journey, boss killer) Prometheus 553336= 25 *19 (Unique skill Blade Dance and many gifts to master) Hunter 243532= 19 *17 (Ranged Impact and Blood Sacrifice) Mercury 453323= 20 *17 (Revenants Hunger, Vivification and many gifts to master) Hermes 425233= 19 *16 (Revenants Greed, Steady Bulwark and many gifts to master) DarkSeeker 145500= 15 *15 (Unique Skill Blood Draining Venom, many poison related gifts) Atlas 711273= 21 *18 (Unique Feral Tenacity passive, many gifts to master) Assassin 351325= 19 *14 (Merciless Reaper, Overdrive and stun gifts) Artemis 053634= 21 *17 (Bayonet skills, blood sucking blades and many spells) Isis 245533= 22 *19 (Very balanced stats and many good spells) Q.Ribcage 1356-0= 14 *14 (Strong dark caster, unique skill Twilight beam) Eos 427562= 26 *24 (Above avg stats, strong mind, bridge to glory) Fion 624123= 18 *15 (Unique skill Red Shoes, Hammer Mastery) Q.Breath 616131= 18 *17 (Strong Melee, Unique Skill Juggernaut, Revenants Ambition) Survivor 263124= 16 *12 (Lifesteal and Valiant Heart) D.Knight 642231= 18 *17 (Halberd Mastery and Chariot Rush) Scathach 354424= 22 *18 (Str/Will up and Time Crunch, makes good sneak assassin) Q.Claw 5635-2= 20 *18 (Increased Gift Speed passive) Harmonia 024722= 17 *15 (Mind/Will up, gift Prowess, strong dark caster) Q.Throat 007601= 14 *13 (Unique Passive Ichor Reduction, strong baoynet shots) Heimdall 373327= 25 *18 (Unique Skill Sacrificial Edge, many good skills to master) Hephaestus 262543= 22 *19 (Swift Destruction, Pioneers Guidance) Warrior 73244-= 19 *20 (Many good skills to master) Scout 364332= 21 *19 (Augmented Regen, Prize Perception, hard to obtain) Queen 326632= 22 *20 (Strong spells, Strong Light and Dark, very flexible) Hades 742234= 22 *18 (Regen Drain, decent tank) Demeter 61635-= 19 *20 (Mind/Fort, Unique skill Auto Heal, Strong Melee) Ishtar 526427= 26 *19 (Unique Skill Deliverance, very flexible, strongest bayonet shot) Asclepius 222199= 25 *16 (Offensive/Defensive Orders and Zero Recast, below avg stats) Achilles 191009= 20 *11 (Invigorating Rush and Tranquil Slice, High dex, below avg stats) Surt 823308= 24 *16 (Str/Fort and many strong skills) Pollux 901190= 20 *20 (Usurpers blade and steadfast strike, no mind for bridge to glory) Ymir 302883= 24 *21 (Will/Vit, Hoarfrost stream, very tanky dark mage) Perseus 019910= 20 *20 (Field of Thirst and Ichor Regeneration, strong bayonet caster) Vali 088332= 24 *22 (Dex/Mind, All Stats Up makes for strong focus builds) Orion 091901= 20 *19 (Rush of Blood and Focus Recovery, good with All Stats Up) Harbinger 321265= 19 *14 (Desperate Burst can kill yourself, preorder only) Astrea 234412= 16 *14 (Unique Skills Guardian Aid and Torchbearer, gift extension)

          • Anonymous

            As of this point in time, the missing Blood Codes are Pollux(from the Frozen Empress DLC), and the ones from Lord of Thunder(Vali, Orion, and Perseus).

            • Anonymous

              Important piece of information. If you collect and restore all the vestige fragments of a blood code core you didn't collect, then go to NG+, then go and get the vestige core, you won't need to get the vestige fragments for that blood code. This was nice for me since I got all the fragments for Scout, but forgot to get the core before going to NG+, so when I got the core in NG+ I didn't need to get any of the other vestige fragments to unlock all the gifts.

              • Let me guess. The DLCs will add the Zeus, Poseidon, Ares, Odin, Thor, Freya/Freyja, Baldur, Ra, Anubis, Osiris, etc. Blood Codes. Will there be a Kratos Blood Code?

                • Anonymous

                  Any1 know how to get Harbinger? I looked on X-Box store & it wasn't even mentioned & I didn't get it even tho I reserved the Deluxe Edition via Gamestop Also, how do I get Mia to give me Artemis?_? As I been past that part & no Artemis, so unless it's something that profs after u actually get to the Cathederal? Idk how dafuz to get it

                  • Anonymous

                    i have all the codes listed here but dont have the achievement for all the codes, is there one missing from this list?

                    • All balance calculations that are written have been done with an unknown Blood Veil which is bloating the number while also causing it to be inaccurate. Revising to show Base Balance of the Blood Code instead.

                      • To Get all Blood Codes, you need two playthroughs, one with all memories returned to successors, and one with none at all: just go through the gate after defeating the bosses.

                        • Anonymous

                          Also the Scout Code is missing (it belongs to Naomi). I dunno how to get it, it must be somewhere in the depths though

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